Real Food Recipes

Because healthy eating should be YUMMY.

Real Food Recipes features 85 delicious recipes. Learn how easy it is to make from-scratch meals, snacks, condiments, pantry staples, desserts, and more! Skip out on processed ingredients as your nourish your body with these tried and tested recipes. Learn how yummy healthy real food can be!

Check out some of these tantalizing recipes:

Main Dishes

Baked Chicken Kiev
Savory Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Cod with Breaded Parmesan Crust
… and LOTS more!

Satisfying Sides

Avocado Fries with Chili Lime Mayonnaise
Mango Salsa
Savory Burssels Sprouts with Pine Nuts
… and LOTS more!

Guilt-Free Desserts

Cinnamon Maple Apple Crisp
Avocado Chocolate Cookies
Whole Orange Cake
… and LOTS more!

What others are saying:

Robin Konie delivers a fantastic cookbook, packed with delicious, healthy recipes. There are a Total of 85 recipes which Include: Breakfast; Soups And Stews; Main Dishes; Side Dishes; Snacks; And incredible Desserts. There are easy-to-follow Directions with Ingredients per recipe, and the Number of Servings, plus Helpful Tips. Since Breakfast is my favorite meal, I had to dive right in. We made the Paleo Pancakes, and the Pot-Crusted Bacon Bits And Egg Pie. Both were very tasty, and filling. Next in the Breakfast selections, we plan to make the Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Muffins. We can’t wait to try these!

Our Next Selection for Soup will be the Italian Sausage And Roasted Tomato Soup and my daughter wants to try the Parmesan, Zucchini, And Potato Soup. The recipes offered for Soups are Divine to say the least.

We also made the Cashew Chicken And Hoisin Sauce, which was an absolute sensation. The Chicken With Lemon Cream Sauce sounds yummy, and so does the Easy Crock-Pot Zucchini Lasagna, along with the Slow Cooker Chicken Marinara.

We made the Savory Stuffed Mushrooms, which were delicious, and we will make these again. There is also a recipe for Peanut Chicken Curry, and other fantastic recipes. The Snacks are just as inviting as the Desserts, and we plan to make the Cinnamon Maple Apple Crisp, and the Homemade Peppermint Patties. The author’s recipes are inspiring, and make you crave for more. You can get hungry, just thinking about some of these tasty, healthy recipes. A great addition to our cookbook collection at a good price. Highly recommended!

About the Author: Robin Konie

Robin Konie

I’m Robin. I’m the creator of Thank Your Body and author of All Natural Living.

In a nutshell: I love feeling awesome. And I enjoy helping other people feel awesome, too.

I’m a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA).  I’m also an avid researcher. With a deep passion and respect for the human body, I have been exploring ways to help others reclaim their personal power and embodied way of knowing through movement, nutrition, and holistic approaches to health.

I have an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, and have taught dance and somatic-based classes at Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, and the University of Utah.  I have also taught for the internationally recognized Integrated Movement Studies Programs.

Along with my passion for movement and the human body, I have a passion for play and creativity. I love being upside down, creating new dishes in the kitchen, and spending time with my husband and two children