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Real food is natural. It nourishes. It heals. It doesn’t come with man-made chemicals. Fight for real food with me, and see just how tasty it can be.

  • Is milk healthy? Let's settle this once and for all.

Is milk healthy? Why I choose raw and stay away from low fat milk.

"Is milk healthy?" It's a common question I hear, and not the easiest one to answer. Let's talk about milk. Low-fat milk. Skim milk. Whole milk. Raw milk. All of it. Milk is another one of those controversial foods where some people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and others will argue to their [...]

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  • Learn how easy it is to stock your real food pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Stocking my real food pantry and fridge: Back to Basics

Want a peek in my real food pantry? How about my fridge? The other week I got a message from a reader who is transitioning into real food. And I couldn't help but picture my own confused self a couple of years back with all the same questions. Maybe you can relate, too. Holly writes: [...]

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  • Real Food Simplified: For the busy, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Real food simplified for the busy, stressed, or overwhelmed

Real food simplified. Because life is busy. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about, right? (yeah, right). Whether you are married, single, have children, retired, or simply breathing... chances are you are busy. That's okay. It's part of life. But being busy can make healthy living harder. Not impossible, but harder. Even [...]

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  • Baby-led weaning is a great approach to introducing solid foods to your baby. Learn why.

Introducing solids: Helpful tips on baby-led weaning

When our little C turned six months both my husband and I were excited to start introducing solid foods. As an exclusively breast-fed baby, I wanted to give her the best jump-start to eating right. I came across Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett’s book, Baby-Led Weaning, and it’s a great approach to introducing solids that seems right [...]

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  • Folate vs. Folic Acid for Pregnancy: A must read!

Folate vs. Folic Acid for Pregnancy: What you need to know

"Make sure you have enough folic acid for pregnancy." This is pretty standard advice these days with doctors recommending all women of child bearing age to get enough folic acid in their diet since it's important even before conception. For any woman trying to get pregnant, the thought of neural tube defects (NTD) is enough motivation [...]

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  • How to cut an onion picture tutorial: I never knew it could be so easy!

Kitchen Basics: How to cut an onion easily and safely

Do you know how to cut an onion? Sounds simple enough, right? And for a lot of you it's probably a no-brainer. I know there are plenty of people out there who have some impressive cooking skills. This is a good thing. I firmly believe that the biggest step you can make toward a healthier [...]

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  • Is meat healthy? It's quite the controversial question. Here's one point of view.

Is meat healthy?

Is meat healthy? I doubt there is a question that stirs quite as much controversy as this one. If you've been around these parts for a while then you know I believe in real, traditional food. That means I think saturated fat, cholesterol, and real salt are essential to our diets. And I make no [...]

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  • What's really in a McDonald's hamburger? You may not want to know, but really need to.

What’s really in a McDonald’s hamburger?

What's in a McDonald's hamburger? A 100% beef patty that's seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, topped with melty cheese, tangy pickles, minced onions, and (of course) ketchup and mustard. Duh. Sounds pretty good, right? This is how the McDonad's hamburger is advertised. Sounds simple enough. And from a real food perspective, it [...]

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  • Is salt bad? Why salt is essential to your health.

Is salt bad for you?

Is salt bad? If you aren't sure, you are not alone. There is so much contradicting research. Why do we make food so complicated? For most of history food was food. There were no nutritionists, scientists, businesses, or government officials telling people what to eat. Food was not a commodity. It was a way to survive. This is [...]

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  • 3 'health' foods to avoid: You may be surprised by the list.

3 ‘Health’ Foods to Avoid

When we think about foods to avoid most of us will quickly come up with a list that includes things like: candy, doughnuts, soda, and other "junk food." These are the easy foods to try and keep out of your diet. Unfortunately, our marketing saavy world has promoted certain foods as health foods, despite their ugly [...]

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Community Question: Prenatal Supplements

Prenatal supplements. I get a lot of emails about these guys. Let's be honest, the idea of growing a person can be very daunting, and most women want to make sure they are doing their best to nourish their children. And while I do have some thoughts on supplements in general, as well as some [...]

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  • Are Genetifcally Modified Foods safe? Learn why you need to take a stand against GMOs.

Genetically Modified Foods: Are they safe?

What are Genetically modified foods? Are GMO's safe? Unless you've been living under a rock there's a good chance these questions have come to your attention at some point in the last few years. While the research on GMO's is still very much in its younger years, there is plenty of scientific research and evidence [...]

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  • Learn the secret behind radiant, perfect skin. Say

The Eczema Cure – Get perfect, radiant skin

Do you or someone you know have eczema? You know… the itchy, dry, red skin rash that can ooze, flake, and be a major source of frustration? As someone who has struggled with skin issues for most of my life, I have spent literally hundreds of hours trying to figure out the key to smooth, [...]

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  • The law of the farm: How it applies to all we do.

The Law of the Farm: We reap what we sow

Some days I dream of owning a farm. For so many reasons I think it would be such an amazing life. Other days, when I think about the reality of farming, I wonder if I could really do it. Farming has got to be one of the most difficult jobs out there. Beyond having to [...]

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  • Can Healthy Living Drive You Crazy?

Can being too healthy hurt your health?

"A journey to real health." That's the subtitle for this humble little blog of mine. And let me tell you, it's been a journey. Actually, no that's not right. It is a journey. I imagine this journey will last until I die. Like any real journey there are uphill battles, downhill thrills, and the even-steven day to day [...]

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  • The benefits of eating bentonite clay.

I like to eat dirt. Is that weird?

Seriously, I like to eat dirt. Okay, maybe I should clarify that by "dirt" I mean clay. I eat clay. And by clay, I'm talking about Bentonite clay. But, yes, I really do eat clay. And I think you should, too*. Say what? Let's start with the basics, shall we? Bentonite clay is composed of [...]

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  • What's at the root of your pain? Read up on tips for pain free living and great natural pain remedies.

Natural Pain Remedies: No pills required.

I don’t watch television all that often. It is not that I necessarily have anything against it, I just find myself getting too wrapped up in whatever is on that I prefer to use that time some other way. However, every now and then, when boredom is peaked, I’ll find myself switching on that good [...]

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  • Useful way to grow an herb garden.

How does your garden grow?

I’d like to think I live a pretty “green” life. I’m far from perfect (“progress not perfection, progress not perfection…” repeat it with me…) and I have lots of areas I’m still trying to improve. But still, overall, I feel pretty good about how far I’ve come. I use homemade “green” cleaning products. I buy [...]

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  • Learn why you body needs fat... and the best kind of fat to eat.

Your Body Needs Fat: Learn why.

Your body needs fat. Real fat. Saturated fat. Cholesterol. Yep, your body needs it. If you missed yesterday's post about where the ridiculous fat-phobia came from, hop on over and take a good read. Today's post is dedicated to all the reasons your body needs fat. Why your body needs fat: Experts and scientists are finally talking [...]

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Real food in an overly processed world

In the history of time, I doubt there ever was a society so consumed with the thoughts, pleasures, and guilt of what goes into our body.  Food has become so much more than a means to provide necessary energy for life.  Food is social, cultural, pleasurable, and loathsome.  We seem to crave what is “bad” and hate what [...]

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