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Joel Key is a UK qualified Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist and Pilates instructor who makes health simple. Subscribe to his Minimal Health website and YouTube channel to discover how.
  • dynamic stretching

Dynamic Stretching

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Let me ask you a question… Do you warm up properly before you work out? Do you really take the time to prepare your body [...]

  • stiff neck treatment

Stiff Neck Treatment

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Do you wake up regularly with a stiff neck? Is sitting at work intolerable, a headache-ridden nightmare? Neck stiffness and pain are so widespread; you [...]

  • alternative workouts

7 Fun Alternative Workouts

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Are you tired of waiting in line at the gym for the next machine? Does rush hour in the weights room feel like squashing into [...]

  • does acupuncture work

Does Acupuncture Work?

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Let me ask you a question…. Are you fed up of visiting the doctor and being prescribed a new drug for each problem? Are you [...]

  • Wanting to get fit and lose weight quick? Check out this tabata style workout video. At 4 minutes long, what do you have to lose?

Who else wants to get fit and lose weight, quick?

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(Video at the bottom) How do some people do it? I mean, they have hectic jobs, children to raise, community events to attend and yet [...]