Naturally Healthy Skin with Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

Natural Skin Care with Sweet Bee Magic #naturalskincare #skincare #naturalremedies #sweetbeemagic

Skin care is a big topic these days. And natural skin care is getting more attention too! People more and more are starting to realize how vital it is to keep our skin healthy and happy. Not only does having healthy skin usually mean we have a healthier body, but it obviously is nice to feel your best self and loving the (healthy) skin you are in.

The problem is our skin is very sensitive (even for those that don’t term their skin as “sensitive”). Plus everyone’s skin is so different! Finding the right products for you can be exhausting and expensive. What’s worse is whether from big brands or to cheaper store brands – a lot of skin products are anything but natural. 

Natural Skin Care with Sweet Bee Magic

Personally I’ve tried countless skin products. From the not so healthy or natural ones (back before my health journey started) to the all natural. From cheap to expensive. I’ve even have a few skin products I have made myself and love – but as a busy mom, sometimes I just don’t want to be bothered with making one more thing.

Sweet Bee Magic – a new natural skin care product that came across my radar

The other day I stumbled upon a new skin care product line called Medicine Mama’s Apothecary. I was intrigued by their message as it seemed similar to our own (natural, organic, from the earth – aka music to my ears) and started to research some more into it despite being a little skeptical. Okay a lot skeptical. I can be picky about products I buy. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, yet again, about a new skin care product that would just leave me frustrated. After reading countless reviews and basically going over every inch of their website I decided to give it a shot – especially because the price point really was so great (and keep reading to learn how the price point can be even better with an awesome discount!)

You guys. Why did it take me so long to finally buy this product!?

I decided to start out with just one product – Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic, All in One Healing Cream.

Natural skin care with Sweet Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream!


I loved that Medicine Mama had a similar mindset as I did. Nature has a lot of the answers – especially when it comes to restoring and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Donna Steinmann (AKA the Medicine Mamas) has 20 years experience with publishing works on natural health. So when she wanted an effective, organic skincare solution, one that was pure, free of synthetic chemicals that so often irritate the skin she decided to do it herself. And boy am I grateful!

Donna’s instincts and background as a natural health practitioner led her to the curative powers of the oldest living organisms on earth, ancient trees and their relationship with the immortal bee. After refining her product for four years and after several hundred experiments she finally perfected her formula.

Plus she sources her ingredients from the pure and sustainable sources. 

I couldn’t be happier with this Medicine Mama Bee Magic

I’ve had Medicine Mamas Sweet Bee Magic cream for about a month now and I can’t even express to you how much I love it. But I sure am going to try! Here are just a few of the uses I’ve discovered with this amazing little bottle of goodness.

1. Healing Moisturizer

Dry skin? We’ve got you covered. This cream is so soothing and completely not greasy (a must for me). I don’t feel like it leaves any type of residue but just makes my skin feel nourished and beautifully moisturized. Plus it smells wonderful.

2. After Sun Intensive Care

No matter our best intentions sunburns happen now and again. I love that I can use this on my little ones and know it’s totally safe! Giving them the comfort they need to sooth a sunburn makes summer so much better.

3. Lip Balm

I wasn’t sure about this one when I saw other reviews stating they used Sweet Bee Magic cream as a lip balm. But after a super dry and hot camping trip I was desperate. My lips where flaky and so dried out. This stuff worked like a charm!Natural skin care with Sweet Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream! #thankyourbody #naturalskincare #skincare #tyb

4. Massage Balm

Sore muscles? Boom. Look no further. After a long run the other day my calves where on the verge of cramping all day. I rubbed some of this into them and I couldn’t believe how much better they felt afterwards.

5. Cracked Heels & Elbows

My heels hate me. Always have. I have had years of fighting them and thinking I found a product that was helping to only days later have the cracks come back in full force.  I haven’t had a cracked heel in 3 weeks (new record!). 

6. Burn Remedy

Whether from a kitchen accident, a hot buckle from a car seat sitting in the sun, or a run away ember from the camp fire (why yes all three happened to my family in the past month) – having this around as a burn remedy is super handy! 

7. Before/After Shave Butter

Does anyone else rash like crazy after shaving? I always have and figured I always would. I put some of this one some of my trouble areas after I shaved and I had so much less irritation and redness. Perfect for this time of year and all the bathing suit wearing!

8. Diaper Rash

My 4 month old all of the sudden has had some severe diaper rash. It always breaks my heart to see them in pain from diaper rash. As this is my 4th kid I’ve tried a lot of different diaper rash products. What worked for one baby didn’t work for the other baby and apparently ALL of them don’t work for this baby. So I tried the Sweet Bee Magic and within 24 hours I couldn’t believe how much it had reduced the rash. Where was this 4 babies ago!?

9. Eye Cream

Hello fellow mothers who have big bags under their eyes from yet another night of interrupted sleep! I’ve started putting this under my eyes and already the puffiness and darkness has reduced. 

10. Hand & Cuticle Cream

Also after said dusty and dry camping trip my hands and cuticles had taken a beating. Enter the Sweet Bee Magic and they are loving lovely and healthy again!

Basically what I’m saying is this Sweet Bee Magic is exactly what it says it is – magic.

The best news of all!

Again you know me. I love a good product, but let’s be honest – funds and budgets matter. Luckily I was thrilled with the price point of Sweet Bee Magic. But I know it can be hard to hand over the money without knowing if you like what you are going to get. So if their awesome price point is still a bit too much for you I have great news. Because The Medicine Mama can see what our community is about and how we are all searching for a better and more natural way of living she has decided to give us an amazing discount!

For the month of August you can get 25% off – site wide!

Just use the promo code thankyourbody25 to get 25 percent off!

You guys – this is an incredible discount just for our wonderful Thank Your Body readers! 25 percent off your whole order! But again – this is only good for the month of August, so now is the time to try it! Head on over to Medicine Mama and take a look at all the amazing products she has to offer! And the best part? You can actually share this discount with family and friends! So spread the word and get yourself some of this sweet bee magic! You won’t regret it. So go use that promo code – again just type in thankyourbody25 at checkout!

I love a good discount and I have never been happier with a product before so I can’t wait to keep trying out new products of Medicine Mama’s




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