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  • Does your posture

Does your posture “stack up”? Learn the secrets to good posture.

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Did you enjoy building with blocks as a kid? I honestly don’t know if I did (I don’t know if owned any blocks), but for [...]

Has breastfeeding ruined your posture?

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I am definitely an advocate for breastfeeding. And yet, despite all the benefits that come from it (for both baby and mom!), I have noticed [...]

  • Are your shoes a heath hazard?

Are your shoes a health hazard?

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Remember back when I talked about your toilet being a health hazard? Well, here I go again... about to rat out one of the most [...]

  • Are toxic chemicals making you fat? Learn how the common products in your home may be ruining your weight-loss efforts.

Are toxic chemicals making you fat?

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Most of us know that toxic chemicals bring all sorts of health hazards with them. But did you know that they may also be adding [...]

  • If you are like most Americans you probably deal with chronic stress and exhaustion. Learn how constructive rest can help and how easy it is to do!

How constructive rest can ease stress and exhaustion.

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I take my sleep seriously. With a husband who works nights and a child who wakes up early, sleep can sometimes elude me. Which is [...]

  • 5 tips for fitting in fitness. Nobody is too busy.

Fitting in fitness: 5 easy tips for even the busiest person.

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As someone who has always lived a very active lifestyle, one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a mom was finding time to exercise. [...]

  • Want to get a flat stomach and be healthier? Learn three surprising secrets to getting a flat stomach.

How to get a flat stomach: 3 surprising secrets

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"How to get a flat stomach".... Hmmmm. This is not usually the kind of advice I give out here on Thank Your Body. And for [...]

  • Release tight muscles with a tennis ball. I wish I would have known this sooner!

Tight muscles and a tennis ball massage. A simple solution for pain.

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Do you struggle with overly tight muscles? Are you feet tired a lot? Do you have excess tension in your hips, legs, or back? Did [...]

  • Have you heard of somatics? It's a different approach to exercise, health, and fitness. Very cool.

Somatics: A different approach to fitness and health.

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I want to talk a little bit about Somatics. Soma-what? Somatics. I know most people have never heard the word. And that's why I'm here [...]

  • 10 simple ways to feel good now. I love this.

Feel good now: 10 simple ways

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Some days are just kind of "blah." I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Want to feel good? Want to feel good right now? [...]

  • Learn how to improve your eyesight naturally in as little as five minutes a day. So cool!

Improve your eyesight naturally (and easily)

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Want to know how to improve your eyesight? Would you like to improve your eyesight naturally? Did you know that for a lot of people, [...]

  • How to recuperate after a long workday

How do you recuperate after a long day?

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Sometimes life is hard. And stressful. And draining. Sometimes it even feels life-sucking—like some sort of genetically modified computer monster has tapped into our energy reserves. [...]

  • Play isn't just for kids. Learn about the benefits of play at

The power and benefits of play

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The other night my husband and I were coming home from a lovely evening out.  As we headed toward our front door we passed a couple [...]

  • Can Healthy Living Drive You Crazy?

Can being too healthy hurt your health?

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"A journey to real health." That's the subtitle for this humble little blog of mine. And let me tell you, it's been a journey. Actually, no that's [...]

5 ways to better workouts

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Friends, we have a problem. I noticed the problem several years ago.  Through the pressure of a friend I finally got a membership to a [...]

  • Good Morning Stretch - Health Benefits

Good Morning, Sunshine

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Sometimes it seems like the morning comes too soon.  I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. The good news, [...]

  • What's at the root of your pain? Read up on tips for pain free living and great natural pain remedies.

Natural Pain Remedies: No pills required.

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I don’t watch television all that often. It is not that I necessarily have anything against it, I just find myself getting too wrapped up [...]

Just Move: Lifting babies is like lifting weights

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Remember how I wanted to blame my back pain on carrying my cute Little C? Well, even though changing my chair proved to be really [...]

  • Is your chair a pain in the back? Learn why your chair may cause back pain.

Your chair can cause back pain. The sad truth.

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Back pain. Many experience it. Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for medical visits? According to Dr. Michael Roizen, [...]

Just Move: Try this for a quick “computer recuperation”

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My psychic "thank your body" abilities are telling me that you are sitting in front of some sort of screen... right now, at this very [...]