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  • 20 Powerhouse Vegetables You Should Be Eating & Why

20 Vegetables You Should Be Eating (+ Yummy Recipes)

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We’ve all been told over and over again “eat your veggies!” I’m sure at this point in your life you know how good veggies are [...]

  • 12 Drool Worthy Healthy Desserts

12 Healthy Desserts You’ll Drool Over

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Let’s face it - we all love to indulge and have a yummy dessert now and again. But just because you want to have your [...]

  • 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies! As tasty as they are easy, and naturally grain and gluten free. So healthy, you won't feel bad about having seconds. You can even make them Paleo.

Recipe: 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies (And Paleo Alternative)

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3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies. Yes, I said 3 ingredients. Craving something sweet? This could very possibly be the easiest and healthiest peanut butter cookie [...]

  • These gluten free brownies are made with banana flour and super delicious!

Gluten Free Brownies Made with Banana Flour

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Gluten free brownies made with banana flour. Yes, banana flour. That's right--today I'm introducing you to one of my favorite new foods: Banana flour. I [...]

  • This real food blueberry jello recipe is awesome and so good for you. Ditch the box crap and try this healthy treat now.

Real Food Blueberry Jello Recipe

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Today's post comes from my friend, Sylvie of The Hollywood Homestead. I'm so excited to share a little bit about her story, her yummy recipe, [...]

  • This chocolate coconut paleo bark is sooo good. Full of protein so eat up!

Recipe: Chocolate Paleo Bark

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Chocolate, nutty, coconut goodness.  These healthy-but-decadent treats are gluten free and paleo. They combine organic, dark chocolate with coconut, almonds and walnuts...and they are so [...]

  • Wondering which diet is best? It is vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, low-carb, or what? You might be surprised by the answer.

Which diet is best? Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, WAPF, Low-Carb….?

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Which diet is best? Wow. Is that a loaded question, or what? But let's be honest... who hasn't wondered this very question? Who hasn't felt [...]

  • These delicious banana muffins are mostly banana and egg, with a bit of coconut or almond flour. Yummy!

Recipe: Paleo Banana Muffins

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Do you love banana bread? I sure do. I've tried quite a few recipes for banana bread, cake, and muffins and found that adding banana [...]

  • Teacup Fruit Crisp whips up in a jiffy. Organic berries, oats, nuts, honey, butter and spices are all you need for this quick, single-serving dessert.

Recipe: Paleo Teacup Fruit Crisp

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Not long ago, there was an email circulating about the "Most dangerous cake." It was dangerous because it was made in the microwave, and used [...]

  • These Paleo goat cheese mini tarts are as pretty as they are tasty!

Recipe: Paleo Goat Cheese Mini Tarts

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Every now and then it's fun to create something in the kitchen that's more than just food, even more than just healthy food. Sometimes it's [...]

  • Easy Paleo Pancakes...grain free never baked up so light and fluffy, thanks to a few easy tweaks to this pancake recipe!

Recipe: Paleo Pancakes

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Pancakes are such a nice breakfast! My kids love them, and a big plate of hot pancakes is a fun way to start the weekend [...]

  • Oh my! Check out this Chicken Truffle Tajine recipe. Must make this soon!

Recipe: Chicken Truffle Tajine

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Are you ready for a recipe that will knock your socks off! I'm so happy to have Caitlin of Grassfed Girl share something so delicious [...]

  • Peach Kombucha Tea Recipe from Thank Your Body

Recipe: Peach Kombucha

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Ready for a refreshing peach kombusha tea recipe? You have to try this! Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. Kombucha has been associated with a [...]

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake (it's okay to indulge... this one's good for you.)

Recipe: Chocolate Truffle Cake (nobody needs to know it’s healthy…)

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I believe in desserts. No really, I do. And I still believe in being healthy. How can I believe both? Because they don't have to [...]