The Best Natural Condiments & Tasty Sauces

Sauces and condiments can make or break a dish. Fortunately, they can also be good for you! Let us dive in to the best healthy healthy additions for your foods.

  • Homemade mayonnaise is surprisingly healthy, and so easy to make! Organic eggs, olive oil and apple cider vinegar make this mayo tasty and good for you.

Recipe: Homemade Mayonnaise

To be honest, I've never really paid much attention to mayonnaise. In fact, it's never really been high on the list of foods I enjoy.  It's just so...mayonnaise-y.  But recently I've discovered: Not all mayonnaise is created equal! While I'm not a fan of the mayo I used to buy at the store, I've discovered [...]

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  • Make your own all-natural, organic applesauce! One simple ingredient: Apples. So good and so easy!

Recipe: All Natural, Organic Applesauce

In our neck of the woods, this time of year is apple season.  Walking through our neighborhood, we pass by trees loaded with ripe apples...apples hanging on branches, apples peppering the ground under the trees.  Many people have fruit trees but don't use the fruit. Have you ever thought of asking a neighbor if they'd [...]

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  • Making homemade butter is so simple!

How to make butter and buttermilk

I had a reader ask me a couple of weeks ago about where I get my raw butter. Sadly, I don't have access to raw butter unless I make it myself. Luckily, it's really easy to make your own butter. And what's even cooler is that when you make butter you automatically make buttermilk, too. [...]

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  • Parmesan Ranch Dressing: Healthy and Delicious!

Recipe: Parmesan Ranch Dressing

Ready for my all time favorite homemade dressing? This Parmesan ranch dressing is awesome. I mean, Parmesan, right? What more do I need to say. I'm really not a huge salad person. Mostly because I always hated store bought dressings. In fact, for years I would suffer through store bought dressings on top of salads [...]

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  • Poppy Seed Honey Mustard Dressing - Using only real food ingredients!

Recipe: Poppy Seed Honey Mustard Dressing

This poppy seed honey mustard dressing is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. And let's be honest... I'm not a huge dressing fan. Not until I started making my own, that is. For years I would suffer through store bought dressings on top of salads thinking I was doing myself a favor by [...]

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