For anyone who hates exercise. Read this.

Are you one of the many who hate exercise? You're not alone! Read this.

I have a secret, and it may surprise you: I hate exercise.

There I said it.

I realize it may be strange to hear those words come from a dancer, movement therapist, and health nut. But it’s true. Exercise has always been one of those “shoulds” that I never really liked doing.

During my dancing days I was happy to spend 8+ hours in the studio. I like being active in a way that stimulated my mind and creativity. Even after I graduated I got to spend a lot of time moving my body as a dance professor.

But then I quit my job. Became a mom, and a business owner. My days of getting paid to be active were over.

The sudden shift into a more sedentary lifestyle left me very anxious. I felt this constant push to get into some sort of exercise routine. I tried CrossFit. I tried Insanity. I tried running. I tried gym memberships.

I hated them all.

So here I am confessing my general dislike for exercise, despite being connected to the fitness industry.

But the real kicker is: I know I’m not alone. 

A couple years ago I surveyed 1000+ readers from Thank Your Body. And I learned that despite the fact that every single one of them KNEW exercise was important for their health, the majority of them didn’t really care for it.

Real quick, think about the things that keep you from exercising:

  • Not having enough time.
  • Not wanting to disrupt your whole day to change clothes, get to the gym, or get super sweaty.
  • Not enjoying the actual workouts.
  • Feeling too inexperienced, too injured, or too overwhelmed to start a new exercise program.
  • Being sick and tired of spending a fortune on programs that don’t actually make a difference.

Sound familiar?

The thing is. Even though I HATE exercise – I LOVE to move. Moving is the best. Seriously. Want to make me crazy? Put me in a car for a couple hours, or at a desk for a couple hours, or doing anything where I have to just sit there for a couple hours. I go NUTS.

I need to move. You need to move. Moving makes us feel happy, connected, and alive. But “exercise” just wasn’t doing the job.

What I needed was an easy way to sprinkle valuable movement experiences into my life.

I don’t have to tell you that life is busy. The reality is most of us don’t have 8+ hours to move. So I sat down at the drawing board with my husband determined to find a solution – not just for me, but for everyone who felt the same way. As I sifted through the responses from frustrated readers, I was determined to flip the fitness world on its head.

We had a dream to create something different – something that would help all people, not just the exercise junkies. Today, I’m ecstatic to share the realization of that dream.

Introducing: SomaFit

SomaFit is the online destination where you can stream hundreds of Somatic-based fitness classes. Short, but effective classes. Classes that give you a wide variety of important (and satisfying) movement experiences. Classes that leave you feeling… amazing. Classes that you can do anywhere, anytime.

These are the kind of classes you’ll crave.

SomaFit will change the way you think about exercise. Your body is designed to move and traditional exercise programs only represents a small fraction of your body’s capabilities. With SomaFit you get access to a whole new world of fitness that will transform your body – and make you LOVE working out.

Are you one of the many who hate exercise? You're not alone! Read this.
What makes SomaFit different?

  • Short, effective workouts. No more blocking out huge chunks of time to exercise. All SomaFit classes are 5-, 10-, or 15-minutes long. (And pssst… Science has shown that shorter workouts are just as effective as long ones – and in some ways, better.)
  • Somatic-based, holistic training. Our team of expert, certified teachers know how to help you move your body in a way that you’ll love. There are workouts to meet all your goals. Hundreds of classes with more added each month. You can  strengthen and tone, improve posture, energize, relax, reduce stress, and more. They work to integrate all the fabulous aspects of fitness that make your body thrive.

Oh yeah, and you can try SomaFit for FREE.

Since seeing is believing, I’d love to invite you to try SomaFit out for free. We’re giving you a special 30-day trial to see what we’re all about. Put it to the test. See how you feel. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Will you help?

If you are one of the many who also hate exercise, can you do me a favor? Sign up for your free month trial. Try it out. See how it works. Notice the changes in your body. Share it with your friends. Tell me your success stories. Let’s change the way we think about fitness. Together.

You can check out SomaFit here to learn more.


Are you one of the many who hate exercise? You're not alone! Read this.



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