We live in a world saturated with untested, dangerous man-made toxins.  Cancer, pregnancy complications, hormone disruption, asthma and other illnesses have all been linked to the toxic chemicals found in commercially produced household products. What’s worse is that many of these chemicals are not even listed on the product label, leaving you entirely in the dark about what you are spreading through your home and putting directly on yourself and your children!

All Natural Living is the ebook to start your journey towards a toxic-free home!

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Real Food Recipes
Real Food Recipes features 85 delicious recipes. Learn how easy it is to make from-scratch meals, snacks, condiments, pantry staples, desserts, and more! Skip out on processed ingredients as your nourish your body with these tried and tested recipes. Learn how yummy healthy real food can be!

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Are you overwhelmed by clutter? You’re not alone! A recent UCLA study revealed that American families are overwhelmed by clutter. Big box office supply stores try to convince us that our problem is a lack of organization. We spend more money buying bins, labels, and dividers. The billion dollar self-storage industry is happy to take our money and store our stuff, costing us more than what our things are even worth.

It’s time to take back your life, love your home, work more effectively, and find the peace that comes from clutter free living.

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Food is essential to life. Good food nourishes, provides energy, and repairs the body. Bad food does quite the opposite. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and other modern diseases are running rampant as we hand our food over to the industrial world.

People are becoming increasingly aware that what we eat does play a huge role in our health and vitality. But in a world saturated with savvy marketing tactics designed to keep us consuming fake food counterfeits, is it any wonder that most people feel stressed and confused about the food they should be eating?

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Everyday millions of people suffer from chronic pain caused by accident, injury and disease – often without any evidence of bodily damage. As your body adjusts for pain it relies on secondary muscles and connective tissues to establish compensatory movement patterns inside your body. These patterns if left unaddressed can lead to secondary injuries and permanent damage even after the initial pain or injury is gone! The lasting effects of pain can carry over into every area of your life.

By combining Somatic practices and the other healing techniques you’ll learn in Pain Free, you will have the tools you need to be pain free!

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