Move More

“Movement will set you free.”

Sounds like some sort of power ballad from the 80’s. But stick with me.

I’m so happy you want to work on moving more for better health. Movement is so much more than just getting toned muscles or shedding unwanted pounds. Movement plays into your health at a cellular level.

Want to sleep better, stress less, improve your immune system, build confidence, reduce chronic pain, and beautify your body?

Get movin’!

But before I jump into the “one thing” I recommend for moving more, I first need to know:

How do you feel about exercise?

For me, exercise is just “meh.”

I mean, it’s better than sitting around all day, but I personally don’t get turned on by “fitness.”

What I love is movement. Movement is more than repetitive exercises or long sweat sessions. Movement honors the infinite possibility of the body.

I’m in deep smit, honestly.

Moving makes me feel more alive, more energized, and more beautiful than anything else.

Whether it’s a good stretch, a restorative flow sequence, or an intense nature hike – I feel pretty much like Wonder Woman when I’m moving my body the way it was intended to move.

I want you to feel like a superhero. I want you to feel alive, confident, beautiful, and strong. Are you ready to take the “move often” challenge and rediscover your incredible body? I hope so!

What I recommend: SomaFit

SomaFit is the answer to the “move often” equation. It’s a simple, doable, and practical way to transform your body and your habits for the rest of your life. With 200+ incredible classes from a dozen certified instructors, you’ll be able to reconnect with your best body and:

  • Move with more ease and efficiency. This means less pain, tension, and chance of injury.
  • Value your body for more than what it looks like. You discover your potential as a breathing, feeling, expressive human being who communicates more through movement than words.
  • Let go of unhealthy practices.
  • Find ways to incorporate movement into your daily life and combat the dangerous issues that come from poor posture and sedentary living.
  • Learn to hold yourself with confidence, beauty, and clarity. You show your true, authentic self with power and compassion. Fit in fitness anywhere, anytime. Seriously.

The best part?

All SomaFit workouts are just 5, 10, or 15 minutes long.

SomaFit was created with you in mind. I know life is busy. You shouldn’t have to rearrange your day to move more.

PLUS, you can join SomaFit and try it out for FREE for a whole month. So there’s no excuse, just lots to gain. Don’t believe me? Hop on over and check out the amazing testimonials.

Click here to go check out SomaFit now.