Feel good now: 10 simple ways

10 simple ways to feel good now. I love this.

Some days are just kind of “blah.” I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Want to feel good? Want to feel good right now? Here are 10 simple ways to thank your body, reconnect to your self, and feel better right away.

10 simple ways to feel good now:

1. Move

Nothing makes us feel more lethargic than… well, being lethargic. Likewise, nothing can quite make you feel good right now like moving. It’s too easy to get pulled into computer-world. I find just getting up, going for a walk, stretching my body a bit, or doing anything that gets me out of a chair helps me feel better right away. If you are not sure what to do, check this out.

10 simple ways to feel better right now.

2. Enjoy your food.  

So often we see food as a guilty pleasure or a prohibited villain. Want to feel good now? Eat something good. If you’ve been eating crap all week long, go for something nourishing. Notice how you feel. If, on the other hand, you’ve been wishfully thinking about ice cream while only consuming “health food,” then please indulge in something “forbidden.” Whatever you eat, savor it. Really taste it. Experience the sensation of eating. Enjoy it fully. You’ll feel good, promise.

3. Talk to someone.

Call a friend. Walk over to your neighbor’s house. Start a small conversation with the bagger at the grocery store. Our technological world gives us a sense of being “connected” to others without actually having to connect with others. I love the way I feel after a real conversation with someone.

4. Do something productive, even if it is small.

Sometimes our to-do list overwhelms us, especially if it includes “huge tasks” like “write a book,” “clean the entire house,” or “solve world hunger.” Sometimes the little tasks help motivate us to tackle the larger things. And if nothing else, at least you’ll feel good because you did something productive. Right? Right.

10 simple ways to feel better right now.

5. Make some noise.

Get outside (another thing that will make you feel good now) and sing really loud. Talk jibberish to a friend. Scream if you need to. I find that playing with sounds encourages deeper breathing—which always makes us feel better. And if you’re willing to be a little bit silly, you may find yourself laughing and letting go of tension at the same time. Which leads me to number 6…

6. Laugh.

Read a funny book, watch your favorite comedy, check out youtube videos. Laughter immediately changes our mood, and has some great body healing properties as well. I remember in high school initiating the Ha Ha Game every Friday after our last class ended. I was amazed how a simple game made everyone feel so much better.

7. Color.

Something about opening a box of crayons just seems to bring back memories of simpler days. Create a self portrait of yourself. Draw your dream home. Create an abstract vision of your future. Have fun. If coloring isn’t your thing, create something. Anything.

10 simple ways to feel better right now.

8. Have a mini-spa night.

Nothing seems to calm me more after a long day than taking a warm bath, putting on some comfortable clothes, and just detoxing a little. Whip up a quick avocado butter mask, give yourself a little pedicure, or go get a massage. Pamper yourself.

9. Give out some hugs.

Not only is touch a powerful tool that can help our body feel better on a physical level, but hugs generally bring out the best in people. Hug your spouse, friend, neighbor. Or… if you are courageous (and it feels appropriate), hug a perfect stranger and see what happens.

10. Count your blessings.

There’s a reason this little blog is called “thank your body.” It’s because I believe in the power of gratitude. I highly recommend keeping a gratitude journal—a place for daily thoughts and reflections on the things you are grateful for. If nothing else, take 30 seconds to stop. think. and reflect on the things you are grateful for. It will bring a better perspective and lift your mood. Feel good now… be thankful.

There you go, 10 simple ways to feel good now. What are your “go to” things to help you feel better? Share in the comments!


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