The Best Natural Snacks – Enjoy a Snack and Improve Your Health

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With tasty natural recipes, we show you just how fun a little healthy snack can be.

  • Make your own all-natural, organic applesauce! One simple ingredient: Apples. So good and so easy!

Recipe: All Natural, Organic Applesauce

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In our neck of the woods, this time of year is apple season.  Walking through our neighborhood, we pass by trees loaded with ripe apples...apples [...]

  • Healthy Roasted Chickpea Snacks in BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, and Chili-lime flavors.

Recipe: Roasted Chickpea Snacks

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Roasted Chickpea Snacks are fun, tasty, and good for you.  Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are high in protein, iron, and fiber. Seasoned with olive [...]

  • Nacho cheese kale chips: So good and so good for you!

Recipe: Nacho Cheese Kale Chips

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 Nacho Cheese Dilemma I have to admit, I'm a sucker for nacho chips.  There's just something about the spicy, tangy flavor that makes you want [...]

  • Lemon Watermelon Jello Wedges: The perfect summer treat!

Recipe: Lemon Watermelon Jello Wedges

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I love summer day filled with copious amounts of sunshine, picnics, bike rides and jello. Yes, jello. Itʼs my new thing. Itʼs an incredibly refreshing [...]

  • 40 healthy snacks for kids and adults. No guilt. Just lots of yummy (and good for you) ideas.

40 Healthy Snacks: Eat up, guilt-free.

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Healthy snacks. Funny what I used to think was "healthy" when it came to my snacking habit. Which, for the record, back in my processed [...]

  • Homemade sprouted tortilla chips featuring five favorite dips!

Recipe: Homemade sprouted tortilla chips fried in healthy coconut oil

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Homemade sprouted tortilla chips that have been fried in coconut oil are perhaps one of the rays of sunshine on those days where real food [...]

  • Recipe for dried mangoes. Sweet, tangy, and good for you!

Recipe: Dried Mangoes – A sweet, tangy, and healthy treat

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Dried mangoes. Is there anything better? I'm not sure. I remember when my friend first introduced me to dried mangoes during grad school. She forced [...]

  • Homemade yogurt fruit leather. Super tasty with the benefits of yogurt!

Recipe: Homemade Yogurt Fruit Leather

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Let's start today's yogurt fruit leather recipe with a little story. The other day I was on a quest to do something cool with my [...]

  • Homemade healthy fruit snacks! No food dyes, no refined sugars, only good stuff!

Recipe: Homemade healthy fruit snacks

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Homemade fruit snacks are at the heart of the story I'm about to share. It's a story about being that mom. Sometimes I hate being that mom. [...]

  • Sure you can buy guacamole at the store. But why would you? Homemade guacamole is easy, delicious, and nutritious. Check out this recipe!

Recipe: Garden fresh homemade guacamole

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Homemade guacamole. Is there anything quite as satisfying? I'm not sure. Something about the creamy avocado, the burst of flavor from the tomatoes, and the [...]