The Best Natural Snacks – Enjoy a Snack and Improve Your Health

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With tasty natural recipes, we show you just how fun a little healthy snack can be.

  • Skinny Monkey Cookies are vegan, gluten free, and low in sugar. They'll satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel your body with healthy nutrients at the same time!

Recipe: Skinny Monkey Cookies

Skinny monkey cookies? What? When I saw this recipe floating around the internet, I must admit the name raised my eyebrows a bit. It's probably derived from the fact that the main ingredient in these cookies is banana...but it got me thinking, have you ever seen a fat monkey? Then I realized that yes, I [...]

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  • It's easy to make naturally fermented garlic dill pickles! Skip the hot stove and keep all the cucumber's nutrients plus healthy probiotics. Delicious!

Recipe: Naturally Fermented Garlic Dill Pickles

When I was a kid, my favorite place to go with my dad wasn't the ice cream parlor. It wasn't the candy store, or even the toy shop. Nope, my favorite treat was to walk with him to the Pickle Barrel, a local sandwich shop, where we would pay 35 cents for....a pickle. These were [...]

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  • These hummus cucumber boats are as fun as they are delicious!

Recipe: Hummus in Cucumber Boats

With the new year, many of us have made resolutions to eat healthier. One of the things I've discovered on my journey to better eating is that healthy, real food doesn't have to be plain or boring! You can create healthy food that will nourish your body and taste great, and with a few simple [...]

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  • This real food blueberry jello recipe is awesome and so good for you. Ditch the box crap and try this healthy treat now.

Real Food Blueberry Jello Recipe

Today's post comes from my friend, Sylvie of The Hollywood Homestead. I'm so excited to share a little bit about her story, her yummy recipe, and her amazing ebook, The Gelatin Secret. Seriously, if glowing skin, beautiful hair, and a healthy body is something you crave, be sure to check the book out! Take it away, [...]

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  • These dark chocolate covered banana bites are easy, delicious and beautiful. Gotta try this recipe.

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Banana Bites

It hits me at about 8:30 every's a funny little nagging craving. It starts small, a little feeling that I want something. From there, it grows quickly into the thought "Hm, chocolate sounds really good." Then, before I know it, I'm ripping through the pantry searching for something, anything to satisfy the craving. Must! [...]

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  • These gluten free graham crackers are easy to make using just oatmeal flour, peanut butter, honey and an egg.

Recipe: Gluten Free Honey Graham Crackers

When my kids were little, graham crackers were a staple snack food at our house. Hungry toddlers always seem to be satisfied with a graham cracker and half a banana, and a couple of crackers with peanut butter sandwiched in between is a perfect after-school snack. When it comes down to it, though, regular graham [...]

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  • Try these savory, crunchy Cajun bbq pumpkin seeds! Easy to make and healthy, too!

Recipe: Cajun BBQ Pumpkin Seeds

Looking for a salty, crunchy snack? Pass those greasy potato chips by, and try a handful of Cajun barbeque pumpkin seeds instead! Pumpkin seeds (or "pepitas") are high in protein, fiber, and potassium. They’re also fun to eat! I love the tangy zip that these little treats pack, and if you like things spicy you [...]

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  • These crispy apple chips are organic, easy to make, and so much fun to eat!

Recipe: Crispy Apple Chips

Here's a little something fun to brighten up a sack lunch! Crispy Apple Chips are easy to make, and a very healthy alternative to potato chips. Even store-bought apple chips can be full of sulfites, corn syrup and artificial flavors...why not make them at home with organic apples? If you'd like, you can sprinkle cinnamon [...]

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  • Dried pineapple tidbits are a healthy, sweet and satisfying snack. It's easy to prepare these from fresh organic pineapple, in the oven or dehydrator.

Recipe: Dried Pineapple Tidbits

When I was shopping the other day I ran across something I've rarely seen...discounted organic pineapples! Pineapple is a real favorite at my house, so full of flavor and so sweet and delicious. It's not cheap, though! So when I ran across a cart full of sweet, juicy, big pineapples just at the peak of [...]

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  • Gluten free rosemary crackers are easy to make and delicous!

