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  • The surprising benefits of hair brushing, and what tools you need to do it right.

Surprising Benefits of Hair Brushing (and why the kind of brush matters)

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Are there really benefits of brushing your hair daily? You better believe it. For you natural hair care enthusiasts, these benefits are pretty exciting. I [...]

  • How to Build Cold Frames

How to Build Cold Frames

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Earlier in the year I wrote a post on winter gardening and briefly mentioned the cold frames that you are going to need to grow [...]

  • Herbal tea for health: Learn all the benefits of herbal tea.

The Ultimate Guide: Herbal Tea for Health!

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Anyone that knows me knows that tea is my solution for anything. Tummy ache? Tea. Tired? Tea. Stressed out? Tea. Relationship problems? Tea. (and maybe [...]

  • The dirty secret about natural hair care. Good to know!

The Dirty Secret About Natural Hair Care

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Natural hair care. Sounds so simple, so idealistic, so organically innocent. *sigh* If only it were that easy. I have to admit, I've really put [...]

  • Fire cider is a wonderful homemade tonic to use during cold and flu season!

Fire Cider, a Homemade Cold and Flu Tonic

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This is one of my favorite times of year! The seasons are changing as we leave behind summer and head into yet another colorful fall, [...]

  • How to properly store onions from your garden. Learn the three tips for storing onions.

Storing Onions from Your Garden

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Last weekend I learned a very effective and easy method for storing onions from your garden!  I was able to spend some time at my [...]

  • Non Food Uses for Canola Oil

Kitchen Cleanout: Uses for Canola Oil (Hint: Eating is Not One of Them!)

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Health can be an overwhelming concept. There's so much information to digest, and so many rules of things to do and not to do that [...]

Eat more turmeric – A superfood to consume daily

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Wondering why you should eat more turmeric? You may have heard about some of the many amazing benefits of turmeric - if not, here's a [...]

Saving Seed From Your Garden

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Congratulations, you have a successful garden!  The tomatoes are ripening, melons are getting bigger, you are up to your ears in cucumbers, and the the [...]

  • After finding that my toothpaste was doing more harm than good, I made an all natural tooth powder that wouldn't harm my sensitive teeth.

DIY All Natural Tooth Powder

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All of my family had a favorite toothpaste. Colgate, Crest, Aim, etc. Mine was Arm & Hammer. I didn't feel as clean with any of the [...]

  • does acupuncture work

Does Acupuncture Work?

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Let me ask you a question…. Are you fed up of visiting the doctor and being prescribed a new drug for each problem? Are you [...]

  • Learn how to garden in the winter without a green house. So cool!

Gardening Through the Seasons: Preparing Your Winter Garden

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I have come to love this time of year.  The seasons are starting to change here in Northern Utah, and I am eagerly starting to [...]

  • Good Digestions: What is it? Why is it important? How to get it?

Good Digestion: What is it? Why is it important? How to get it?

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I would be willing to bet that most of us live life day to day without giving one thought about our digestion and its effect [...]

  • Homemade tranquilizer gummies for children. Finally! I can get some work done.

All Natural Homemade Organic Tranquilizer Gummies for Children

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You guys. You guys, you guys, you guys...You GUYS. This is it: The ultimate, most fantastic, most needed, most rewarding DIY recipe on this here [...]

  • Is your lavender essential oil fake? Learn why that could be really dangerous.

Beware of Fake Lavender Essential Oils

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Ever since I made the commitment to really research essential oils, I've learned there's a lot of information out there... and it's easy to feel [...]

  • Ooh! I feel a girls' night coming on! 16 Amazing Homemade Spa Treatments

16 Amazing Homemade Spa Treatments

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Wouldn't you love a daily spa experience? Lush bathrobes. Soothing music. And some body pampering? The truth is that there is a lot of GOOD [...]

  • 7 Super-Foods that can help stop PMS. Good to know.

7 Super-foods to Stop PMS

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PMS sucks. Ammaright or am I right? The bloating, the headaches, the mood swings, the cramps. Seems like more and more people struggle with PMS, [...]

  • Finally! A list of natural shampoo products that have safe ingredients and good user reviews! Yay!

9 Natural Shampoo Products You Can Trust for the Non-DIYers

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Natural Shampoo Products. Sounds simple enough, right? Ah, but truly good-for-your-health natural shampoo can be a super tricky, and often frustrating experience. Why? Well... for [...]

  • A great list of DIY home remedies.

Natural ‘Must Have’ Ingredients to Support a Healthy Body

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Looking for some effective DIY home remedies to stock your natural medicine cabinet? Well, you've come to the right place! I've seen tremendous results from [...]

  • Breathe happy and healthy with this homemade chest rub for children.

Homemade Chest Rub for Children: Breathe Healthy

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Ready for an awesome homemade chest rub for children? Good! I'm excited to share this recipe with you! In fact, I've made a goal to [...]