The Best of Essential Oils

Learn about the best uses for essential oils, as well as what essential oils I personally recommend.

  • After finding that my toothpaste was doing more harm than good, I made an all natural tooth powder that wouldn't harm my sensitive teeth.

DIY All Natural Tooth Powder

All of my family had a favorite toothpaste. Colgate, Crest, Aim, etc. Mine was Arm & Hammer. I didn't feel as clean with any of the others. I felt the baking soda scraping and I thought that meant clean and healthy. Scrubbing = Healthy, right? Not when it gets to be too much. My teeth were [...]

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  • These homemade healthy breath mints are amazing and not full of toxic crap. Sounds good to me.

Homemade and Healthy Breath Mints

I'll be honest. Before these DIY breath mints, I had a slight addiction to tic tacs. Tic tacs, chewing gum, breath mints, anything. I needed something to keep my mouth busy and smelling nice at the same time. I didn't keep a toothbrush with me at all times, so I felt I needed a little pick-me-up [...]

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  • Is your lavender essential oil fake? Learn why that could be really dangerous.

Beware of Fake Lavender Essential Oils

Ever since I made the commitment to really research essential oils, I've learned there's a lot of information out there... and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I'm feeling more confident about using essential oils in my life and so happy with my decision (after a LOT of digging) to use Young Living oils. But I [...]

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  • 10 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil - Pin

10 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Uses for peppermint essential oil is varied and wonderful. This gem of an oil belongs in every home. I recently let a friend borrow my last bottle and am itching to get a new one in my home... I feel a little loss without it. But if you're new to essential oils, you may not [...]

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  • 10 Uses for Essential Oil - ThankYourBody Pin

10 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Uses for lemon essential oils… this is going to be good! I’ll admit, I’m a HUGE citrus fan. Something about that bright scent of lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange and other citrus essential oils just makes me so darn happy. Whether you’re new to essential oils, still debating about getting started, or a seasoned veteran, these uses [...]

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  • Struggling with insomnia? Learn how to use essential oils for better sleep as part of a healthy living protocol.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Struggling to get or stay asleep? You are not alone, my friend. Whether you're a tired parent, a stressed worker, or simply can't shut your brain off (or all of the above!) the good news is that essentials oil have been used to support your body in getting the sleep it needs. Essential Oils for [...]

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  • Homemade skin cream for sensitive skin. A great alternative to other eczema creams.

Homemade Skin Cream (safe enough for babies)

Homemade skin cream is super simple to make... and so much safer than steroid creams or other non-so-friendly toxin-laden over-the-counter treatments and eczema creams  so often used for dry, rash-infected skin. But this skin cream is perfect for anyone, even if your skin is glowing and healthy! And that's a good thing. My poor little [...]

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  • Learn how to use essential oils safely while pregnant or nursing.

Essential Oils During Pregnancy and While Nursing

When I was pregnant with my first, I did a little (teeny tiny) research on essential oils since I enjoyed putting oils in my homemade cleaning and beauty products. Wow! I got really confused and really scared within minutes of doing a search. It was only during my second pregnancy that I learned why quality [...]

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  • 2 really horrible Mother's Day gifts, and what to get instead.

2 Horrible Mother’s Day Gifts (and what to give instead)

Ah, Mother’s Day… the day when we salute the women who have helped us grow, learn, and become the amazing people we  now are. Whether you are a newbie, veteran, stay-at-home mom, balance work and children,  grandmother, aunt, neighbor, or whatever… there are millions of woman who deserve some love and appreciation this upcoming Mother’s Day. But can I be honest? So many of the traditional Mother Day gifts are bad. Really bad. I mean, mothers work non-stop… forgoing bathroom breaks and showers in the name of their children… and how do we repay them? Too often with toxic sludge wrapped in pretty paper. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believe in “it’s the thought that counts.” But today I’d like to speak out on two things that deserve to be demoted from the traditional go-to list of gifts… Mother’s Day or not. […]

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  • Essential oils for children: Safety, remedies, and how to.

Essential Oils for Children

One of the main reasons I wanted to learn more about essential oils was to help my kids. We value real food and non-toxic living in our home, which thankfully means we aren’t sick often… and essential oils don’t replace necessary medical attention, but they are a wonderful companion to natural living. They support a [...]

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  • Learn how to use essential oils safely for babies.

Essential Oils for Babies

Essential oil are a wonderful way to support a healthy baby. Before I learned about therapeutic grade essential oils I feared using oils with my first baby. It was probably a good thing because most of the oils in my home were cheap and most likely adulterated. But now with my second I finally understand [...]

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  • Try these five amazing uses for Frankincense essential oil.

Amazing Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

I adore Frankincense. It reminds me of my sweet baby boy. My amazing midwife rubbed a some Frankincense essential oil on his brand new body not long after he took his first breath... and as I snuggled him close those first 24 hours I could still smell the Frankincense. Now, nearly 8 months later, I [...]

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  • Getting started with essential oils: For anyone who's wanted to use essential oils but got lost in all the info!

Getting Started With Essential Oils

When I first started using essential oils I had NO idea what I was doing. This was the beginning of my "throw out ALL the toxic chemicals" crusade. Of course, as I threw out my cleaners, cosmetics, and the like I had to replace them with something. Luckily the internet is full of amazing DIY [...]

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