Processed Free

Good health starts in the kitchen.

Food is essential to life. Good food nourishes, provides energy, and repairs the body. Bad food does quite the opposite. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and other modern diseases are running rampant as we hand our food over to the industrial world.

People are becoming increasingly aware that what we eat does play a huge role in our health and vitality. But in a world saturated with savvy marketing tactics designed to keep us consuming fake food counterfeits, is it any wonder that most people feel stressed and confused about the food they should be eating?

Processed Free makes it EASY to eat healthy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Hassle Free Nutrition

Learn why our food system is messed up and how to take control of your health. Real food doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Get ready to feel empowered by the food choices you make!

Money Saving Tips

You don’t have to break the bank to eat well, nor do you have to give up on flavor and taste. You’ll LOVE how easy and delicious real food can be. I’ll show you how.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Become a kitchen ninja as I teach you basic cooking definitions, meal planning, and more! You’ll have all the tools you need to start your journey towards processed free eating!

What others are saying:

I have been reading and learning more and more about processed foods, real foods, healthy fats, and changing eating habits. Everything Robin says is backed up by so many other experts! Her book makes sense and gets me fired up to stop putting chemicals and toxins in my body. – Tim


This really is a great book for anyone looking to be processed free. Love being on the path to a healthier life and this booked really helped me a long my way and made it not scary and easy to know right from wrong. Thanks for this amazing guide! – Katie G.


I found this book very helpful and the information rang true to what I have felt. I think getting back to the roots of the way our ancestors ate without all the additives in today’s food makes a whole lot more sense!


Robin has a wealth of knowledge and does a great job explaining it all. PLUS… I love her baby steps concepts. Sometimes we just can’t do it all at once! Just making a continuous effort to make changes seems a lot less daunting.

Thanks for the info Robin! – John G.


I downloaded this after thinking many years about eating clean but feeling overwhelmed by how to do it. Processed Free is an easy read that just makes the whole process of starting simple and easy to do. I started with this book and then just took off with my clean eating journey. I started losing weight right away and lost 25 lbs in 3 months. This book encourages you to start where you can and just made so much sense to me. Great place to start if you want to eat clean but just don’t know where to start 🙂

About the Author: Robin Konie

Robin Konie

I’m Robin. I’m the creator of Thank Your Body and author of All Natural Living.

In a nutshell: I love feeling awesome. And I enjoy helping other people feel awesome, too.

I’m a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA).  I’m also an avid researcher. With a deep passion and respect for the human body, I have been exploring ways to help others reclaim their personal power and embodied way of knowing through movement, nutrition, and holistic approaches to health.

I have an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, and have taught dance and somatic-based classes at Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, and the University of Utah.  I have also taught for the internationally recognized Integrated Movement Studies Programs.

Along with my passion for movement and the human body, I have a passion for play and creativity. I love being upside down, creating new dishes in the kitchen, and spending time with my husband and two children.