• 12 Drool Worthy Healthy Desserts

12 Healthy Desserts You’ll Drool Over

Let’s face it - we all love to indulge and have a yummy dessert now and again. But just because you want to have your cake and eat it too doesn’t mean you have to throw out all that you believe in when it comes to healthy eating. Dessert does not have to be unhealthy [...]

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  • Why should you ditch your fabric softener? Lots of reasons. Learn how to keep your home safer with these easy fabric softener alternatives.

Fabric Softener Alternatives and Other Safe Approaches to Laundry

Why would you need fabric softener alternatives? I mean, when I think of doing laundry I think of: Fuzzy bears bouncing into piles of colorful towels. Sunshine swirls dancing around a clothesline. Warm-from-the-dryer blankets wrapped tenderly around your family. I mean, this stuff is cozy and heart-warming. The array of products marketed to the masses [...]

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  • Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Learn why you should!

Oil Cleansing Method: What it is and why you should do it.

Oil cleansing method? What does that mean? Is it a cleaning procedure for dealing with oil? Nope. The oil cleansing method (OCM) is a method of cleaning with oil. Stay with me. Some of you who have never heard of the oil cleansing method may be confused. After all, haven't we all been told that oil [...]

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  • Are you drinking too much water? Learn why it is possible to over do the H20.

Drinking too much water? Is it possible?

Are you drinking too much water? Wait... don't you mean "are you getting enough water?" Nope. I really mean: Are you drinking too much water? Didn't think drinking too much water was even possible, did you? That's not surprising in a world that tells us water is king. But did you know that the whole [...]

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  • Think gelatin as that secret ingredient that give jello it's wiggle? Think again. Learn about the benefits of gelatin and how to get it into your diet.

Benefits of Gelatin (And how to get it in your diet)

Benefits of gelatin... you've got to be kidding, right? I remember the first time someone told me the “secret” ingredient in Jell-O. I was pretty young. My older brother, in an attempt to gross me out, informed me that the jiggly green stuff on my plate was made from ground up bones and horse hooves. [...]

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  • Struggling with metabolism issues? Can't lose weight? Can't find the energy to do what you want? Learn what to do when your metabolism is in the toilet.

8 Signs Your Metabolism Might be in the Toilet

Metabolism issues. Lots of people have them. Most people still think metabolism is some sort of lottery body function. The lucky people have 'fast' metabolism. You know the kind: Your high school best friend who could eat anything she wanted and not gain an ounce. The not-so-lucky have 'slow' metabolism. These are the people who [...]

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  • Great tips and recipes for a gluten-free cocktail party.

How to Host a Gluten-Free Cocktail Party

If anyone has tried going gluten-free, you know that cocktail parties, where most everything is served on some variation of cracker, baguette, or canapé, can pose one of the bigger challenges.  By nature, finger foods tend to involve carbs and in our wheat-obsessed society, carbs often entail gluten. But I always tell newcomers to the gluten-free [...]

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  • Microwave popcorn is bad. But here are some great and easy alternatives to microwave popcorn.

Why Microwave Popcorn is Bad and What to Eat Instead

Microwave popcorn is bad. The day I learned that truth was a sad day. In hindsight I probably should have known after years of eating the stuff that microwave popcorn couldn't be healthy. One dead giveaway was the neon-no-real-food-is-this-color residue lining the inside of the bag. It seems so obvious now. But I grew up [...]

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  • Peach Kombucha Tea Recipe from Thank Your Body

Recipe: Peach Kombucha

Ready for a refreshing peach kombusha tea recipe? You have to try this! Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. Kombucha has been associated with a long list of health benefits. It's a probiotic drink with helpful bacteria that support digestion and the immune system. It also contains enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. Kombucha tea can be [...]

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  • Raw Vegan Marzipan Delights. These look so yummy!

Recipe: Raw Vegan Marzipan Delights

Hi! My name is Rose; I am the author of and I am really excited to share this recipe for home made marzipan with you! When I finished my first batch of marzipan the other week, I proudly presented it to my husband and some friends and was surprised to find out that they had never [...]

