The Best Natural Snacks – Enjoy a Snack and Improve Your Health

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With tasty natural recipes, we show you just how fun a little healthy snack can be.

  • Skinny Monkey Cookies are vegan, gluten free, and low in sugar. They'll satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel your body with healthy nutrients at the same time!

Recipe: Skinny Monkey Cookies

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Skinny monkey cookies? What? When I saw this recipe floating around the internet, I must admit the name raised my eyebrows a bit. It's probably [...]

  • It's easy to make naturally fermented garlic dill pickles! Skip the hot stove and keep all the cucumber's nutrients plus healthy probiotics. Delicious!

Recipe: Naturally Fermented Garlic Dill Pickles

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When I was a kid, my favorite place to go with my dad wasn't the ice cream parlor. It wasn't the candy store, or even [...]

  • These hummus cucumber boats are as fun as they are delicious!

Recipe: Hummus in Cucumber Boats

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With the new year, many of us have made resolutions to eat healthier. One of the things I've discovered on my journey to better eating [...]

  • This real food blueberry jello recipe is awesome and so good for you. Ditch the box crap and try this healthy treat now.

Real Food Blueberry Jello Recipe

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Today's post comes from my friend, Sylvie of The Hollywood Homestead. I'm so excited to share a little bit about her story, her yummy recipe, [...]

  • These dark chocolate covered banana bites are easy, delicious and beautiful. Gotta try this recipe.

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Banana Bites

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It hits me at about 8:30 every's a funny little nagging craving. It starts small, a little feeling that I want something. From there, [...]

  • These gluten free graham crackers are easy to make using just oatmeal flour, peanut butter, honey and an egg.

Recipe: Gluten Free Honey Graham Crackers

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When my kids were little, graham crackers were a staple snack food at our house. Hungry toddlers always seem to be satisfied with a graham [...]

  • Try these savory, crunchy Cajun bbq pumpkin seeds! Easy to make and healthy, too!

Recipe: Cajun BBQ Pumpkin Seeds

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Looking for a salty, crunchy snack? Pass those greasy potato chips by, and try a handful of Cajun barbeque pumpkin seeds instead! Pumpkin seeds (or [...]

  • These crispy apple chips are organic, easy to make, and so much fun to eat!

Recipe: Crispy Apple Chips

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Here's a little something fun to brighten up a sack lunch! Crispy Apple Chips are easy to make, and a very healthy alternative to potato [...]

  • Dried pineapple tidbits are a healthy, sweet and satisfying snack. It's easy to prepare these from fresh organic pineapple, in the oven or dehydrator.

Recipe: Dried Pineapple Tidbits

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When I was shopping the other day I ran across something I've rarely seen...discounted organic pineapples! Pineapple is a real favorite at my house, so [...]

  • Gluten free rosemary crackers are easy to make and delicous!

Recipe: Gluten Free Rosemary Crackers

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Crackers are a staple when it comes to snacks and hors d'oeuvres. You can eat them with cheese, hummus, peanut or almond butter, dips, and [...]

  • These delicious and easy cinnamon almonds make a great gift!

Recipe: Cinnamon Almonds

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With the holidays just around the corner, I'm full bake mode. I've been looking for a recipe for a sweet treat that's simple, easy to [...]

  • Try these delicious gluten free savory pumpkin crackers! Crisp, tasty, and easy to make.

Recipe: Savory Gluten Free Pumpkin Crackers

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We're going a bit crazy with the pumpkin around here, but it sure feels like great way to ring in the month of November. Today's [...]

  • It's easy to dehydrate fresh, organic pears...they make a wonderful and healthy snack!

Recipe: Simple Dehydrated Pear Slices

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I love dehydrated fruit! It's so sweet and chewy, and it's wonderfully portable...great for sack lunches or snacks when you're hiking. It's also a great [...]

  • Kale and quinoa patties make a great main dish, a fantastic side, or a yummy addition to lunchboxes.

Recipe: Kale Quinoa Patties

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Ready for a delicious recipe that's full of protein, fiber, and vitamins? These Kale Quinoa Patties are delicious as a snack or as a main [...]

  • All natural crackers made of only cheddar cheese, butter, onion powder and gluten free flour. Yummy!

Recipe: All Natural Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers

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Goldfish crackers have become a childhood staple. A bright and happy orange, their fish shape is as cute as can be. Like most toddler favorites, [...]

Recipe: Cherry Compote over Goat Cheese

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One of the best things about summer is that wonderful, fresh organic fruit literally grows on trees! Fruit trees are such a great investment. Although [...]

  • Try this savory eggplant jerky...a yummy vegan alternative to beef jerky!

Recipe: Savory Eggplant Jerky

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Is there any vegetable prettier than an eggplant? The smooth, shiny purple skin, the creamy white flesh...such a pretty addition to dinner. I have to [...]

  • Recycle the pulp from your juicer to make these delicious, grain-free crackers!

Recipe: Juicer Pulp Crackers

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I've been enjoying fresh juice lately...vegetable juice made from delicious organic veggies, smoothies made with berries and freshly juiced carrots, and fun fruit combinations that [...]

  • Gluten free baked Parmesan crackers...perfect for appetizers and fun to snack on!

Recipe: Gluten Free Baked Parmesan Crackers

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I've always enjoyed cheese with crackers, as an appetizer or for lunch with a little fruit on the side. Since going gluten free, I've had [...]

  • Try these chewy, guilt-free granola bars! Gluten free, additive free, and delicious!

Recipe: Homemade Granola Bars

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What could be healthier than a granola bar, right? After all, a whole generation of health-conscious mammas are nick-named after granola!  A quick glance at [...]