Frozen Cheesecake Pops
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Do you love cheesecake? How about frozen treats? Why not combine them!? You'll love these frozen cheesecake pops!
Serves: 6-8 pops
  • 8 ounces organic cream cheese (here's how to make your own from yogurt)
  • ½ pound fresh organic strawberries, washed and hulled (perfect time to use over-ripe berries)
  • 3 tablespoons organic, raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
  • 4 extra berries and 1 tablespoon extra raw honey, for topping (optional)
  • 2 squares organic graham crackers, crushed (optional)
  1. Soften cream cheese. In a food processor (for smooth-textured pops) or mixer (for chunkier pops) puree the cream cheese, ½ pound strawberries, vanilla and raw honey. Pulse or mix until smooth.
  2. If layering the pops, remove all but about 1 cup of the cream cheese mixture and set aside. To the remaining cream cheese mixture, and add the four extra berries and tablespoon of honey. Pulse or mix until smooth.
  3. In an ice pop mold (like this), spoon the "topping" mixture evenly into all the openings. Layer with the cheesecake mixture, a spoonful of crumbs (if using) and a small layer of cheesecake mixture to hold the crumbs together. Place the "stick" part of the mold into each pop, and freeze. If you'd like, you can make these using paper cups and fancy paper straws (like this).
  4. Freeze several hours, until solid.
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