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  • Vitamonk Supplements

Special Deal on Natural Health Products For ThankYourBody Readers

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Get First Access To New Natural Health Products, That Can Enhance Your Families Wellbeing, and All at Below Cost. Healthy eating and exercise are only [...]

  • Don't be fooled by the hype. Some candles are dangerous to your health. Ditch those toxic scented candles for these natural, frugal alternatives.

Say Goodbye To Toxic Scented Candles (+ Simple Alternatives)

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Ah, scented candles. I remember the days when I’d stroll past a store full of them and stuff my nose deep into these colorful object. [...]

  • 5 Easy to Grow Herbs You Should Try Growing Indoors

5 Easy to Grow Herbs You Should Try Growing Indoors

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Growing up I always would watch my mom go outside and do her gardening. As a child I didn’t understand her fascination with gardening. Since [...]

  • 20 Powerhouse Vegetables You Should Be Eating & Why

20 Vegetables You Should Be Eating (+ Yummy Recipes)

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We’ve all been told over and over again “eat your veggies!” I’m sure at this point in your life you know how good veggies are [...]

  • Discover the surprising health benefits of furniture-free living.

The Health Benefits of Furniture-Free Living

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Have you ever thought about the health benefits of furniture-free living? Wait. Let's go back a step. Have you ever thought about the possibility of [...]

  • 14 Simple Ways to Boost Your Health in 5 Minutes

14 Simple Ways To Boost Your Health In 5 Minutes

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Ready to boost your health? New Year's means many Americans are thinking about their health. Whether you want to eat better, get more sleep, lose [...]

Which essential oils are best for a sore throat?

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Living with a cold or cough is no fun at all. Not only will your throat be a constant nagging pain, but you’ll likely wake [...]

  • home remedies for yeast infections

The Best Home Remedies for a Yeast Infection

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Home remedies are all the rage at the moment and it seems that no matter what the ailment, there are a plethora of natural solutions [...]

We all love apples – but which are the best ones?!

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It's apple season! Apples are incredibly healthy and can provide you with a large range of benefits when consumed regularly. Fortunately, they also happen to [...]

What Are The Benefits of Black Cherry Juice? Take a look!

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Looking for something new to add to your superfood shopping list? Then consider black cherries! There are countless benefits of black cherry juice and these [...]

  • 6 incredible health benefits of infrared saunas. Yes, please.

6 Incredible Benefits of Infrared Saunas

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The health benefits of infrared saunas are pretty awesome. But here's the thing, I never considered myself a "sauna girl". I mean, sure, I had [...]

The Many Shocking Health Benefits of Celery Juice!

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Celery isn’t exactly the most exciting food and in many ways, you could accuse it of being bland. To many people raw celery is not especially [...]

The Best Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice – How It Can Help

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Melon is one of my favorite fruits to eat on vacation and it’s incredibly refreshing and thirst quenching if you’ve spent all day in the sun. [...]

Going beyond the rumors and showing just why coconut water actually is amazing for you!

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Coconuts have so many health benefits and uses that it is almost ridiculous. Not only is coconut something of a panacea when it comes to [...]

Hemp Oil For the Skin – Why you might want to consider hemp as your next beauty product

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If you want to get the softest feeling and looking skin possible, then you might find that the amount of information available online is overwhelming. [...]

Stop the Confusion – The Different Types of Coconut Oil Explained!

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Coconut oil is insanely popular right now (and we all know why - hello! It's amazing!) and wherever you look, it seems that there’s a [...]

The love for Avocado oil is real – here is why!

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Avocados are currently massively popular and rightfully so. These have got to be among the tastiest ‘superfoods’ out there, as well as perhaps the most [...]

How prunes can help you say goodbye to constipation!

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There are few feelings that are more uncomfortable than being constipated. Knowing you need to go but not being able to get that relief can [...]

  • The problem with romance and a better gift for Valentine's Day.

The problem with romance.

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Some say romance is dead. I say, "Maybe that's okay." Stay with me. I promise I'm not against love. Hardly. I mean, I've read "Pride and [...]

Top Ten Health Benefits of Kale Juice

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It’s strange to think of food as being ‘on trend’ or otherwise but the reality is that certain foods are definitely more in vogue than [...]