Some months ago I posted my all natural tinted lip balm. I loved my new lip balm so much that out went all my store-bought “natural” lip balms. Victory.

Well, almost.

When the husband started getting some dry lips he went looking for some lip balm. Apparently he didn’t want tinted lip balm. Go figure. And since I was already in the mood to try a different recipe that was more moisturizing, I figure the time was right to get experimenting.

All natural moisturizing lip balm - only 5 ingredients!

This recipe is nice and simple with only five ingredients (six if you count the essential oils). Best of all, my husband gives it two thumbs up. The honey and olive oil really give this lip balm a moisturizing boost. You can add essential oils or leave them out. I let the hubs pick out the oils this time so that it would truly be a lip balm just for him.

Of course, I made myself a few tubes, too.


All natural moisturizing lip balm - only 5 ingredients!



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