Homemade Pomade: All natural for beautiful hair.

This all natural homemade pomade is so simple to make and so much better for your hair than commercial pomades (and cheaper!). Learn how to make it here.

DIY all natural homemade pomade. Why? Well, the time has come to finally start growing out my pixie cut. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved this hair cut for a number of reasons. It’s SO easy to do. I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind my hair. My husband loves it. And did I mention it is SO easy to do?

Truthfully, one of the main reasons why I cut my hair in the first place was because my long hair was having such issues with the whole no ‘poo thing. Luckily, I’ve been able to find a natural shampoo recipe that works for my hair (you can see that here), and I feel much more confident growing my hair back. Besides, sometimes you just want a change, right? Right.

My pixie cut was short enough, and my hair thick enough, that I didn’t really need any sort of product to get a style I liked. Occasionally I’d smear a little coconut oil on the ends if they needed some taming. But for the most part I’ve really been able to just shower, blow-dry, and go. 2 minutes and done. (See, SO easy to do!)

But as I am starting the looooong process of growing this cut out, I know I’ll need some help making the cut look like something more than a mop. Hence, the all natural homemade hair pomade.

Awesome DIY tutorial: All natural homemade pomade. Perfect for styling my hair.

I love my homemade pomade because:

1. This homemade pomade is easy to make.

2. It’s easy to alter and make it perfect for your hair.

3. It’s not full of questionable chemicals that I can’t pronounce. Instead, this has healthy and nourishing ingredients. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

4. This all natural homemade pomade gives my hair some “mold-ability” that makes this growing out process fun.

Ready? Let’s do this.


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