Real Food

Real food is natural. It nourishes. It heals. It doesn’t come with man-made chemicals. Fight for real food with me, and see just how tasty it can be.

  • Junk food overload? 5 ways to help your teen eat right

Real Food, Real Teens: 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Eat Right

When my first child was a baby, I vowed that I'd feed my children nothing but pure, healthy food.  I used our little food mill to grind up fresh fruits and veggies for him, I took him to health food stores and bought him organic, whole grain graham crackers.  We ate homemade jam on fresh [...]

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  • Don't be afraid of Halloween! Here are five healthy approaches to dealing with Halloween Candy.

5 Real Food Approaches to Halloween Candy

Now that it's actually October I will finally start talking about Halloween. (Even though the stores have been marketing it for much longer.) I love October. I love the weather. I love the food. And I love celebrating my anniversary (coming up on five years!). But truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I mean, sure, [...]

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  • homemade healthy dog treats

Homemade Healthy Dog Treats (Because Fido Deserves to Eat Well Too!)

A four-legged family member I never thought I was a dog person until I met Maddy.  A wiggly little ball of fluff, the Labradoodle puppy stole our hearts before we knew what hit us.  As she grew, she quickly became a full-fledged member of our family!  We now have two "Doodles" and they bring a [...]

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  • Organic food is better... or is it? Get to the bottom of the debate and learn how to make the best choices for your family no matter what your budget is.

The Case for Organic Food

"Organic food is better," say some. For others the price tag is off-putting. And for many, the idea of organic food is nothing more than a status symbol. So what do you think? Is organic food better? Not too long ago, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a surgeon, author, and daytime TV personality, wrote an article that [...]

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  • 9 ways to freshen your breath naturally.

9 Ways to Freshen Your Breath Naturally

The other day I came down hard on gum. Turns out chewing gum is bad and I personally "just say no" when offered a piece (politely, of course). But some people are afraid to quit their gum habit for fear for monster breath. And that's why I'm here today, to give you 9 ways to [...]

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  • 31 Uses for Coconut Oil - this stuff is amazing!

31 of My Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil

The uses for coconut oil are many. Like, there are A TON of uses for coconut oil... but today I'm trying to distill that lengthy list to my absolute favorite uses for coconut oil. In case you didn't know, I love the stuff. It's definitely one of my super-star real food ingredients that makes it's [...]

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  • 5 ways to prevent age spots. Good to know!

5 Ways to Prevent Age Spots

Age spots, also called lipofuscin or liver spots don’t have to come with aging. To prevent age spots is just as easy as changing your diet. According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, “Age pigment is the brown material that forms spots on aging skin, and that accumulates in the lens of the eye forming cataracts, [...]

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  • 10 amazing and doable tips: Real food for busy people. You can eat healthy without quitting your day job!

Making Real Food Without Quitting Your Day Job

Real food for busy people... sounds like a joke, right? You’ve heard it before. “I’m too busy to cook”. Heck, you’ve probably said it a time or two I know I have in my past life. In this mad, mad world where we are constantly up against competing priorities with kiddos’ activities, careers, volunteering commitments, [...]

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  • Don't let you kitchen become a scary chemical disaster. Try these 3 simple steps for a non-toxic kitchen. Easy, and safe.

3 Simple Steps to a Non-Toxic Kitchen

Ready for your non-toxic kitchen? Good! Not too long ago we talked about making our bathrooms toxic free. Since the kitchen is the central hub of any home, it's important that this room be a safe and clean environment. Taking the steps to making your kitchen toxic free is a good idea for anyone interested [...]

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  • There are so many uses for apple cider vinegar! Who knew?

The many uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

There are approximately 8 bajillion uses for apple cider vinegar. Although, to be perfectly honest I really hated the stuff for a long time. My first experience with apple cider vinegar (or ACV as the cool kids call it) was during my college days when I was attempting to get rid of a little wart [...]

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  • How to maintain your motivation to eat heatlhy.

