Good Morning Wake-Up Spritzer

This good morning wake up spritzer is awesome! It's a simple way to help you wake up and take on the day with more energy.

This good morning wake up spritzer is great for two reasons.

First, I really like smelling nice.

Second, smell is our most potent sense. It’s a sense that can bring back memories that sight, touch, and sound cannot. It’s one of the first things we notice and it can change our mental perceptions.

For example:

Say you’re out at one of those crazy four-minute dating places. Two potentials come up to introduce themselves, and in most ways, they’re very similar. Attractive, kind, nice voice.

One smells like pine.  Delicious trees: fresh and welcoming. *sniff* Ahhh.

The other smells like nothing. If anything, he smells like a day without brushing his teeth. Ew.

Smell, or even the lack of, can change our perception of people.

In the same way, smell can also change our perception of situations. Smell can change our outlook.

Like if you’re away from home feeling detached and the smell of vanilla cookies makes you feel like a child at home.

Or if you’re cooped up all day at work and you catch a whiff of freshly cut grass outside the window and it transports you to summer in the backyard, refreshing you.

Or if you’re weary, tired, and aching and the bite of peppermint pokes at your mind and perks you up.

Smell can change us.

So, why not make it change us for the better?

If you talk to me early in the day, you may get the impression that I am not a morning person. I wouldn’t entirely disagree with you if you were to assume that. In fact, I have said it myself on several occasions.

But the reality of it is, I love mornings. Who doesn’t love mornings? The beautiful, fresh, and new light from the east breaking through the cool morning mist you can feel on your face…

Mornings are beautiful.

However, I have a very hard time loving waking up from a good sleep. In fact, I have a hard time waking up from sleep no matter how nice it was.

I tried dozens of sleep-recording apps with gentle wake-up alarms, I tried very abrupt alarms, I tried both at the same time, I tried both one after the other…

I reached the point where I found every alarm-producing device in the house and had them go off at the same time in the morning, to no avail. I would wake up an hour or two after my alarms, none of them going off, only remembering getting up to turn over and turn one off.

I needed a change.

So I made one.

First I had to start with my night routine. I had to make a few additions:

  • I did calming stretches and nighttime yoga with a lovely “Nighttime Yoga” playlist of mine on,

  • I turned off most of my lights an hour or so before sleep,

  • I spent that time doing grounding and calming activities (such as reading, thinking over my day, writing, talking to a friend, playing music, etc.),

  • I opened up my curtains before bed so the sun would stream in on my face when it rose,

  • and overall I kept trying to simply fall asleep earlier.

But how to wake up and STAY up was my issue.

So, I slowly started to tweak my wake up ritual by making my alarms tell me to do a certain habit I wanted to start adding to my mornings.

  • I started with waking up and doing ten jumping jacks.

  • Then after some time I would fill up a big bottle of water, add a drop of peppermint essential oil to it and start to drink it, sipping it throughout the day. (Only do this if you trust the essential oil brand! Therapeutic grade, please! Don’t ingest if it tells you not to!)

  • I opened my window in the morning to allow myself to breathe in the new morning air.

  • And, I made sure to surround myself with smells that made me feel awake, alert, and fresh.

That’s where this Wale-Up Spritzer comes in.

And there you have it! A refreshing wake up spritzer for a pick-me-up to inhale when you need it.

I hope it has the same positive effect on you as it had on me! And of course, I hope you had fun!

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