If you’re looking to lose weight, then one of the best types of diet to try is to go low-carb.

Carbohydrates are the most readily available forms of sugar in our diet. When you eat a carb such as bread, potato or cake, your body will receive an immediate surge of glucose which will make it into the blood stream and send powerful signals to the hunger system.

The result will be that your body releases insulin, which will remove the sugar from the blood and store it as fat. This then results in a sudden energy trough as the blood sugar dips back down again, making you want to snack more. Meanwhile, because the energy has been immediately absorbed and stored, it will be more likely to become fat rather than being burned by subsequent exercise.

The worst culprits when it comes to this are simple carbs. These are generally the processed carbs that are man-made and tend to include things like white bread, cheap sausage rolls, potato chips and pies. These are so processed that not only do they spike the blood even quicker but they also tend to contain barely any nutrients making them ‘empty calories’. These are increasing your calorie total and making you more likely to gain weight but without improving your health in any meaningful way.

In other words? These foods are entirely expendable. You don’t need them and they certainly shouldn’t be how you start your day. The only issue? They are highly prominent and hard to cut out your diet as a result.

Here then are some low carb breakfast ideas that will provide you with alternative ways to start your day right…

The Best Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Avocado and Tuna


Take one avocado and cut it in half down the center. Now remove the stone from one side and then make the hollow a little larger. You’re now going to fill this small hole with a little tuna fish, squeeze on some lemon juice and then sprinkle on a little pepper.

This meal is absolutely delicious, it is incredibly satiating and it contains a ton of very healthy nutrients. The avocado is a great source of healthy saturated fats, as well as good oils and protein. It is very filling and should release its energy slowly throughout the day. The tuna likewise is another good source of protein, while also being filling and satisfying and being an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid, which makes it an ideal ‘brain food’. This is why avocado is found in a lot the best low carb breakfast ideas.



Grapefruit may technically be a carb but it is very low in calories and won’t behave much like a regular carb. In fact, a pink grapefruit or half of one will actually speed up your metabolism, helping your body to burn more calories throughout the remainder of the day.

When you first try the grapefruit, you’re sure to find that this is a bit of a sour and surprising start to your day. Don’t give up right away! Give it a few days and you’ll eventually find that it starts to become a refreshing and soothing start to the day that you look forward to.

Bulletproof Coffee


Personally, I do not recommend this option to start your day. However, many people swear by it and much prefer it over other low carb breakfast ideas so I’ll leave you to be your own judge.

To make bulletproof coffee, you make a cup of coffee as usual and then add a large dollop of butter along with some MCT oil. The idea is to provide the energy you need to start your day from the butter and to at the same time slow the release of the caffeine so that you have a steady focus to start your day off. MCT oil provides energy in the form of ketones without spiking the blood sugar at all.

It’s a rather nutrient-empty way to start the day though and a little on the calorie-heavy side too.

Avocado, Egg and Salmon Pot


This is a pretty simple and easy low carb breakfast idea that happens to taste absolutely delicious and be completely filled with goodness. Again, it is also very filling and should keep you going for a good while.

Simply get some kind of small ramakin or other pot and then add in some sliced avocado, some smoked salmon and a poached egg. If you want, you can make a little bit of homemade hollandaise sauce which will make this slightly less healthy… but darn does it taste good!



Omelettes are an underappreciated brilliance as a low carb breakfast idea. Serve with a little spinach on the side and choose a range of fun things to include to make this as tasty as possible. Why not add in some bacon or some ham, a little bit of cheddar and potentially some butter. All these are fats and proteins that will fill you up and not spike your blood sugar but they taste great and they make for a varied and interesting breakfast!

Mushroom Sandwiches


If you’re used to having sandwiches for breakfast then you still can. All you’re going to do is to take whatever breakfast it is that you normally eat and you’re going to swap the bread for something else. One option is to use halves from large mushrooms. These will keep your fillings sealed in but instead of adding useless carbs, they’ll add protein which is packed with nutrients and health benefits.

Another alternative bread replacement for a sandwich is to use salad wraps. Simply get whatever it is you want to eat, whether that’s some chicken and avocado, or whether it’s an egg mixture of some sort and then wrap it up together in a salad leaf.


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