Special Deal on Natural Health Products For ThankYourBody Readers

Vitamonk Supplements

Get First Access To New Natural Health Products, That Can Enhance Your Families Wellbeing, and All at Below Cost.

Healthy eating and exercise are only the first steps to nourishing your body, and helping it thrive. Real food heals, repairs your cells, gives you energy and enhances your body.

But healthy eating and exercise alone are not enough for everything. Most foods don’t offer all the nutrients your body needs for optimal wellbeing, and you already know how passionate I am about avoiding toxins and only using quality household products.

Top health professionals know that our modern diet can be lacking. That’s why they recommend that you supplement (not replace) your diet with essential nutrients.

Healthy natural products can give your body the nutrients you NEED to thrive – stay healthy, beautiful and fit.

A Special Win-Win Deal On Trusted Natural Products

My good friends at VitaMonk (and their sister company, Biovy) are launching a whole range of new natural and science-based supplements that enhance you and your families health and wellbeing.

VitaMonk is one of the few open & honest health product companies, dedicated to creating science-backed, healthy, and safe products that fit within the guidelines that mother nature intended.

Their products cover everything you need to help you reach and maintain optimal health, wellbeing and performance.

They can help you:

  • Boost your health
  • Have more energy
  • Get better skin
  • Sleep better
  • Lower your stress

…and a lot more.

And if you sign up for their exclusive launch list, you can get these supplements at the lowest price ever (discounts up to 80%).

It’s all explained here:

Get access to the launch list

How It Works

Once you join VitaMonk’s launch list, you’ll be able to buy their latest products at a discount up to 80%.

A couple of times per month, you’ll get an email with a new product they’ve just launched. In it, VitaMonk and Biovy offer their new products to you at cost, or sometimes even at a loss. You are never required to purchase them in this free-program, you just have the option to if something catches your eye.

Why are they offering you this great deal?

Simple: they’re a young company that’s trying to grow.

By offering their products to you at such a steep discount, Amazon will notice that their products are popular. In turn, they show those products to more new shoppers, who will then buy the products at full price.

It’s a mutually beneficial way to promote their new products in a crowded marketplace where it’s hard to stand out.

In other words:

You get their premium products at the lowest price ever.

They get more exposure to new customers who will buy their supplements at the full price.

It’s a win-win opportunity for everyone.

What kind of natural products do they offer?

Again, this varies a lot because they generally only give the deals and review-products to new products that they launch (so it’s always kind of fun to see what’s next). Here are a few examples of past deals:

So as you can see, a LOT of great stuff.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check it out:

Get access to the launch list here