• Jasmine rice simmered in tangy lemon, savory rosemary and chicken stock. Delicious with grilled chicken!

Recipe: Greek Lemon Rice

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Greek lemon rice is a wonderful side dish that adds flavor and elegance to your meal. It pairs perfectly with grilled beef, chicken or kebabs [...]

  • Perfect deviled eggs are easy to make, and an excellent source of protein. They are also a pretty appetizer or snack, dressing up your table!

Recipe: Perfect Deviled Eggs

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It's the Monday after Easter, and you're looking at a pile of brightly colored hard-boiled eggs that look a little worse for the wear. Time [...]

  • Try these BBQ crispy green bean snacks...a great alternative to junk food snacking!

Recipe: BBQ Flavor Crispy Green Bean Snacks

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When it comes to junk food, I'm a sucker for salty snacks. If I get hit with a sudden craving for something unhealthy, it's not [...]

  • Delicious roasted beets with balsamic glaze is easy and so flavorful. Tender beets tossed with tangy glaze and orange zest make a beautiful, healthy side.

Recipe: Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze

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Sometimes it's nice to have a really pretty side dish...a really pretty side dish that's delicious and action-packed with nutrients! Beets are one of my [...]

  • Try these easy Roasted Radishes and Carrots with Turmeric, lemon juice, and grape seed oil. A unique side dish! Radishes aren't just for salads anymore.

Recipe: Roasted Radishes and Carrots with Turmeric

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Radishes are great in a salad, but have you tried them roasted? Roasted radishes have a much milder flavor, and cooking them gives them a [...]

  • Savory stuffed mushrooms...four simple ingredients, one great appetizer!

Recipe: Savory Stuffed Mushrooms

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Looking for a fast but memorable appetizer?  Perfect for an office party, a holiday get-together or just something to snack on before dinner, these savory [...]

  • Make your own all-natural, organic applesauce! One simple ingredient: Apples. So good and so easy!

Recipe: All Natural, Organic Applesauce

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In our neck of the woods, this time of year is apple season.  Walking through our neighborhood, we pass by trees loaded with ripe apples...apples [...]

  • Homemade sprouted tortilla chips featuring five favorite dips!

Recipe: Homemade sprouted tortilla chips fried in healthy coconut oil

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Homemade sprouted tortilla chips that have been fried in coconut oil are perhaps one of the rays of sunshine on those days where real food [...]

  • The best fruit salad using only REAL food. Plus there's a dairy free option, too! Awesome.

Recipe: The Best Fruit Salad (with Dairy Free option)

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This year for Thanksgiving I was put in charge of the fruit salad. And I'm not going to lie, I wasn't thrilled. Of course, you [...]

  • Here is a delicious and easy mango salsa recipe with some tips on choosing the best mango, too! Enjoy mango salsa topped on homemade tortilla chips. Yum!

Recipe: Mango Salsa

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As we start to move toward the end of summer I find myself really wanting to savor bright, summery flavors. Enter: Mango Salsa. This is [...]

  • Sure you can buy guacamole at the store. But why would you? Homemade guacamole is easy, delicious, and nutritious. Check out this recipe!

Recipe: Garden fresh homemade guacamole

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Homemade guacamole. Is there anything quite as satisfying? I'm not sure. Something about the creamy avocado, the burst of flavor from the tomatoes, and the [...]

Recipe: Sprouted Whole Wheat Biscuits

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“mmmmmm... biscuits.” During my freshmen year of college, some of my favorite women met up at a local restaurant for breakfast. Each ordered a massive [...]