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Aleisha Paspuel lives in Sandy, Utah. She is a Registered Nurse at Primary Childrens Hospital and graduated in 2013 with a BFA, emphasis in modern dance. She is passionate about nutrition, healthy natural living and self-sustainability. She believes that making and growing your own food can be economical, simple and fun and is frequently experimenting with year round and vertical gardening, lacto-fermenting, baking with sourdough and anything else that sounds like fun!
  • Crab apples are safe to eat, and are a great fruit to use in desserts. Learn to make crab apple crisp from all the fruit you didn't know you could use!

Crab Apple Crisp

The other day I caught myself admiring the gorgeous crab apple tree sitting outside the window.  The color of the tiny bright red fruits was stunning against the turning of the autumn leaves and blue sky.  It is the season for apple crisp, but my apple tree is too young to produce.  So I started [...]

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  • Pasta sauce! Nothing beats a good pasta sauce, especially made from scratch. Dehydrated pasta sauce saves time, money, and storage space!

Food Preservation: Dehydrated Pasta Sauce!

Nothing beats a good pasta sauce, especially made from the freshly picked and vine ripened tomatoes from your garden or local farmers market.  I love to make my own from scratch.  Not only does it make great use of produce from a wonderfully productive garden, but when you make your own you know exactly what [...]

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  • Learn how to make your own organic green powder.

Making Your Own Organic Green Powder

Have you ever thought about making your own organic green powder? It all started when high speed blenders and green smoothies became popular.  The dehydrated green powders started popping up for sale in health food stores, and they are a great idea too.  Greens are an essential part of a nutritious diet, and having fresh [...]

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  • How to Build Cold Frames

How to Build Cold Frames

Earlier in the year I wrote a post on winter gardening and briefly mentioned the cold frames that you are going to need to grow one.  This post contains more complete instructions for how to build them. Cold frames are the means in which to grow a winter garden.  There are some pricey options you [...]

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  • Fire cider is a wonderful homemade tonic to use during cold and flu season!

Fire Cider, a Homemade Cold and Flu Tonic

This is one of my favorite times of year! The seasons are changing as we leave behind summer and head into yet another colorful fall, frosty winter and many warm holidays.  For all of the wonderful things to look forward to at this time, there is one looming drawback: cold and flu season. It is [...]

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  • How to properly store onions from your garden. Learn the three tips for storing onions.

Storing Onions from Your Garden

Last weekend I learned a very effective and easy method for storing onions from your garden!  I was able to spend some time at my grandparents house in Northern Utah.  Their home has always been a place of good memories and good food, much of it grown themselves.  Over the weekend the onions they had [...]

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Seed Saving Tips for Tomatoes and Biennial Plants

Last week I wrote an article with general guidelines for seed saving.  In addition to this previous article, there are a few more in depth tips I have for saving tomato seeds and biennial plant seeds. Seed Saving From Tomatoes: Most annual plants are easy to harvest seeds from.  The vegetable or fruit is cut, the [...]

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Saving Seed From Your Garden

Congratulations, you have a successful garden!  The tomatoes are ripening, melons are getting bigger, you are up to your ears in cucumbers, and the the greens are so prolific you gave all you could away to the neighborhood and you are still drowning in them.  If you are in a four seasons area like me, [...]

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  • Getting creative with the Kraut, basic recipe and variations for raw lacto-fermented sauerkraut

Sauerkraut Recipe: Getting Creative with the Kraut

Ah, sauerkraut.  That delightfully pungent product of weeks (sometimes even months) of lacto-fermentation.  People either love it or they hate it.  For those in the former category, this post will serve as a fun adventure in variations on an old favorite.  For those in the latter category, I venture to suggest you just haven’t met [...]

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  • Learn how to garden in the winter without a green house. So cool!

Gardening Through the Seasons: Preparing Your Winter Garden

I have come to love this time of year.  The seasons are starting to change here in Northern Utah, and I am eagerly starting to plant various lettuce, spinach, herb, and vegetable starts from seed.  Melons, beets, carrots, leeks, bok choi, cabbage, broccoli, kale, parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuce, and other plants are going in this [...]

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  • 12 Fantastic Kombucha Flavor Recipes

12 Favorite Fruit and Herb Flavors for Kombucha

Mmmm, kombucha! From the first time I tried it I was hooked on this fermented and probiotic-rich tea, and it wasn't long before I started making my own at home to satisfy the craving.  When I first started making kombucha I would stick to fruit and fruit juice flavorings, which are wonderful.  But then I [...]

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