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  • How to Build Cold Frames

How to Build Cold Frames

Earlier in the year I wrote a post on winter gardening and briefly mentioned the cold frames that you are going to need to grow one.  This post contains more complete instructions for how to build them. Cold frames are the means in which to grow a winter garden.  There are some pricey options you [...]

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  • Herbal tea for health: Learn all the benefits of herbal tea.

The Ultimate Guide: Herbal Tea for Health!

Anyone that knows me knows that tea is my solution for anything. Tummy ache? Tea. Tired? Tea. Stressed out? Tea. Relationship problems? Tea. (and maybe some ice cream.) And there is definitely a reason! There is a method for my madness, a reason why I give homemade tea blends as presents and drink at least [...]

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  • The dirty secret about natural hair care. Good to know!

The Dirty Secret About Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care. Sounds so simple, so idealistic, so organically innocent. *sigh* If only it were that easy. I have to admit, I've really put off writing this post for a loooong time. After all, I take natural hair care very seriously. I mean, my original all natural shampoo recipe was one of my first [...]

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  • Fire cider is a wonderful homemade tonic to use during cold and flu season!

Fire Cider, a Homemade Cold and Flu Tonic

This is one of my favorite times of year! The seasons are changing as we leave behind summer and head into yet another colorful fall, frosty winter and many warm holidays.  For all of the wonderful things to look forward to at this time, there is one looming drawback: cold and flu season. It is [...]

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  • Is your busy schedule affecting your health? Learn what the cure for busy is and how to take back your time with grace.

The Cure for Busy

What does your schedule look like? Your calendar? I'm sure it has things like "work", "dinner", or "school" on it. Maybe events like "kids' band concert" or "family reunion". Does it include "chill time", "reading time", "meditation", or simply just "time to myself"? I am, and have for a long time been, a very very [...]

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  • How to properly store onions from your garden. Learn the three tips for storing onions.

Storing Onions from Your Garden

Last weekend I learned a very effective and easy method for storing onions from your garden!  I was able to spend some time at my grandparents house in Northern Utah.  Their home has always been a place of good memories and good food, much of it grown themselves.  Over the weekend the onions they had [...]

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  • Non Food Uses for Canola Oil

Kitchen Cleanout: Uses for Canola Oil (Hint: Eating is Not One of Them!)

Health can be an overwhelming concept. There's so much information to digest, and so many rules of things to do and not to do that it sometimes becomes cumbersome. And if you're like me, the first thing you realize when you discover anything about health is just how UNhealthy so many of your household products [...]

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Seed Saving Tips for Tomatoes and Biennial Plants

Last week I wrote an article with general guidelines for seed saving.  In addition to this previous article, there are a few more in depth tips I have for saving tomato seeds and biennial plant seeds. Seed Saving From Tomatoes: Most annual plants are easy to harvest seeds from.  The vegetable or fruit is cut, the [...]

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Eat more turmeric – A superfood to consume daily

Wondering why you should eat more turmeric? You may have heard about some of the many amazing benefits of turmeric - if not, here's a quick run down. Benefits of Turmeric (and why you should eat more turmeric now) Turmeric (like this) is a root in the ginger family  (and actually it looks quite similar [...]

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Saving Seed From Your Garden

Congratulations, you have a successful garden!  The tomatoes are ripening, melons are getting bigger, you are up to your ears in cucumbers, and the the greens are so prolific you gave all you could away to the neighborhood and you are still drowning in them.  If you are in a four seasons area like me, [...]

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  • After finding that my toothpaste was doing more harm than good, I made an all natural tooth powder that wouldn't harm my sensitive teeth.

DIY All Natural Tooth Powder

All of my family had a favorite toothpaste. Colgate, Crest, Aim, etc. Mine was Arm & Hammer. I didn't feel as clean with any of the others. I felt the baking soda scraping and I thought that meant clean and healthy. Scrubbing = Healthy, right? Not when it gets to be too much. My teeth were [...]

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  • does acupuncture work

Does Acupuncture Work?

Let me ask you a question…. Are you fed up of visiting the doctor and being prescribed a new drug for each problem? Are you tired of relying on pills that’s let’s face it, can give you more health issues then they solve? It’s understandable. Sometimes it feels that the toxins you’re ingesting may have [...]

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  • Learn how to garden in the winter without a green house. So cool!

Gardening Through the Seasons: Preparing Your Winter Garden

I have come to love this time of year.  The seasons are starting to change here in Northern Utah, and I am eagerly starting to plant various lettuce, spinach, herb, and vegetable starts from seed.  Melons, beets, carrots, leeks, bok choi, cabbage, broccoli, kale, parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuce, and other plants are going in this [...]

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  • Good Digestions: What is it? Why is it important? How to get it?

Good Digestion: What is it? Why is it important? How to get it?

I would be willing to bet that most of us live life day to day without giving one thought about our digestion and its effect on our health.  Am I right? Our digestive system is probably one of the most important functions keeping us in tip top shape.  The digestive system plays a critical role [...]

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  • Homemade tranquilizer gummies for children. Finally! I can get some work done.

All Natural Homemade Organic Tranquilizer Gummies for Children

You guys. You guys, you guys, you guys...You GUYS. This is it: The ultimate, most fantastic, most needed, most rewarding DIY recipe on this here humble blog ever to be created in the natural hippie world of crunchy granola parents. This recipe cannot be beat. I am bouncing up and down with tears of joy [...]

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  • Is your lavender essential oil fake? Learn why that could be really dangerous.

Beware of Fake Lavender Essential Oils

Ever since I made the commitment to really research essential oils, I've learned there's a lot of information out there... and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I'm feeling more confident about using essential oils in my life and so happy with my decision (after a LOT of digging) to use Young Living oils. But I [...]

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  • Ooh! I feel a girls' night coming on! 16 Amazing Homemade Spa Treatments

16 Amazing Homemade Spa Treatments

Wouldn't you love a daily spa experience? Lush bathrobes. Soothing music. And some body pampering? The truth is that there is a lot of GOOD that comes from some spa experiences. It's a lovely way to "thank" your body. But of course, going to the spa on a regular basis is not only expensive, but [...]

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  • 7 Super-Foods that can help stop PMS. Good to know.

7 Super-foods to Stop PMS

PMS sucks. Ammaright or am I right? The bloating, the headaches, the mood swings, the cramps. Seems like more and more people struggle with PMS, but did you know that PMS really shouldn't be considered "normal." The body is not designed to go through that kind of crap each month. But we live in a [...]

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  • Finally! A list of natural shampoo products that have safe ingredients and good user reviews! Yay!

9 Natural Shampoo Products You Can Trust for the Non-DIYers

Natural Shampoo Products. Sounds simple enough, right? Ah, but truly good-for-your-health natural shampoo can be a super tricky, and often frustrating experience. Why? Well... for starters, most of us are used to commercial shampoos. Most commercial shampoos strip the scalp of its natural oils. The body, in its infinite wisdom, tries to balance itself back [...]

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  • Breathe happy and healthy with this homemade chest rub for children.

Homemade Chest Rub for Children: Breathe Healthy

Ready for an awesome homemade chest rub for children? Good! I'm excited to share this recipe with you! In fact, I've made a goal to not only share these recipes online, but to bridge out into the REAL world (whoa, I know) and get people learning how to make their own stuff in my own [...]

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