Community Question: Prenatal Supplements

Prenatal supplements. I get a lot of emails about these guys. Let’s be honest, the idea of growing a person can be very daunting, and most women want to make sure they are doing their best to nourish their children. And while I do have some thoughts on supplements in general, as well as some pretty definitive suggestions about the best kind of diet for pregnancy, I am always a little hesitant to give out “expert” advice on prenatal supplements.

What do you think about prenatal supplements?

The truth is I read a lot of different view points about supplements in general. I’ve seen countless recommendations for particular brands. And I’ve seen a lot of debate about the effectiveness of supplements in general. Some say they are necessary due to our depleted soil (makes sense to me). Some say they do very little and only a tiny percentage is actually absorbed in our body (makes sense to me). And some agree with both of these statements but still feel supplements are important if for no other reason than to give the woman some peace of mind (which also makes sense to me).

This got me thinking… You know what? You guys are really smart. I appreciate your experiences, research, and feedback more than you might realize. And I bet if we put all our knowledge together we’d have a wealth of wisdom that could help each other make the most informed decision possible.

Time to put out a community question!

It’s a simple idea, but it needs your support to really reach its potential. Today’s question is about prenatal supplements. So let’s discuss it. I want this to be an open forum where all ideas are respected, different points of views are presented, and a real sense of  community can happen.

With that in mind there are some rules to make the most of this experience.

1. Be respectful.

The questions posed here will often be of a sensitive nature. This means that our words can be full of passion, zeal, and commitment. This is great. But we must remember that not everyone shares the same ideas on diet, nutrition, and living. So while I urge you to post your ideas, any disrespectful or hurtful comments about other ideas will not be allowed.

2. Support your ideas when you can.

I’m not suggesting you need to give me a literary review with your comment, but if you talk about a specific study please link up to it so we can all read it. If you’ve written a post, please link up to that, too!

3. Be open minded.

Try to see the other person’s point of view. This may help us all to come to a better understanding of what really are the best practices. And remember, there is almost never a one-size-fits-all solution. What worked for you may not be the answer for someone else. Be open to that.

4. Spread the word

The more comments we get the greater our “database” of information will be. Ask your friends to join the discussion. Let’s really dig deep!

That’s it! Let’s do this:

Leave your comments and answer any of the following questions:

  • What do you think about prenatal supplements or vitamins?
  • If you used/use them, what were your favorite brands? Least favorite?
  • If you didn’t/don’t use them, why not? What do you do to support your diet for pregnancy/conception?
  • Have any other questions about this subject? Ask them in the comments!

And remember, you don’t have to be an expert to have expert advise on your experience. So don’t be shy. Speak up. Comment!


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