Start Here

You’re not alone.

Whether you feel overwhelmed because you’re too busy to keep up, confused by all the contradicting data floating around, or just stuck in your health journey, I’m here to make this whole “healthy living” thing simple.

Real simple. Like, “for dummies” simple.

Of course, you’re no dummy. You’re here because you’re smart. You know healthy living doesn’t have to be so complicated.

You just want a simple plan and a practical method for making healthy habits.

You probably know you need to eat better. It’s not like “exercise” is a new, radical idea. And I’m guessing you want to avoid dangerous toxins, too. I mean, this stuff isn’t rocket science.So why aren’t more people able to stick to healthy living?

Because we make it too complicated.

Because we worry about the teeny tiny stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Because we don’t know which “one thing” is the one thing we should focus on.

And that’s what I’m offering you here. One thing you can do for each of the three pillars of health. Not twenty things. Not seven.

Just one thing.

Is this “one thing” the key to perfect health? No way! But that’s because “perfect” health doesn’t exist.

But these “one things” I’ve selected for you tend to make the biggest, most lasting changes.  I mean, would you rather do the 1 thing that makes up 80% of healthy living or do the 80 things that only make up 20%.

It’s what you call a no-brainer.

Feeling frustrated by healthy living? Learn how to simplify and make lasting changes at

Pick one category and start there. Do the one thing. Create a habit. Make sure it’s “sticking” and then move on to the next category.

1, 2, 3… doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

So choose your number. Click it. And let’s get going:

Eat Better

Move More

Avoid Toxins