It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video, but I’m excited to share this tip with y’all today. So many people struggle with neck and shoulder tension. In fact, shoulder tension is so prevalent that most people think it’s just a part of life. Not so, my friends. In fact, most shoulder tension is a result of poor usage. Luckily, there is a simple technique to help you relieve shoulder tension for good.

Video: Reduce Shoulder Tension


Reduce Shoulder Tension, Video Highlights:

For those who can’t watch the video but want the gist:

  • Most neck and shoulder tension issues are a result of either habits or environment (or both).
  • Our arms are designed to hang, but many people unconsciously “hold them up” ever-so-slightly, creating constant muscular tension.
  • Be aware of your whole spine as your work. A forward head or tucked under pelvis can create shoulder tension, too.
  • For a couple of days set an alarm to stop and “check in” to your shoulders. Are they tense? Can you release them? Getting into a habit of release can solve many chronic shoulder issues.
  • Check the height of your desk, monitor, and chair. These should all be at a level that allows a natural “hanging” to occur from the shoulder joint.
  • Take a couple of minutes periodically to move your shoulders, scapula (shoulder blades), and spine to free up your back.

Above all, remember that the body is designed to move! If your day requires a lot of repetitive or stationary work, do whatever you can to move around throughout your day. Every little bit helps.

For more tips on how to reduce pain through Somatic movement, be sure to check out my book: Live Pain Free.  There are lots of useful tips and exercises to help you reclaim your body’s natural (and pain-free) posture.

What do you do to help relieve shoulder tension?

Many people deal with neck and shoulder tension. Learn a simple technique to help relieve and reduce shoulder tension and feel more relaxed throughout your day.


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