Real Food

Real food is natural. It nourishes. It heals. It doesn’t come with man-made chemicals. Fight for real food with me, and see just how tasty it can be.

  • Learn how easy it is to stock your real food pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Stocking my real food pantry and fridge: Back to Basics

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Want a peek in my real food pantry? How about my fridge? The other week I got a message from a reader who is transitioning [...]

  • Real Food Simplified: For the busy, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Real food simplified for the busy, stressed, or overwhelmed

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Real food simplified. Because life is busy. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about, right? (yeah, right). Whether you are married, single, [...]

  • Folate vs. Folic Acid for Pregnancy: A must read!

Folate vs. Folic Acid for Pregnancy: What you need to know

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"Make sure you have enough folic acid for pregnancy." This is pretty standard advice these days with doctors recommending all women of child bearing age [...]

  • How to cut an onion picture tutorial: I never knew it could be so easy!

Kitchen Basics: How to cut an onion easily and safely

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Do you know how to cut an onion? Sounds simple enough, right? And for a lot of you it's probably a no-brainer. I know there [...]

  • Is meat healthy? It's quite the controversial question. Here's one point of view.

Is meat healthy?

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Is meat healthy? I doubt there is a question that stirs quite as much controversy as this one. If you've been around these parts for [...]

  • What's really in a McDonald's hamburger? You may not want to know, but really need to.

What’s really in a McDonald’s hamburger?

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What's in a McDonald's hamburger? A 100% beef patty that's seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, topped with melty cheese, tangy pickles, minced [...]

  • Is salt bad? Why salt is essential to your health.

Is salt bad for you?

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Is salt bad? If you aren't sure, you are not alone. There is so much contradicting research. Why do we make food so complicated? For most of [...]

  • 3 'health' foods to avoid: You may be surprised by the list.

3 ‘Health’ Foods to Avoid

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When we think about foods to avoid most of us will quickly come up with a list that includes things like: candy, doughnuts, soda, and [...]

  • Are Genetifcally Modified Foods safe? Learn why you need to take a stand against GMOs.

Genetically Modified Foods: Are they safe?

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What are Genetically modified foods? Are GMO's safe? Unless you've been living under a rock there's a good chance these questions have come to your [...]

  • Learn the secret behind radiant, perfect skin. Say

The Eczema Cure Diet – Get perfect, radiant skin

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Do you or someone you know have eczema? You know… the itchy, dry, red skin rash that can ooze, flake, and be a major source [...]

  • The benefits of eating bentonite clay.

I like to eat dirt. Is that weird?

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Seriously, I like to eat dirt. Okay, maybe I should clarify that by "dirt" I mean clay. I eat clay. And by clay, I'm talking [...]

  • What's at the root of your pain? Read up on tips for pain free living and great natural pain remedies.

Natural Pain Remedies: No pills required.

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I don’t watch television all that often. It is not that I necessarily have anything against it, I just find myself getting too wrapped up [...]

  • Useful way to grow an herb garden.

How does your garden grow?

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I’d like to think I live a pretty “green” life. I’m far from perfect (“progress not perfection, progress not perfection…” repeat it with me…) and [...]

  • Learn why you body needs fat... and the best kind of fat to eat.

Your Body Needs Fat: Learn why.

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Your body needs fat. Real fat. Saturated fat. Cholesterol. Yep, your body needs it. If you missed yesterday's post about where the ridiculous fat-phobia came from, [...]

Real food in an overly processed world

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In the history of time, I doubt there ever was a society so consumed with the thoughts, pleasures, and guilt of what goes into our [...]