Fitness is more than just working out. Let us show you just how good you can feel.

  • Learn about body connectivity - the missing piece to your fitness training.

Body Connectivity: The missing piece to fitness

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What is "body connectivity"? I often have people ask me that. My instinct response is pretty childish. A certain song pops into my head... You [...]

  • Don't let your backpack hurt your back.

Backpack the size of Texas? Let’s try something else.

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Sometimes my "school days" seem like a distant memory. Which I'm okay with. There are plenty of things I don't really miss: tests, grades, busy [...]

  • Better Get Moving

Health (good health) requires you to move

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Most people probably don't think of their health as a house of cards. (Although our current "health" care system seems like one). But I'm getting [...]

Body image battle: Keep fighting

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As I was driving home from work the other day I heard a disturbing radio advertisement.  The ad started off by saying that 43% of [...]