The Best Natural Dessert Recipes – Natural Desserts To Make You Smile

Healthy dessert recipes that taste great! Don’t give up your desserts just because you want to live a healthy life. Do both, we show you how.

  • The best fruit salad using only REAL food. Plus there's a dairy free option, too! Awesome.

Recipe: The Best Fruit Salad (with Dairy Free option)

This year for Thanksgiving I was put in charge of the fruit salad. And I'm not going to lie, I wasn't thrilled. Of course, you should realize that by "fruit salad" what my family was really requesting was the typical S.A.D. version that uses hydrogenated oils (aka: Cool Whip) stuffed full of stale high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden mini marshmallows. [...]

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  • The best banana bread! Sprouted flour, no refined sugar, and so yummy.

Recipe: Best Banana Bread – A healthy take on this classic treat.

Ready for some seriously good banana bread? Possibly the best banana bread ever? The best banana bread that is also healthy?  You read that right. With sprouted flour, organic whole cane sugar, and a generous amount of gooey butter, this banana bread is really delicious. Really. Something about the colder month just makes me want [...]

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  • Super yummy grain-free (and refined sugar-free) birthday cake!

Recipe: Grain Free Birthday Cake

Once upon a time my little girl turned one. I, being the overly-protective-crazy-health-nut-hippie-freaked-out mom that I *sometimes* am, was determined to give my little girl the best birthday cake ever. I wanted something without refined sugars. Without artificial coloring. And grain free. Why grain free? Well, if you remember from this post, grains can be [...]

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  • Mango Berry Frozen Yogurt Popsicles. So yummy and perfect for summer.

Recipe: Mango Berry Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

Apparently I'm on a mango kick. Today's recipe is really yummy. I mean, really. Mango berry frozen yogurt pops? Hello?! Of course, if you don't have mangoes (or your husband is allergic to them), you can easily switch out the fruit for any combination of yummy frozen yogurt goodness. Cultured foods like yogurt are really good [...]

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Healthy chocolate chip cookie? That sounds... um...  iffy. I mean, I'd like to consider myself a cookie guru. I love cookies. Like, I really love cookies. The homemade, straight from the oven, make from scratch cookies. You know: Heaven. The store bought garbage? Never liked them. Not even during my SAD days. But a healthy chocolate [...]

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  • delicious sweet summer berry cobbler. Yessss.

Recipe: Sweet Summer Berry Cobbler Recipe

I am amazed by how often people associate “eating healthy” with some sort of deprived torture.  As we’ve altered our approach to food and nourishment, I definitely have NOT felt the slightest bit “cheated” out of good things to eat.  (Although it did take some time to let my body get rid of some bad sugar [...]

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