The Best Natural Dessert Recipes – Natural Desserts To Make You Smile

Healthy dessert recipes that taste great! Don’t give up your desserts just because you want to live a healthy life. Do both, we show you how.

  • Try this delicious lemon blueberry loaf! Easy to make gluten free.

Recipe: Lemon Blueberry Loaf

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Lemons and blueberries are so wonderful together! This Lemon Blueberry Loaf combines tangy lemon zest and sweet blueberries, and it makes a delicious snack or [...]

  • Banana cupcakes with whipped custard frosting are low in sugar and nutrient dense, but will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Recipe: Banana Cupcakes with Whipped Custard Frosting

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Cupcakes are so cute! The dainty size, the cute paper wrapper, and of course the thick swirl of frosting on wonder cupcake shops are [...]

  • These delicious and easy cinnamon almonds make a great gift!

Recipe: Cinnamon Almonds

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With the holidays just around the corner, I'm full bake mode. I've been looking for a recipe for a sweet treat that's simple, easy to [...]

  • Tender apples and rich whipped caramel frosting make this a delicious real food birthday cake.

Recipe: Apple Spice Cake with Whipped Caramel Frosting

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For some reason, there seems to be a large number of birthdays during the month of November. One of the things that can be challenging [...]

  • These delicious banana muffins are mostly banana and egg, with a bit of coconut or almond flour. Yummy!

Recipe: Paleo Banana Muffins

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Do you love banana bread? I sure do. I've tried quite a few recipes for banana bread, cake, and muffins and found that adding banana [...]

  • These chewy and delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are made of oat flour...healthy, easy to make and the texture is amazing!

Recipe: Healthy Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Do you like pumpkin? This time of year, pumpkin seems to be everywhere. In coffee, soup, bread...and cookies! I love a nice, chewy pumpkin chocolate [...]

  • Homemade and Healthy Orange Creamsicles

Homemade Healthy Orange Creamsicles

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As much as I love Autumn, I don't entirely feel like summer has entirely finished. There's a hole in my heart that summer still hasn't filled! [...]

  • Summer squash, lemon zest, fresh yogurt...just a few of the healthy ingredients in this delicious Lemon Summer Squash Bread

Recipe: Lemon Summer Squash Bread

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Well, it's here again. That time of the year where (everyone else's) garden is overflowing with summer squash! Giant zucchini the size of small children, [...]

  • Creamy, delicious frozen cheesecake pops! Fresh berries, cream cheese and honey are all you need.

Recipe: Frozen Cheesecake Pops

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Want to know a secret? I have a real weakness for cheesecake. It's so rich, creamy, and decadent! It's even better when it's topped with [...]

  • These cookies are a healthy but cute addition to your Fourth-of-July celebration!

Recipe: Fourth of July Fruit Cookies

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Here's a fresh, sweet, and healthy way to celebrate July 4th! Fourth of July fruit cookies are an easy and fun dessert, a perfect treat [...]

  • No corn syrup or artificial food dye here! Real food snow cones made of nothing but whole fruit.

Recipe: Real Food Snow Cones

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In my neck of the woods, snow cone stands seem to be popping up in every parking lot. On a hot day, what sounds better [...]

  • Just 3 healthy ingredients go in this amazing chocolate ice cream shell! Pours on and hardens over ice cream.

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Shell

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Here's a recipe that you've really got to see to believe. A rich, dark chocolate ice cream topping that magically turns into a crunchy candy [...]

  • Try these quick berry muffins! You can make the mix ahead of time...convenient and healthy!

Recipe: Quick Berry Muffins

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Sometimes you just want a quick little snack. Something sweet-but-not-too-sweet, a little special treat to brighten up your morning or liven up your lunchbox. I [...]

  • Gluten and grain free strawberry shortcake meringue cups are elegant and delicious!

Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake Meringue Cups

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What's even better than strawberry shortcake? Gluten free, grain-free strawberry shortcake meringue cups, stuffed with ripe strawberries and topped with fresh whipped cream! This beautiful [...]

  • Teacup Fruit Crisp whips up in a jiffy. Organic berries, oats, nuts, honey, butter and spices are all you need for this quick, single-serving dessert.

Recipe: Paleo Teacup Fruit Crisp

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Not long ago, there was an email circulating about the "Most dangerous cake." It was dangerous because it was made in the microwave, and used [...]

  • Fresh Meyer lemons and almond flour make this cake flavorful, grain free and so tasty!

Recipe: Flourless Lemon Cake

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Lemons are so delicious! Fresh, tangy, and bursting with flavor…lemon is the perfect ingredient in Spring and Summer desserts. This flourless whole lemon cake blends [...]

  • Gluten free cinnamon bun goodness, in a muffin-sized package!

Recipe: Cinnamon Bun Muffins

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Nothing smells quite as delicious as warm cinnamon buns! These cinnamon bun muffins combine the sweet-and-spicy goodness of a cinnamon bun with the no-fuss ease [...]

  • Try these yummy gluten free apple cinnamon scones! Top them with maple syrup glaze...mmmm.

Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Scones

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Nothing is cozier on a rainy day than a warm scone with a piping hot cup of tea! These Apple-Cinnamon Scones are gluten free and [...]

  • Looking for a healthy, vegan replacement for dairy whipped cream? Try this whipped coconut cream. Easy, dairy and additive free, and so delicious!

Recipe: Whipped Coconut Cream

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I love whipped cream!  I really do. There's nothing like a big spoonful of rich, sweet whipped cream to make your favorite dessert even better. [...]

  • You'll never guess these chocolate cookies are made with avocado!

Recipe: Avocado Chocolate Cookies

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I'll be honest: "You'll never guess what's in this" has never been my favorite introduction to trying a new food. There have been plenty of [...]