Gluten free cinnamon bun goodness, in a muffin-sized package!

Recipe: Cinnamon Bun Muffins

Nothing smells quite as delicious as warm cinnamon buns! These cinnamon bun muffins combine the sweet-and-spicy goodness of a cinnamon bun with the no-fuss ease

Make your own delicious cream cheese using healthy yogurt!

Recipe: Yogurt Cream Cheese

I love cream cheese! It’s rich and creamy, and tastes great on anything from bagels to crackers.  It’s a fabulous addition to desserts and appetizers,

Make homemade fruit slushies with organic fresh fruit! Recipes for Mango Berry, Watermelon Mint, and Blueberry Lime. Simple, healthy, and so refreshing!

Recipe: Homemade Fruit Slushies

In the mood for something cool and refreshing? Homemade fruit slushies are a great way to cool down on a hot afternoon. When you make

Sure you can buy guacamole at the store. But why would you? Homemade guacamole is easy, delicious, and nutritious. Check out this recipe!

Recipe: Garden fresh homemade guacamole

Homemade guacamole. Is there anything quite as satisfying? I’m not sure. Something about the creamy avocado, the burst of flavor from the tomatoes, and the

Here is a delicious and easy mango salsa recipe with some tips on choosing the best mango, too! Enjoy mango salsa topped on homemade tortilla chips. Yum!

Recipe: Mango Salsa

As we start to move toward the end of summer I find myself really wanting to savor bright, summery flavors. Enter: Mango Salsa. This is