Why you’re still fat.

Why are you still fat? The answer might surprise you. www.thankyourbody.com

Why are you still fat? If you spend a whole five minutes online you’ll be convinced that it’s because you just don’t have the drive to lose weight. People assume that all fat people are undisciplined. There are far too many assumptions that they just sit on their butts all day eating garbage… that they don’t really care about their body the way skinny people do.


The truth is that lots of people who struggle with weight issues pay close attention to their food. They exercise daily. They are diligent to follow all the “rules” out there for how to lose weight. And the weight just won’t budge… or if it does it often bounces right back.

So why are you still fat?

Honestly, I don’t know why YOU are still fat… why YOU are struggling with weight issues. And that’s because NOBODY really knows. What works for one person in the journey of weight loss fails for another. And there are so many theories on the table about obesity that it generally just adds fuel to the guilt fire for those who try and try and still find themselves staring in the mirror while screaming, “Why are you still fat?!”

Consider this post a landmark fin your personal journey. Some of these you will have already considered, but maybe not all of them.

12 reasons why you are still fat:

1. Toxic Overload

One of the culprits to fat issues most people don’t look into is toxic chemicals. Yes, toxic chemicals can make you fat and make it harder to lose weight. Learn more about it here.

2. Emotional Trauma

Got issues? Emotional trauma could be contributing to your body holding on to fat. Consider this:

“When you had a trauma as a kid and you’re 10 years old, your cells keep a cellular memory of that trauma, and your body, it will activate certain genes that will activate FAT programs if your cells feel like fat is the way to protect you from the trauma.”  – Jon Gabriel

Of course the phrase “emotional trauma” sounds pretty big and scary, but any emotional issues may be making your fat. Learn more about it here.

3. The Wrong Diet

If you’re still following the low-fat, highly processed “diet” that the marketing world tells us will help us lose weight then you may be surprised to learn the truth about healthy weight loss in relationship to the foods we eat. I don’t personally prescribe to any one diet. I think there are valid aspects of all the popular lifestyle diets like Paleo, WAPF, Vegetarian, etc. (You can read more about my thoughts on that here). But the real key is REAL FOOD, and taking advantage of all the macro-nutrients while eating a nutrient-dense diet. Want to learn more? Two of my favorite books include this one and this one.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Imbalanced hormones can wreak havoc on your overall health and add extra poundage to your frame. The good news it that you can learn how to balance your hormones naturally and it can help you lose weight. Read more about it here.

5. Medication Side Effect

One of the side-effects of many medications is weight gain. Now, I’m not suggesting you stop taking your medication. I’m not a doctor and you should follow the advice of your trusted health care practitioner. But it’s definitely something to consider if you are currently on meds. Finding natural alternatives (if that works with your situation) can help you lose weight and avoid other negative side effects.

6. Stress

We live in very stressful times, and unfortunately that stress can take it’s toll. If you’re wondering why you are still fat you may want to find some way to combat stress. Learn more about it here and here.

7. Inadequate Sleep

Too little sleep? That could be a major reason why you’re still fat. I know that for me my body holds on to weight desperately when I’m not getting adequate sleep (which makes losing baby weight tricky, ha!) If you’re having trouble getting your zzzzz’s, consider reading my favorite book on the subject.

8. Too Sedentary

While it’s true that lots of people who deal with weight gain are moving a lot, there are still plenty of people who are suffering from our sedentary lifestyles. Here are some great benefits of moving to inspire you.

9. Eating Too Much Food

Another major culprit in our world of easy fast food is a simple calories in, calories out problem. I personally don’t count calories, but I am also very careful about eating only real food and listening to my body. If you are still eating a Standard American Diet, consider making the switch to a real foods diet. It’s just as delicious and way more satisfying.

10. Eating Too Little Food

On the other side of the scale (pun intended) are the folks who are eating too little. Guess what? That can make your body hold on the fat even more! I’ve seen so many dedicated people working hard at the gym and then restricting their diet to 1200 calories. Your body will think you’re starving and hold onto the weight. Don’t do it! And while some people may have found that they do lose weight on such a restrictive diet, the long term affects are not worth it (not to mention you usually gain the weight back.) Eat enough to support movement.

11. Metabolic Issues

We often think of our metabolism as some sort of magic fairy that helps us lose weight if it’s “fast” and keep it on if it’s “slow.” But the truth is that our metabolism determines so much more. If you are still fat despite lots of efforts and also have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or feeling energized you should seriously consider checking out your metabolic health. This is my absolute favorite book on the matter.

12. Hidden or Underlying Health Issues

Of course, the reason why you are still fat may be even more hidden than this list can provide. Again, I’d highly recommend meeting with a trusted healthcare professional, getting some testing done, and seeing if you have something else that needs addressing. In this case your weight gain could be a tremendous blessing in helping you dig a littler deeper and improve your overall health.

BONUS Reason Why You’re Still Fat: You Had (or are having) a Baby

I almost feel ridiculous for adding this bonus point to the list, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I see so many woman struggle with their body after giving birth (*raises hand*)… guess what? YOU GREW A PERSON!? It took you nine months to add the weight and it may take you nine months (or longer if you’re dealing with any of the other above issues) to lose it. Enjoy your beautiful and capable body. Respect it for the miracle of giving birth. You are beautiful, trust me.

So… Why you’re still fat?

As you can see there are lots of reasons why you might be still fat despite all your efforts. Don’t let society fool you into thinking it has anything to do with your inability to be disciplined. A little self love goes a long way toward a healthy journey of weight loss. Don’t let extra pounds keep you from the happy life you deserve. But if you looking for healthy ways to slim down you may want to look as some of the possible reasons above as to why you’re still fat.

Repeat after me: You are a worthwhile, inspiring, capable, intelligent, and beautiful person.

What should the rest of us do about it?

Be kind. Be respectful. Show some empathy. Stop assuming that just because something worked for you that it’s THE answer for someone else. Stop judging people based on their appearance. Stop obsessing over the number on the scale and start living life with more love and compassion.


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Why are you still fat? The answer might surprise you. www.thankyourbody.com


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