The Ultimate DIY Guide for homemade makeup, beauty products, cleaning products and more.

Be empowered.

At Thank Your Body I like to put you in the driver’s seat for better health. While most people know to eat well and exercise, a lot of people don’t realize how toxic most commercial products are – including the stuff you slather on your skin! Luckily, it’s super easy to do-it-yourself and make your home a safer (and more frugal) place to live.

The all natural care products below are easy to make, frugal, and very versatile. You don’t need a lot of crafty skills for these diy projects (trust me, I’m not crafty!), and most of the stuff you need you can find easily at your local health food store or online.  I’ve listed my favorite ingredients and resources to have on hand below.

Scroll down to find the mother-load of DIY recipes and tutorials for homemade makeup, beauty products, personal care items, and cleaning.

Enjoy!   ~Robin

 Favorite Ingredients, Resources, & Supplies


These are the things I always have on hand in my pantry because they go in so many of my DIY products.

Organic Beeswax Pellets

These are so much easier than grating beeswax. Click here to view.

Organic Shea Butter

So nourishing and yummy for your skin. Click here to view.

Organic Cocoa Butter

Another favorite often found in balms, butters, and lotions. Click here to view.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Not just for your tummy. Coconut oil is awesome for DIY products. Just remember, if there is a lot of it in your recipe and your home gets hot it will get melty. Make your fridge your friend. Click here to view.

Avocado Oil

A Great oil that’s super nourishing and has a high smoke point. Click here to view.

Vitamin E Oil

Good for the skin and helps preserve your products. Click here to view.


I’ve found my share of fun jars for my products. I look for glass or metal as much as possible (especially if I’m making something with quite a bit of essential oils as the oils can eat through plastic). Here are some of my favorite finds. I can’t promise they’ll always be in stock, so I apologize if the links don’t always work.

Deodorant Containers

Mascara Tubes

Glass Jars for Lotions, Rubs, and Balms

Sample Jars for Lotions, Rubs, and Balms

Lip Balm Tins

Lip Balm Tubes


Essential oils add a whole lot more than a good smelling product (without the nasty artificial fragrances). Therapeutic grade essential oils have their own powerful properties to bring a whole new level of healthy to your DIY. In the same way that I care deeply about the quality of my food, I also care deeply about the quality of my oils. Click here to learn how I get wholesale prices of my favorite essential oils.