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  • The surprising truth about pre-performance stretching

The Surprising Truth About Pre-Performance Stretching

Have you ever stretched before exercise? I'm betting you have. And you probably still do. I'm right there with you! I grew up, as most of us did, with sports teams that stretched in big circles as a team, holding each static stretch for 10 seconds before moving onto the next. Funny thing is, we've been duped. [...]

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  • Delicious cream cheese brownies using only real food ingredients. Oh yum!

Recipe: Cream Cheese Brownies (Serious “yum” factor.)

Are you ready for something delicious? Like, really delicious? Super yummy, even? I thought so. I love these real food cream cheese brownies. They are the perfect summer indulgence with no fake ingredients. Just delicious, fudgey, creamy, goodness. These brownies really aren't too hard to make. The brownie portion can be done in a small [...]

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  • Delicious cashew chicken and homemade hoisin sauce without MSG, GMOs, or other fake stuff.

Recipe: Cashew Chicken and Hoisin Sauce

My husband really like Chinese foods. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of great options for local Chinese cuisine that meets our food standards. We like to avoid MSG, GMO soy sauce, and CAFO meats as much as possible. Thankfully, I've been able to real foodify one of our favorites: Cashew Chicken. And the hubs [...]

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  • Homemade yogurt fruit leather. Super tasty with the benefits of yogurt!

Recipe: Homemade Yogurt Fruit Leather

Let's start today's yogurt fruit leather recipe with a little story. The other day I was on a quest to do something cool with my dehydrator that I got for Christmas. I wasn't quite sure what the outcome would be, but I had read somewhere that you can dehydrate yogurt. Cool, right? I was told it [...]

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  • Awesome ebook: Indulge and heal - nourishing treats

Recipe: Grapefruit Curd (from Empowered Sustenance’s Indulge and Heal)

I know it's January... just a few days since the beginning of the new year. And I know that for a lot of people it also means one thing: No more treats! (Aaaagh!) After all, many people are trying to be better about their health. This is a good thing. But telling yourself that you [...]

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  • The best banana bread! Sprouted flour, no refined sugar, and so yummy.

Recipe: Best Banana Bread – A healthy take on this classic treat.

Ready for some seriously good banana bread? Possibly the best banana bread ever? The best banana bread that is also healthy?  You read that right. With sprouted flour, organic whole cane sugar, and a generous amount of gooey butter, this banana bread is really delicious. Really. Something about the colder month just makes me want [...]

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  • Homemade healthy fruit snacks! No food dyes, no refined sugars, only good stuff!

Recipe: Homemade healthy fruit snacks

Homemade fruit snacks are at the heart of the story I'm about to share. It's a story about being that mom. Sometimes I hate being that mom. You know, the mom who thinks her kid deserves only truly healthy fruit snacks. Well, I don't really hate being that mom. But I do hate being the mom that tries [...]

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  • fajita-featured

Recipe: Chicken fajitas – Delightfully yummy!

I really love chicken fajitas. Something about the combination of aromatic spices, onions, peppers, and juicy chicken just gets my mouth watering. Throw in some sour cream and homemade guacamole and I'm pretty much in heaven. These chicken fajitas are easy to make. You can prep them in the morning and let the chicken and veggies marinade [...]

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  • delicious sweet summer berry cobbler. Yessss.

Recipe: Sweet Summer Berry Cobbler Recipe

I am amazed by how often people associate “eating healthy” with some sort of deprived torture.  As we’ve altered our approach to food and nourishment, I definitely have NOT felt the slightest bit “cheated” out of good things to eat.  (Although it did take some time to let my body get rid of some bad sugar [...]

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  • Can Healthy Living Drive You Crazy?

Can being too healthy hurt your health?

"A journey to real health." That's the subtitle for this humble little blog of mine. And let me tell you, it's been a journey. Actually, no that's not right. It is a journey. I imagine this journey will last until I die. Like any real journey there are uphill battles, downhill thrills, and the even-steven day to day [...]

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