3 Simple Steps to a Toxic Free Bathroom

Wondering what toxins are lurking in your bathroom? Overwhelmed by it all? Here are three super simple steps toward a non-toxic bathroom.

I’ll admit, I never thought about creating a non-toxic bathroom growing up. I mean, I always used to think of the bathroom as a place to get all shiny and clean. I certainly didn’t think of it as a hazardous waste zone.

Still, I remember my days when my bathroom was full of products. There were countless cleaning products I used to clean my bathroom, countless products to wash my body, and a gazillion products dedicated to just my hair. My cabinets were full. My wallet quite skinny. And the smell of chemicals often filled my little bathroom.

My how things change.

Now days I’ve stripped my products to the bare minimum… and all of them are either homemade or have to pass my “safe” meter. Even my sense of smell has changed. Walking into a bathroom full of products leaves me a little dizzy and light headed from all the synthetic perfumes and fragrances lurking about.

De-cluttering my bathroom to the essentials has been a frugal and zen-like experience.

Detoxing my bathroom has also improved my health.

Did you know that federal regulation does not require chemicals to be tested or proven safe before manufacturers include them in consumer products? As a result, you may have noticed there is an ever growing list of products and chemicals found harmful to humans only after they have been released to the public.

Cancer, pregnancy complications, hormone disruption, asthma and other illnesses have all been linked to the toxic chemicals found in commercially produced household products. What’s worse is that many of these chemicals are not even listed on the product label, leaving you entirely in the dark about what you are spreading through your home and putting directly on yourself and your children!

Do you want to save money, organize your home, AND be free from the toxic mess? Then it’s time to take the challenge to de-clutter your bathroom a non-toxic bathroom.

3 Simple Steps for a Non-Toxic Bathroom

1. Ditch the toxic cleaning products

Wondering what toxins are lurking in your bathroom? Overwhelmed by it all? Here are three super simple steps toward a non-toxic bathroom.I grew up in a very clean home. Clean by society’s standards, that is. We had lots of various cleaning products aimed to sterilize, neutralize, and polish every surface. But when I think about the chemicals lefts on those surfaces I’m not sure I’d use the word “clean.” And when you consider that there are a few simple natural ingredients that can do the job well (without the nasty side effects), switching over to non-toxic cleaning products is simple.

Homemade solutions:

Ingredients you’ll need:

Apple Cider Vinegar (find it online here)
Baking Soda
White Distilled Vinegar
Essential Oils (optional)  (learn how to get my favorite essential oils at wholesale prices here.)

Yeah. That’s it. For all of those recipes listed above. Clean. Simple. Frugal.

Safe product solutions:

I personally don’t make a lot of my own products anymore. With two kids and a full-time business I just don’t have the time. If you’re like me, then I encourage you to support companies dedicated to safer homes. For me, I use Young Living’s Thieves cleaner. Not only is it natural and safe, but it’s super economical. One of their bottles of concentrate (14.4 oz) is equal to 29 16-oz. bottles of home cleaner. TWENTY NINE!

For an ever bigger bang for your buck, I bought the Thieves Premium Starter Kit. It literally replaced a majority of my toxic bathroom products. I’m saving money, saving time, and lovin’ the clean I get from these products. (You can see what’s included in the Thieves Starter kit here.)

Non-toxic bathroom, one step closer.

2. Ditch the toxic Personal Cleaners

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and its semipermeable membrane means things get to our body through our skin (why do you think Nicotine patches work?). And considering how many different products are in the average woman’s bathroom, it would be wise to simplify and look for safer ingredients.

Homemade solution:

Key ingredients to have on hand:

I love coconut milk for both my shampoo and deep conditioner.
Liquid castile soap works perfectly as a body wash and liquid hand soap (check out recipe #2 here for the easiest soap ever.)
Apple cider vinegar is my go-to hair rinse and toner. (Learn more about the benefits of ACV here.)
Coconut oil works wonders as a hair de-frizzing serum, shaving cream, lotion, and deodorant.

Safe personal care solutions:

I have used both Morrocco Method’s shampoos (which I absolutely adore) and Young Living’s shampoos (which I don’t like as much, but are better than other natural shampoos I’ve tried).

For other personal care items like toothpaste and deodorant, I stick with Young Living. They work really well (and I’m lazy and already ordering my essential oils and cleaning supplies from them.)

A non-toxic bathroom does NOT mean giving up the pampering. No smelly hippies required.


3. Ditch the toxic Make-Up

Just like our personal care products, makeup is loaded with nasty chemicals. (Lead in lipstick, anyone?) Over the year or so I’ve come up with some easy diy makeup alternatives. But I’d also suggest learning to love  yourself without makeup. As someone who struggled with acne for years (and years and years) I thought makeup was my only solution to feeling comfortable in public. Now I spend most of my days makeup free. It’s liberating AND it’s improved my skin. Besides, I like knowing that I’m showing my real self to the world and not feeling like I have to cover up.

But for those who love makeup, I’ve also provided some toxic-free recipes to get you going:

Homemade solutions:

My favorite solution:

Go without! Yep. Nothing will save you more time or money than embracing your natural beauty and letting your skin breathe.

Baby Steps Toward a Non-Toxic Bathroom

Remember, you don’t have to make every change right now. Start with whatever feels most exciting or comfortable for you. But once you get going, it’s hard to stop. When you realize you only need a few things in your non-toxic bathroom to feel clean and beautiful you’ll be happy for the changes.

And don’t forget: You’ll spend less, you’re helping the environment, and you’re doing awesome things for your body, too.


Want more homemade recipes? Be sure to check out my ebook, All Natural Living, for over 70 recipes to make your entire home safe and free from the toxins that invade us. Feel empowered, save money, and know what’s going in your body!

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Want to get started with Young Living? I love being a wholesale member with Young Living because it makes buying safe, non-toxic products so easy. When you sign up you can choose the Thieves Starter Kit instead of the Essential Oil Kit if that feels like a better fit for you. It’s a super simple way to detox your life without getting overwhelmed.

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