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6 Benefits of Activated Charcoal That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

If you haven’t heard of activated charcoal, then you’re definitely not alone. I went some time before hearing about it. But then one day, I was at my sister’s house, and I noticed a small bag on her shelf in the kitchen. “What is this?” I questioned. “Activated charcoal!” she exclaimed. “I love it!” The only [...]

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  • 14 Simple Ways to Boost Your Health in 5 Minutes

14 Simple Ways To Boost Your Health In 5 Minutes

Ready to boost your health? New Year's means many Americans are thinking about their health. Whether you want to eat better, get more sleep, lose weight, or reduce stress - you're not alone in making a health-related New Year's Resolution. Boost Your Health in 5 Minutes But here's some really good news: You don't have [...]

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  • The Health Benefits of

The Health Benefits of “Cheating” – Eat that cake!

So, you've decided to eat a certain way. Whether that's to just eat real food or master a specific diet that fits your needs - good for you. It takes patience. It takes work and commitment. And a lot of recipe searching. You feel good. You know you are doing something good for your body. But then it happens. [...]

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  • 12 Drool Worthy Healthy Desserts

12 Healthy Desserts You’ll Drool Over

Let’s face it - we all love to indulge and have a yummy dessert now and again. But just because you want to have your cake and eat it too doesn’t mean you have to throw out all that you believe in when it comes to healthy eating. Dessert does not have to be unhealthy [...]

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Which essential oils are best for a sore throat?

Living with a cold or cough is no fun at all. Not only will your throat be a constant nagging pain, but you’ll likely wake yourself up regularly through the night in coughing fits and annoy everyone in your office. It hurts to talk and it seems like it sticks around for ages after the [...]

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You don’t have to say no to deep frying – what oils are best to use?

Why is it that most of the tastiest things on the planet are also the things that are worst for us? Deep fried foods are crispy, salty and rich in flavor and it seems that almost everything can be made better by frying it, right!? Picture it now, a delicious piece of burger meat between [...]

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We all love apples – but which are the best ones?!

It's apple season! Apples are incredibly healthy and can provide you with a large range of benefits when consumed regularly. Fortunately, they also happen to be delicious and very versatile, which means they’re something that most of us can add to our diet without too much trouble. In fact, once you get a taste for [...]

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What Are The Benefits of Black Cherry Juice? Take a look!

Looking for something new to add to your superfood shopping list? Then consider black cherries! There are countless benefits of black cherry juice and these go way beyond the more typical fruits in your basket (apples, oranges and pears oh my!). In fact, all cherries and any cherry juice will do you a ton of [...]

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Learn what great health benefits come from turmeric!

Superfoods are foods that are considered to be so dense in nutrients as to be incredibly beneficial for our health. These foods tend to be rich in vitamins and minerals among antioxidants, amino acids and other things, which help to fortify our immune systems, improve our brain function, skin, hair, teeth and nails and even [...]

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The Many Shocking Health Benefits of Celery Juice!

Celery isn’t exactly the most exciting food and in many ways, you could accuse it of being bland. To many people raw celery is not especially tasty, doesn’t look particularly interesting and normally most of us will avoid eating it unless we’ve first dipped it in something much tastier! But they do say it’s the quiet [...]

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The Best Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice – How It Can Help

Melon is one of my favorite fruits to eat on vacation and it’s incredibly refreshing and thirst quenching if you’ve spent all day in the sun. What makes it extra sweet though is the fact that I know it’s not going to damage my body – being mostly made up of water (particularly water melon of [...]

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Need more energy? Coffee isn’t always the answer! Take a look at these ideas.

From waking up in the morning to pick-me-ups throughout the day, a cup of Joe is your go-to when you need to get up and going. When you miss your first cup of coffee of the day, you feel groggy and like you can’t function; it’s almost as if you are in a fog. While [...]

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Get some relief with these two foods that help with constipation.

If you’re struggling with constipation, then you’ll no doubt be all too aware of just what an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition this is. Constipation can cause significant stomach pain, not to mention making us feel the constant urge to go to the toilet without any chance of relief. So, if you find yourself struggling with constipation, [...]

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Going beyond the rumors and showing just why coconut water actually is amazing for you!

Coconuts have so many health benefits and uses that it is almost ridiculous. Not only is coconut something of a panacea when it comes to your health – able to deliver all kinds of crucial nutrients and combat a vast range of health complaints – but it’s also popular as a cosmetic, shaving foam, hair [...]

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Hemp Oil For the Skin – Why you might want to consider hemp as your next beauty product

If you want to get the softest feeling and looking skin possible, then you might find that the amount of information available online is overwhelming. There are thousands of products available in stores and a lot of mixed reports about how well they all work. Not only that, but there are countless blogs telling you [...]

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Stop the Confusion – The Different Types of Coconut Oil Explained!

Coconut oil is insanely popular right now (and we all know why - hello! It's amazing!) and wherever you look, it seems that there’s a blog, magazine or health store that’s preaching its benefits. People use this stuff for everything, from cooking, to moisturizing, to shaving… even going as far as to use it as [...]

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My favorite go-to Low-Carb breakfast ideas!

If you’re looking to lose weight, then one of the best types of diet to try is to go low-carb. Carbohydrates are the most readily available forms of sugar in our diet. When you eat a carb such as bread, potato or cake, your body will receive an immediate surge of glucose which will make [...]

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The love for Avocado oil is real – here is why!

Avocados are currently massively popular and rightfully so. These have got to be among the tastiest ‘superfoods’ out there, as well as perhaps the most versatile. Avocados are fruits that grow naturally but that are somewhat different from other fruits that you might find in stores. Apart from anything else, these fruits are not sweet [...]

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How prunes can help you say goodbye to constipation!

There are few feelings that are more uncomfortable than being constipated. Knowing you need to go but not being able to get that relief can prevent you from relaxing or concentrating and can cause rather distracting pain. Not only that but constipation can also leave you worried about what’s going on inside your bowels. It’s [...]

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Natural tips and tricks to say goodbye to gas and bloating!

As embarrassing health complaints go, there are few that are more awkward than gas. Being trapped in an elevator and realizing that you’ve got wind is something that almost all of us will have experienced at some point or other and this is a problem that can be very hard to hide. And while that’s [...]

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