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  • The benefits of eating bentonite clay.

I like to eat dirt. Is that weird?

Seriously, I like to eat dirt. Okay, maybe I should clarify that by "dirt" I mean clay. I eat clay. And by clay, I'm talking about Bentonite clay. But, yes, I really do eat clay. And I think you should, too*. Say what? Let's start with the basics, shall we? Bentonite clay is composed of [...]

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  • Useful way to grow an herb garden.

How does your garden grow?

I’d like to think I live a pretty “green” life. I’m far from perfect (“progress not perfection, progress not perfection…” repeat it with me…) and I have lots of areas I’m still trying to improve. But still, overall, I feel pretty good about how far I’ve come. I use homemade “green” cleaning products. I buy [...]

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