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  • stiff neck treatment

Stiff Neck Treatment

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Do you wake up regularly with a stiff neck? Is sitting at work intolerable, a headache-ridden nightmare? Neck stiffness and pain are so widespread; you [...]

  • alternative workouts

7 Fun Alternative Workouts

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Are you tired of waiting in line at the gym for the next machine? Does rush hour in the weights room feel like squashing into [...]

  • Wanting to get fit and lose weight quick? Check out this tabata style workout video. At 4 minutes long, what do you have to lose?

Who else wants to get fit and lose weight, quick?

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(Video at the bottom) How do some people do it? I mean, they have hectic jobs, children to raise, community events to attend and yet [...]

  • Yoga is not for posers: Why yoga is so much more than positions.

Yoga is Not for Posers—The Role of Inquiry in Yoga

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It is common to hear a yoga instructor say something along the lines of “No judgment” or “Do not compare yourself to your neighbor”.  I [...]

  • The plea for balance.

The plea for balance.

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Balance, noun: A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc. Today I'd like to make a case for finding balance. Every day [...]

  • Why are you still fat? The answer might surprise you.

Why you’re still fat.

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Why are you still fat? If you spend a whole five minutes online you'll be convinced that it's because you just don't have the drive [...]

  • We all know exercise is important, but don't forget these 5 rules for working out before you start.

Fitness Friday: 5 Rules for Working Out

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We all know the importance of exercise. But it's also important to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to working out. Here are my [...]

  • Running has so many benefits! This article totally makes me want to start. Read it now.

Fitness Friday: An Overview of Running

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Welcome to another "Fitness Friday!" Each week I will be interviewing a new person about a new form of exercise. I'm talking to Zumba instructors, [...]

  • What are the benefits of Zumba? Learn why this fitness experience is so fun and good for you.

Fitness Friday: An overview of Zumba

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What are the benefits of Zumba? Glad you asked. It's time for another "Fitness Friday!" Each week I will be interviewing a new person about [...]

  • Fitness Friday: An overview of Yoga. Click here to learn more about the benefits of yoga.

Fitness Friday: An Overview of Yoga

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Welcome to another "Fitness Friday!" Each week I will be interviewing a new person about a new form of exercise. I'm talking to runners, crossfitters, bikers, [...]

  • An overview of biking: How to get started. Click here to read!

Fitness Friday: An Overview of Biking

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What are the benefits of biking? And how do you get started. That's all coming up in today's "Fitness Friday." Each week I will be [...]

  • Ever wonder about starting Crossfit? Here's an overview of one Crossfitter's perspective.

Fitness Friday: An Overview of Crossfit

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You guys know I'm an advocate of moving for better health. Call in fitness, call it exercise, call it whatever you like. The point is [...]

  • Suffering from a stick neck? Are your shoulders always sore? You may be surprised by the cause and relieved by the simple solution.

An epidemic so huge, you are probably suffering from it right now.

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Stiff neck? You're not alone. In fact there is a huge epidemic happening right now across the world. Huge, I tell you. Huge in that [...]

  • Tips on postpartum exercise for healthy weight loss after pregnancy.

Postpartum Exercise for Healthy Weight Loss after Pregnancy

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The nine months during pregnancy your body goes through some pretty dramatic changes. But for the most part it's pretty gradual... giving you time to [...]

  • A simple 5 minute trick to feel better now. Go ahead. Try it.

The five minute trick to feeling better now.

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Want to feel better now? Of course you do! I like to feel good. I bet you do, too. And lately I've noticed that I [...]

  • Does your posture

Does your posture “stack up”? Learn the secrets to good posture.

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Did you enjoy building with blocks as a kid? I honestly don’t know if I did (I don’t know if owned any blocks), but for [...]

Has breastfeeding ruined your posture?

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I am definitely an advocate for breastfeeding. And yet, despite all the benefits that come from it (for both baby and mom!), I have noticed [...]

  • Are your shoes a heath hazard?

Are your shoes a health hazard?

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Remember back when I talked about your toilet being a health hazard? Well, here I go again... about to rat out one of the most [...]

  • Are toxic chemicals making you fat? Learn how the common products in your home may be ruining your weight-loss efforts.

Are toxic chemicals making you fat?

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Most of us know that toxic chemicals bring all sorts of health hazards with them. But did you know that they may also be adding [...]

  • If you are like most Americans you probably deal with chronic stress and exhaustion. Learn how constructive rest can help and how easy it is to do!

How constructive rest can ease stress and exhaustion.

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I take my sleep seriously. With a husband who works nights and a child who wakes up early, sleep can sometimes elude me. Which is [...]