pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe for a Healthy Scalp

Most natural shampoo recipes are not pH balanced which can lead to scalp issues. Try this simple & frugal natural homemade pH balanced shampoo recipe.

Why do you need a pH balanced shampoo? Glad you asked.

My original all natural shampoo recipe is one of my more popular posts. But I’m here today with this improved shampoo recipe. Why? Well, because I’ve grown. I’ve learned. And I’m not afraid to admit it when there’s something better. Something like this pH balanced shampoo recipe.

What’s even better about this pH Balanced shampoo recipe is that one of YOU guys helped me see the better solution.

(Man, I love my readers.)

My original shampoo recipe, like so many out there online, uses a base of Castile soap. For me, this recipe was a great solution to my no ‘poo problems (for those new to the hippie world, that’s lingo for “no shampoo”). I felt a whole lot better using it verses commercial shampoos full of toxic (or very expensive natural) ingredients. And if I only had the option between my Castile shampoo recipe or buying something in the store, I’d still stick with the homemade shampoo stuff.

Luckily, there are more options.

The comment that helped my poor little scalp

Some months ago I got a comment from a reader named Amanda on my original shampoo recipe. Here is some of what she wrote:

Using highly alkaline solutions on your hair (baking soda, Bronner’s soaps, etc.) though it feels soft and manageable that is really the disulfide bonds in your internal hair structure being weakened by the alkaline solution.The colors and perms that are performed use this method to work, they “open up” your hair to deposit the color or permanent, then a clarifying shampoo is used to “close” your hair and lock the color or permanent in. To then bring your hair down to it’s proper pH a acidic solution (apple cider vinegar) when using an alkaline cleanser is used, this is called clarifying. This dual process is not healthy for your hair or your scalp. (…) This is why so many shampoos on the market advertise that they are pH balanced shampoos. Because that is very important. So forcing your hair to go up to an 8 or 9 and then forcing it back down to a 4.5 in a short period of time is very damaging.  -Amanda (awesome TYB reader)

Why do you need a pH Balanced shampoo?

Because restoring your scalp’s pH is important.

I did a little research and found some amazing information on the importance of proper pH for your scalp. In fact, problems with fungi or bacteria on your scalp is likely due to being too alkali. This is often the result of using a product with a higher than 7 pH that strips away your naturally acidic sebum that fights against bacteria. That sebum can help prevent hair loss from dandruff, bacteria, or fungus.

Your scalp, like your skin, ranges in pH between a 4 and 7. 

Liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) has a pH around 8.9… much more alkaline.

Still need more convincing? Check out what this smarty-pants study has to say on the matter:

Alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fiber surface and, therefore, increase friction between the fibers. This may lead to cuticle damage and fiber breakage. It is a reality and not a myth that lower pH of shampoos may cause less frizzing for generating less negative static electricity on the fiber surface. Interestingly, only 38% of the popular brand shampoos against 75% of the salons shampoos presented a pH ≤ 5.0.   (Source)

Confession time: While I loved my all natural shampoo for MANY reasons, I did notice that after using it for so many months that my scalp wasn’t liking it so much. I was often complaining to my husband of a dry and itchy head… and sadness ensued. I blamed my hard water. Got a water filter… which helped, but not like this new pH balanced shampoo did.

A Natural pH balanced Shampoo Recipe

I wish I could take credit for this pH balanced shampoo recipe, but it was that swell Amanda who left this gem in that little comment section. It’s a super simple recipe. And I experimented with it for several weeks. By the fourth use I LOVED the results I was seeing.

The beauty of coconut milk and aloe vera gel

I’ve talked about why coconut milk is so yummy for your scalp in my deep conditioner recipe. The saturated fats help repair damaged hair among other things. And aloe vera is also great for keeping the cuticles of your hair closed and healthy.

But these two lovely ingredients also have a lower pH that’s under 7… much more aligned with your scalp’s natural pH.

Because the recipe has a pretty short shelf life of about one week, I found myself going through more ingredients than I could use before it went bad.

Fear not! I have solved that problem.

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe in Easy Tablets!

I put my little bird brain to the test and came up with a way to enjoy this super simple recipe without having to make it every single week or waste any bit of the ingredient goodness.

pH balanced all natural shampoo: Better for your scalp and only two ingredients!

So enough blabbing! Are you ready for the pH balanced shampoo recipe? I thought so.

IMPORTANT: Please read the tips below the recipe to help you troubleshoot any detox issues and love your hair experience fully.

Most natural shampoo recipes are not pH balanced which can lead to scalp issues. Try this simple & frugal natural homemade pH balanced shampoo recipe.

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I love this pH balanced shampoo recipe.

Not only does my scalp feel better and the itch has gone away, but this recipe is so easy! And frugal. And at the rate I wash my hair (about twice a week… and I can get about 2 or 3 washes out of each shampoo “cube”) this batch will last me more than 6 months! Huzzah for pH balanced shampoo!

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe UPDATE: I get a LOT of questions about this recipe. Some people love what it does for their hair. Other try waiting through the detox and still can’t get results they love. I wish I had the answer, but natural hair care is tricky. In fact, you can read about some of the common hair issues and what I now recommend for natural hair care in this post. There are a lot of great questions about this shampoo in this post that I have answered in my All Natural Hair Care Guide. Thanks for stopping by!  ~Robin

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What do you think? Are you ready to try an all natural pH balanced shampoo recipe?



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