The Best Herbal Remedies and Supplements for Bladder Control

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If you suffer with an overactive bladder, day to day life can be challenging, especially if you need to visit the bathroom frequently. With roughly 75% of people surveyed by the CDC looking for herbal remedies to help ease symptoms, going down the natural route may be the best option for you too.

Many people opt to use overactive bladder natural remedies for several reasons, such as if their medical treatment is not working or they are experiencing unpleasant side effects. With little research conducted on the topic, there is no definite answer on whether any of the remedies listed will work, however, many users trust natural herbal remedies for overactive bladder to soothe and control symptoms.


One of the first natural remedies for overactive bladder that you should consider is Gosha-jinki-gan. A blend of 10 herbs, Gosha-jinki-gan is one of the most examined products by Japanese researchers who found that those who consumed it daily over a period of eight weeks were said to visit the bathroom less. Other research conducted showed that the herbs lower the urge and helps with incontinence – this is because it may stop nerve signals reaching the bladder.


A popular Chinese herbal method to investigate is Hachi-mi-jio-gan. The remedy consists of a blend of eight natural ingredients to help those with an overactive bladder. A study was conducted in Japan, which was shown to ease bladder muscle contractions in animals.

Buchu (Barasoma Betulina)

Discovered in the South African mountains, Buchu has been used as a medicine dating back to the 1650s. This plant has been used to treat several medical issues, ranging from coughs, kidney infections and stomach aches. What’s more, the plant may help to ease symptoms of an overactive bladder.


Cleavers is another natural remedy that is worth looking into. This herb is used to treat a variety of medical issues such as urinary tract infections. To do this, the herb needs to be brewed into a tea to get the maximum benefit. While no research has been conducted on its effects for an overactive bladder, many people trust that cleavers can soothe and control bladder function.


Appropriately named for its tail-like appearance, this associate of the fern household can normally be found in places like marshes and rivers. Horsetail is full of antioxidants, which are said to protect against natural stresses which are believed to be linked with aging. Over time, our bladder tissue may become fibrous and unhealthy, therefore, horsetail may be the best natural remedy to reverse or slow down this process. However, there is little research to support these claims including its benefits for those who have an overactive bladder.

Corn Silk

Full of antioxidants and vitamins, corn silk has been used for centuries to treat urinary tract infections. In recent times, they have become a treatment option for an overactive bladder, however, as with all the natural remedies listed, there is no concrete research to prove whether it’s beneficial or not.

Ganoderma Lucidum

For over 2,000 years, the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom has been at the forefront of Chinese medicine. Research carried out in Japan stated that consuming the mushroom lowered the need to use the bathroom after eight weeks. Doctors believe that the mushroom can lower hormone levels that increase prostate growth, which is one cause of an overactive bladder in men.


Created from a cactus-like Moroccan plant, this natural remedy is highly known for its scorching-hot burn. Medical professionals believe that it works by blocking the nerves in the bladder, which gives signals to your brain on when you need to use the toilet. Your bladder may also be able to hold more when using the plant, meaning you will not need to use the bathroom as frequently.


Capsaicin is a spicy compound in which chili peppers get their heat. It most likely acts in the same way that resiniferatoxin does too. In Thailand, a small trial was conducted which showed that the compound helps to control leaks and reduces the amount of times a person needs to use the bathroom. However, one of the main downsides is that there are various side effects that are linked with Capsaicin, such as irritation and pain.

Saw Palmetto

Known as a popular extract in Europe, Saw Palmetto consists of berries from the dwarf palm tree which are believed to help treat various problems that are caused from having an enlarged prostate. Research indicates that the compounds found in Saw Palmetto may help with the nerves in your urinary tract, which can ease symptoms of an overactive bladder.

Other Supplements

There are a variety of other supplements on the market that may help with an overactive bladder such as Biovy’s Stronghold Bladder Control. This can provide sufferers with effective support for maintaining a healthy bladder. What’s more, there are a range of natural ingredients found in the product that is backed by science, making it one of the best supplements for overactive bladder. You can purchase the supplement in a 60 or 120 capsule form.

Consult with Your Doctor

Although plant-based treatments may seem safe to use because they are created from natural ingredients, this may not necessarily be true. None of the products listed are controlled by the FDA in the same way they are managed for over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions. Also, some of the products may not include the herbs that are listed on the packaging. Your best option is to visit a medical professional who has knowledge in complementary medicine, such as a physician.

Before you use any of the remedies and supplements listed, ensure you consult with your urologist or primary care doctor first. They will be able to examine whether any of the products might negatively interfere with any medications you are currently taking. If you get the go ahead to take a supplement, they will want to look closely to see if you experience any side effects. Also, when purchasing herbal remedies, always ensure you are buying from a reputable source so you can be certain that the product is safe to use.


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