Recipe: Black Bean Brownies

Recipe: Black Bean Brownies

Black bean brownies? Wow. That sounds… uh, yummy?

Okay, I get it. The first time I made these I had to do it secretly so my husband wouldn’t know what I was up to. I didn’t think he’d even try these if he knew they had black beans inside of them. But after he devoured a couple of them I figured he liked them and spilled the beans (no pun intended).

Black bean brownies... No, really. They are yummy!

Now, I don’t believe in telling people that these taste JUST LIKE a “normal” brownie. I think they are really good. And I love that they aren’t full of refined sugars and flours. And while they definitely have a yummy fudge-like texture and provide a comforting sweetness, they are kind of their own thing. Many days I find myself craving these instead of a “normal” brownie… but that’s not to say they have the same exact taste. (In fact, when I was in labor these black bean brownies were the only food I wanted to eat… )

These black bean brownies are full of good things, missing the bad stuff, and totally appropriate for an after-school snack. They are easy to make and very yummy. Besides, it’s always fun to tell people what they are made of after they tell you how much they like them.  :)


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Black bean brownies... No, really. They are yummy!




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  1. Amanda Scapini

    Just got here and found these AMAZING brownies.
    Really want to give them a shot. Just one question, don´t see any oats on the ingredients list… Am I missing something?

    Congrats for site! Love it.


    1. Post author

      Thanks Amanda! And thank you for pointing out my error. The oats are an optional ingredient that give a little more “substance” to the brownie. Lately I’ve been leaving them out for a more fudge-like brownie. I’ve update the recipe now with the correct amount. Hope you like them!

  2. Eskara

    I did this to my family at Thanksgiving; only it was an entire cake instead of brownies! And I made chocolate frosting for it out of coconut butter, honey, coco powder, vanilla, and a little salt. Everyone except for my professional food-taster aunt loved it! The fact that mostly kids kept coming back for seconds proves that they don’t care what something is made out of as long as it tastes like chocolate 😉

  3. Janet

    At the risk of sounding nit-picking (sorry!) I have two questions:
    Is it unsweetened cocoa powder?
    And is it 4TB of coconut oil?

    If so, I already have all the ingredients already in my cupboard! My 6 year will go buggers!
    “Brownies?!? For snack!??!?!?!”

  4. Rhonda

    These sound delicious. Have you experimented with Stevia instead of sugar? I’m new to healthier cooking and substitutions. Recommendations?

      1. Rachel

        Just FYI, I have made the black bean chocolate cake using honey as sweetener in the cake AND frosting, and it tastes amazing! Can’t wait to try these brownies – thanks for sharing!

  5. Crystelle Boutique

    They sound really yummy. with that scrumptious texture…. YUM! I like chocolate, I like brownies, I like black beans. And any excuse to make brownies somewhat healthy works for me.. :)

    thanks for sharing! I pinned!

    hugs x

  6. Jo

    I’m sure printing this and gonna make me some black bean brownies,shucks can’t go wrong with anything chocolate…and beleive it or not I love me some black beans.We try and cook/eat healthy here on LoblollyLane

    I’m visiting from Miz Helens

    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  7. ziggi

    Could you substitute any other beans/legumes? I have a recipe for a red kidney been cake (assuming this would be very similar), but I have a HEAP of lentils and thought perhaps I could try these as an alternative. Do they have enough going for them to hold up as well as the beans?

      1. ziggi

        I was inspired, and I did, and the texture was good! I’m trying to eliminate sugar/fructose so used rice malt syrup but found it wasn’t sweet enough to balance with the cocoa. More testing required!

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    1. Post author

      You can definitely try. I’ve never used xylitol so I have no reference for how to substitute or how it will turn out.

  9. Epiphany Huffman

    My mom and I made these with almond butter and *loved* the results! By accident, we forgot the cocoa but didn’t miss it at all once we tasted them! Our family is avoiding sugar right now but found that our crystallized coconut served as a delicious substitute. As someone with a major wheat allergy, I was so excited to have guilt free brownies! We will definitely be making these again!

  10. Sharleen

    My boss brought these to work, I got the recipe. Made this for my family, without telling the secret. They ate it all in one night. Great way to get extra protein in my kids. :)

  11. Melinda

    This receipe was great!! I substituted the sugar with AGAVE and added a little greek yogourt and they were very moist. I made these twice and everyone at work loved them. I didn’t get any gas from eating the beans for some reason. I recommend this receipe as an alternative for healther eating.

  12. Mónica Badillo

    Hey, great recipe!! I’d like to try it, I just have a question, do you think it’ll work the same way if I cook my own beans?? I won’t get the same canned beans you have there.. I live in Mexico, but we’re experts on black beans… haha I think that’ll do!! Thanks for your response!! 😀

  13. Nick

    I cant wait to do these, i have no intention of telling anyone that they are not just regular brownies. They sound amazing. :)

  14. rose

    I Make A Version Of These Using DAtes To Sweeten. I Use 10 or so Dates Pitted and Chopped And Then PUreed In A Food Processor with 1/2 Cup water…I Love Them…

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  17. Debbie

    This definitly sounds interesting….I ‘m up to trying it…:-) ..I love black beans ,chocolate,and peanut butter….just never tried them together….lol

  18. Shea

    These brownies are absolutely amazing! I did cringe a bit adding all that sugar. Would you happen to know how much honey substitutes for 3/4C sugar? Will try with honey next time. And wonder about using egg replacer with this recipe to make a vegan option. Being gluten free A++ I also used almond butter. Delicious :)

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  21. Tricia

    I keep reading that beans (legumes in general) are bad to eat, especially if they aren’t soaked first. Same for grains, like the oats that are included here. Something about their phytic acid and anti-nutrients.
    It doesn’t sound like you soaked the oats or beans… so do you still think they are healthy to eat?
    I am feeling very overwhelmed and confused, as I always thought things like black beans and oats were health foods, and am dismayed to hear they might actually be bad for me.
    I very much trust your opinion and usually come back to your blog to find an answer to these controversies I hear and read so much about. Your opinion would be very much appreciated!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Tricia,

      Controversy is right, lol. :) There are definitely anti-grain/bean camps out there. I used canned beans which are generally easier to digest since they’ve been “soaking” for sometime in a liquid. Had I used dry beans I definitely would have soaked them first. There is some debate about the whole phytic acid thing. This post I found especially interesting:

      But that probably doesn’t make this whole thing any less confusing, right? Here are my two-cents (and keep in mind that it’s only my opinion): How do you feel when you eat grains/beans? Do you have digestive issues? Do you feel bloated? Do they make you sick? If so, you may have some digestive/gut issues and it might be wise to heal your gut before your consume a lot of grains OR be diligent about soaking/sprouting, etc.

      I was once scared of grains due to all the hype out there, but I realized that I have no issue consuming them. And they do provide important energy that my stressed-from-motherhood body needed. (Adding back in more grains has helped me sleep). I do grind my own grains to avoid rancid whole grains. I also use sprouted flours some time because they provide different nutritional profiles. But I finally gave up the “scared of all food” mentality because it wasn’t serving me OR making me healthier. Instead I started listening to my body, avoiding processed junk, and felt better. Hope that helps.

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