Recipe: Gluten Free Rosemary Crackers

Crackers are a staple when it comes to snacks and hors d'oeuvres. You can eat them with cheese, hummus, peanut or almond butter, dips, and deli meats. They make a great addition to lunch boxes, they pack well on a hike, and a handful will tide you over when dinner's still half an hour away. [...]

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  • These delicious and easy cinnamon almonds make a great gift!

Recipe: Cinnamon Almonds

With the holidays just around the corner, I'm full bake mode. I've been looking for a recipe for a sweet treat that's simple, easy to make, and elegant...but not full of bleached flour, sugar, food dye or other unhealthy things. These cinnamon  almonds require just a few simple ingredients, but the end result is not [...]

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  • Try these delicious gluten free savory pumpkin crackers! Crisp, tasty, and easy to make.

Recipe: Savory Gluten Free Pumpkin Crackers

We're going a bit crazy with the pumpkin around here, but it sure feels like great way to ring in the month of November. Today's treasure? Savory Pumpkin Crackers! Made with organic pureed pumpkin (here's how to do it yourself), organic gluten free flour, and ground flax seed, these crackers are easy to make and [...]

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  • It's easy to dehydrate fresh, organic pears...they make a wonderful and healthy snack!

Recipe: Simple Dehydrated Pear Slices

I love dehydrated fruit! It's so sweet and chewy, and it's wonderfully portable...great for sack lunches or snacks when you're hiking. It's also a great thing to have around for recipes! Snip some dried fruit into your muffin mix or shake some up with raw nuts and seeds for trail mix. It's a wonderful food [...]

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  • Kale and quinoa patties make a great main dish, a fantastic side, or a yummy addition to lunchboxes.

Recipe: Kale Quinoa Patties

Ready for a delicious recipe that's full of protein, fiber, and vitamins? These Kale Quinoa Patties are delicious as a snack or as a main course. They're wonderful piping hot, right out of the skillet...or eaten cold for lunch (they're a great finger food for lunchboxes). You'll love the savory flavor of these little patties, [...]

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  • All natural crackers made of only cheddar cheese, butter, onion powder and gluten free flour. Yummy!

Recipe: All Natural Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish crackers have become a childhood staple. A bright and happy orange, their fish shape is as cute as can be. Like most toddler favorites, they're bite-sized and can be carried around in your hands, passed out during snack time in a paper cup, or (just ask the person who does the laundry) toted around [...]

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Recipe: Cherry Compote over Goat Cheese

One of the best things about summer is that wonderful, fresh organic fruit literally grows on trees! Fruit trees are such a great investment. Although they do take some work (think picking up hundreds of smashed peaches in your yard after a wind storm, or scraping baked-on apricot off your driveway with a snow shovel) [...]

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  • Chipotle Cumin Roasted Almonds are a healthy, easy to make treat that stores well in your pantry, ready for the next snack-attack! Flavorful & organic.

Recipe: Chipotle Cumin Roasted Almonds

Does anyone else get in trouble when it comes to snacks? By the time I realize that I'm hungry and dinner isn't for another hour, often as not it's already hit critical mass and I'm ready to devour whatever food I can get my hands on...healthy or not. I've learned that since I can't always [...]

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  • Try this savory eggplant jerky...a yummy vegan alternative to beef jerky!

Recipe: Savory Eggplant Jerky

Is there any vegetable prettier than an eggplant? The smooth, shiny purple skin, the creamy white flesh...such a pretty addition to dinner. I have to admit, though, I'm not a huge fan of the taste of eggplant! Even so, I usually have some eggplant growing in my garden and in the winter I often find [...]

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  • Recycle the pulp from your juicer to make these delicious, grain-free crackers!

Recipe: Juicer Pulp Crackers

I've been enjoying fresh juice lately...vegetable juice made from delicious organic veggies, smoothies made with berries and freshly juiced carrots, and fun fruit combinations that the kids come up with on the spur of the moment. I love knowing that we're loading up on all those great nutrients, and it's a lot of fun to [...]

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  • Gluten free baked Parmesan crackers...perfect for appetizers and fun to snack on!

Recipe: Gluten Free Baked Parmesan Crackers

I've always enjoyed cheese with crackers, as an appetizer or for lunch with a little fruit on the side. Since going gluten free, I've had a hard time finding wholesome, satisfying crackers that don't either taste funny, contain something other than gluten that I'd rather not be eating, or cost a small fortune (or, in [...]

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