With so much buzz about superfoods do you really need to supplement to be healthy? Here are my six go-to supplements that I recommend.

I’m not a huge fan of “superfoods” in the way they are traditionally marketed. Sure, there are some impressive foods out there. I mean, Mother Natural knows what she is doing. But whenever you have someone claiming there is one or two special foods that you have  to eat to be healthy… well, I’d stop listening.

They’re usually waiting to sell you something.

Besides, so many of the exotic foods promoted today are being farmed and harvested at quite the cost to the communities and environments they come from. I mean, if you HAD to eat the mysterious Frodo berry (I made that up) to have perfect health, but that Frodo berry only exists in Middle Earth… well, shucks, how do you grow enough for the world without starting some epic battle?

The truth is there are superfoods everywhere.

Some of the easiest foods to grow and harvest are some of the most nutrient dense. Onions, for example.

But still, supplements have their place.

Because our world has become pretty toxic and our soil pretty nutrient-deplete, you may find that even when eating a really good diet that there’s something… missing.

Below are some of my recommendations for my favorite supplements. I’ve kept the list pretty slim. If you have serious health issues, please go talk to your healthcare professional. But for those of us who just need a little boost, these are my favorite ways to kickstart my health.

Our Top Recommended Supplements


About HALF of all people are magnesium deficient. Half. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals there is, playing a major role in everything from quality sleep, proper brain function, muscle pain and function, and quite a bit more (learn more about being magnesium deficient here). 

The top product I recommend for this is magnesium complex called Quad-Magnesium. It’s a blend of the top four types of magnesium (magnesium glycinate chelate, taurate, orotate and di-magnesium malate). Each form of magnesium carries its own specific benefits and work in different ways, so it’s best to take some of all four. The brand I recommend also uses NO artificial fillers, which is a MAJOR problem in the supplement world (check the labels, most will use things like silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and even talc in their capsules. 

Mineral Drops

During my second pregnancy I was dealing with some major leg cramps. Following the recommendation of my midwife, I started using these trace mineral drops every night before bed. The cramps disappeared! I still use them to supplement my diet since our modern soil is so deplete in minerals. They also help me sleep better. You can find there here.


This powerful super-food can help your skin, joints, sleep and more. You can read why I love it so much here. You can find my favorite recipe using the stuff here. And you can purchase grass-fed, quality gelatin (the only kind I recommend) here and here.


Pterostilbene is one of the few “anti aging supplements” that has a ton of promising data to back it up. This isn’t a supplement for looking better necessarily, but living a longer and healthier life. Pterostilbene is a compound found mostly in blueberries. It’s similar in structure to resveratrol, BUT it’s is absorbed Wayyyyy better in the body. So if you’ve been interested in resveratrol before, I recommend just using a pterostilbene supplement instead. Good news is that it’s cheap too. (warning, some cheaper companies just put “blueberry extract” in the capsules (looking at you “Mental Refreshment” brand) which is NOT the same thing). If it’s too cheap it’s probably fake. 

Dried Liver Capsules

I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy when I don’t take my liver. Don’t be turned off by this super-food. There are so many reasons to add liver to your diet (read about it here). Best part? You can get them in capsule form. Grass-fed and full of goodness. Find them here.


Adaptogens are basically the real “super foods” of the world. The name kind of gives them away, as they help the body “adapt” to a huge host of different stressors. Adaptogen supplements can help reduce stress, boost the brain, boost mood, boost endurance and strength and a whole bunch more. There are roughly 15 or so herbs classified as “adaptogens”, but some of the main ones are ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng, holy basil, and cordyceps. If you ever want to read the bazillions of studies on them, head to pubmed. The link at the top of this paragraph is my recommended brand.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a critical nutrient that many people are lacking. You can read about the benefits here. Unfortunately, most supplements you’ll find in the market are synthetic and not as easily absorbed by your body. I like this fermented natto supplement as a simple way to get my K2. Just one tiny pill a day and you’re good to go. Real food for the win, again!

Vitamin C

Most vitamin C on the market is made in a laboratory (even though the label might suggest otherwise). Other supplements come from GMO crops. I like this Royal Camu supplement (I get them as capsules) as a safe and super effective way to benefit from Vitamin C.


There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of probiotics in our diets. But the effectiveness on taking probiotics depends a lot on the type of bacteria strains present. This Probiotic is my favorite and highly recommended by top health professionals. I take one a day.


CBD is all the rage right now for a reason… it can help with everything from anxiety, to pain relief, to sleeping better. There are lots of brands of CBD, but only a few are worth their salt. Here is a guide to the best CBD oils around right now.

Cod liver oil

Why take cod liver oil? Ohhhh I don’t know… pretty much for everything. I recommend you take cod liver oil because it has all the benefits of fish oil, but it’s also packed with awesome doses Vitamin D and Vitamin A, and it doesn’t generally have the same contamination problems that fish oils are known for. It’s superior all around and can help with things like stronger bones, inflammation and more.

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Where to order your supplements?

Amazon is always a great place of course. Also whenever possible I try and order from VitaMonk. They only provide high quality products, and all WITHOUT the use of harmful artificial fillers found with most brands (check the labels for yourself, most use the harmful filler silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate or even worse as fillers in their capsules).

With so much buzz about superfoods do you really need to supplement to be healthy? Here are my six go-to supplements that I recommend.