How to maintain motivation to eat healthy

How many of you have made the commitment to eat better only to get derailed a few months/weeks/days into it? With a myriad of hurdles that get in the way (time, money, desire, etc.) it seems that losing motivation to eat healthy is common. So how do you stay motivated to eat well? That's the [...]

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  • Is aspartame dangerous?

Is Aspartame dangerous: The sneaky story of how aspartame became legal

Is aspartame dangerous? Depends who you ask. This artificial sweetener has found its way into more than 6,000 products including carbonated and powdered soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, gelatins, dessert mixes, puddings and fillings, frozen desserts, yogurt, tabletop sweeteners, and some pharmaceuticals such as vitamins and sugar-free cough drops. Currently aspartame is consumed by over 200 [...]

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  • Have you made any of these 5 common real food mistakes? Learn how easy it is to stay on track and enjoy healthy eating.

5 common mistakes when making the switch to real food

Real food mistakes: They happen. Making the transition from a Standard American Diet to a real, whole foods diet was not easy for me. Sure, once I got my bearings I was so glad to see the changes I was making... but that's not to say that I didn't have my moments of "what am [...]

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  • 40 healthy snacks for kids and adults. No guilt. Just lots of yummy (and good for you) ideas.

40 Healthy Snacks: Eat up, guilt-free.

Healthy snacks. Funny what I used to think was "healthy" when it came to my snacking habit. Which, for the record, back in my processed food days was pretty bad. I was always hungry. And always grabbing a handful of processed crackers or other useless foods. But no more! Now when I feel hunger I [...]

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  • The danger of dieting. Want to lose weight? Learn why you should NOT diet.

The Danger of Dieting: How this little habit is destroying your health

Today I'm talking diets. The kind of diets I don't usually talk about. I'm talking about the calorie-restricting, daily scale-checking, "Thou shalt not eat the doughnut" type diets that flood the world and torment millions on a daily basis. Those kind of diets. And why am I talking about diets today? Because if I can [...]

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  • 10 super simple and all natural beauty tips. Definitely save this for later!

10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

The world would have us believe that there are no simple and inexpensive natural beauty tips and tricks. What makes me say that?  Well, did you know that the beauty industry is a nearly $300 BILLION dollar empire? And that the average woman spends about $15,00 on just makeup in her lifetime! (source) And according [...]

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  • Super handy (and cute!) cooking conversion charts. Get all three free downloads at

Kitchen Basics: Handy Cooking Conversion Charts (FREE downloads)

Whenever people ask me what the first steps are for switching over to a real foods diet, I almost always think: Get cooking! And maybe that's partly because I was so terrified of the kitchen until I met my husband (who had a roommate who made cooking fun). Of course, I am still learning, but [...]

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  • Stress destroys health... at least the chronic type of stress we face in our busy world. Learn how to combat stress and nourish your metabolism.

Stressed out: The danger of obsessive nutrition

Stress destroys health. Kind of dramatic, right? But it's true. And the funny thing is a LOT of people are actually stressing out about the very thing that could be nourishing our health: Food. As someone who tries to live a "toxic-free" life, I'm constantly amazed at how stressful and toxic the health world can [...]

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  • Not sure what to look for when buying coconut oil? Learn how to decode labels to get the best oil for your needs.

Coconut Oil 101: Decoding labels

Ah, coconut oil. It's exploded in popularity over the past few years, and with good reason. Because it's made of primarily medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oils is easily digested and converted into energy in the body. It also contains lauric acid which has been linked to amazing health benefits. It has anti-viral, antibacterial, anit-microbial, and [...]

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  • Cast Iron Cookware 101: How to use, clean, and season a cast iron skillet.

Cast Iron 101: How to use, clean, and season a cast iron skillet

Over the course of the past four or so years I've been slowly taking steps to cleaning my life up: Better food, better exercise, and better living. A huge part of this has been ditching all my toxic "stuff" found in my makeup, personal/cleaning products, and cookware. Of course, despite knowing how toxic teflon pans [...]

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