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Liz lives in Connecticut with her husband, two cats (and a human baby on the way!) She is a licensed clinical social worker who made the transition into the nutrition world after struggling with a health condition that she healed through dietary changes. This experience made her even more passionate about food as medicine, the local food movement, and helping people connect with what's on their plates. She is a licensed health coach through IIN, a Natural Food Chef certified by the Natural Gourmet Institute, and is currently in graduate school earning a degree to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). You can follow more of Liz's writing and recipes on her blog and wellness website, Dishingwell.com.
  • How Greek yogurt is causing problems for the environment and easy tips on how to help.

The Problem with Greek Yogurt and What You Can Do

I love Greek yogurt and I know I'm not alone; production quadrupled between 2008 and 2013 in New York, where the majority of producers are located. There's lots to love about Greek yogurt; we've all heard about the numerous health benefits (good source of protein, probiotics, calcium and less carbohydrates and sugar than regular yogurt), [...]

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  • Great tips and recipes for a gluten-free cocktail party.

How to Host a Gluten-Free Cocktail Party

If anyone has tried going gluten-free, you know that cocktail parties, where most everything is served on some variation of cracker, baguette, or canapé, can pose one of the bigger challenges.  By nature, finger foods tend to involve carbs and in our wheat-obsessed society, carbs often entail gluten. But I always tell newcomers to the gluten-free [...]

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  • Microwave popcorn is bad. But here are some great and easy alternatives to microwave popcorn.

Why Microwave Popcorn is Bad and What to Eat Instead

Microwave popcorn is bad. The day I learned that truth was a sad day. In hindsight I probably should have known after years of eating the stuff that microwave popcorn couldn't be healthy. One dead giveaway was the neon-no-real-food-is-this-color residue lining the inside of the bag. It seems so obvious now. But I grew up [...]

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  • Bulletproof Coffee Ketones

Bulletproof coffee: Should you drink it?

“Bulletproof Coffee” – What is it and should you drink it? If you haven’t heard of bulletproof coffee, you’re not alone. Until recently I hadn’t either. Or I guess technically I had heard of the concept (adding fat to your morning cup of jo for extra energy), but didn’t know it had garnered its own [...]

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Salt

"Salt is what makes things taste bad when it isn't in them." - Anonymous I have a bit of a salt obsession (it would definitely make my list of three items to bring to a deserted island) and occasionally I get asked if I'm concerned about watching my sodium levels. In short, no. For two [...]

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Super Healthy Vegetable Parts You Are Probably Throwing Away

I'm always striving to limit food waste and it's definitely a challenge. I get so inspired at the farmer's market that I often return home with enough produce to feed a family of six instead of our family of two (soon to be three!) and inevitably some of it ends up in the compost bin [...]

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Eat more turmeric – A superfood to consume daily

Wondering why you should eat more turmeric? You may have heard about some of the many amazing benefits of turmeric - if not, here's a quick run down. Benefits of Turmeric (and why you should eat more turmeric now) Turmeric (like this) is a root in the ginger family  (and actually it looks quite similar [...]

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5 Reasons to Start Loving Lard

Fortunately, the tides may finally be turning when it comes to our preconceptions about "good" and "bad" fats.  Despite having less cholesterol and saturated fat than butter, lard has long been associated with gluttony and considered by many to be among the unhealthiest things to cook with (2). Yet little of this notoriety is deserved [...]

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  • 5 Nutritious and Sustainable Alternatives to your Favorite Seafood

5 Nutritious and Sustainable Alternatives to your Favorite Seafood

I love seafood and am always experimenting with new varieties and recipes.  There are loads of health benefits found in fish; they are lean sources of high quality protein and provide an abundance of omega-3's, vitamins and minerals, to name a few. When selecting fish, the top three criteria I'm considering are: 1. sustainability: where is the [...]

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  • 8 time saving kitchen hacks everyone should know!

8 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know

When I first started getting into cooking in my early 20’s, it typically looked like a hurricane had swept through the kitchen. I knew I’d never be Martha Stewart but little by little, with practice, and thanks to things like Cook’s Illustrated and the Food Network, I started learning some useful methods to manage the [...]

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