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Be happy. Be Healthy. Thank your body.

Those of us on the Thank Your Body team have spent a lot of our lives being consumed with health. It’s been both good and bad.

First the good.

Our love for the human body has taken us all on an different incredible journies of discovery. From hours spent researching, learning, writing, and thinking about movement, nutrition, fitness, and natural living. 

We’ve helped countless individuals learn how to eat, move, and live better and we are humbled by the response this little piece of cyberspace has had. It’s our mission to keep helping as many people as possible.

Now the bad.

Like so many women, during those teens and twenties there was that yo-yo-ing effect of going through diets and fitness programs.  We would think – who doesn’t want to look good in a swim suit, have a flat stomach, and feel beautiful. 

What did it do for us? Not a whole lot.

Whether we moved 8 hours a day, ate lots of “diet” food, and spent every other minute worrying about our body the weight was at an all time high. We have all felt that self-esteem hit the bottom and be at that all time low.

“Healthy living” became the mantra we all set to follow, but it really was just a reminder of the imperfections.

Try harder, dig deeper, and keep searching for the elusive answer that would bring the kind of health we thought we needed to be good enough.

Then Everything changed.

For some of us it changed due to pregnancy, others due to a new job, others due to new relationships, others due to hitting that low. Suddenly the idea of healthy living wasn’t about trying to reach some perfect version of ourselves. It was about nourishing the body, nourishing our goals, nourishing our relationship, nourishing ourselves.

Just like that, each of our worlds shifted. Eating nutritious food was enjoyable and easy. Exercising and movement were about listening to our bodies and doing something that made it feel good. Avoiding dangerous toxins became second nature.

When making healthy choices grew from a desire to nurture the body instead of trying to perfect it, we all were not only healthier, but so much happier.

Weight loss. Clear skin. Being strong. And now it’s our mission to help other people feel as awesome as we do.

Our stories have happy endings. And so can yours.

Here’s the thing, you’ll never achieve “perfect” health. It just doesn’t exist. You have to let go of that myth and find the freedom that comes when you do.

There will be sick days. There will be setbacks. That’s life.

Those things are not an indication of your worth as a human being, nor are they reasons to stop doing the good things that make your body thrive.

You shouldn’t eat nourishing food out of guilt. You eat it because it makes you feel incredible.

You deserve to feel incredible.

It’s time for a change.

It’s time to nourish, respect, and thank your body.

That means accepting, honoring, and taking care of your body. Small and simple changes toward healthy living is how you talk to your body. You’re saying, “Hey, thank you. Thank you for sticking with me. Thanks for adapting when things get stressful. Thanks for letting me move, feel, express, and experience the good things of the world. I couldn’t do it without you. And for that I’m so thankful.”

When you seek healthy living from a place of self worth instead of shame you are working with your body instead of fighting it. You can’t heal something you hate. You can’t move forward when you’re trapped in fear.

Simple, healthy living is SO doable.

Here’s the thing. We aren’t nutritionists, doctors, or scientists. We don’t even like using the term “health blogger.” We don’t have all the answers.

What we are good at is sifting through the noise and clutter to offer well-researched advice and a common-sense approach to healthy living that will help you feel incredible.

If you are struggling with a serious health condition, by all means, please go see a professional. But if you’re just trying to create lasting habits by eating well, moving more, and avoiding toxins – I’m your gal.

Let go of the worry, confusion, and shame that is far too often promoted in the name of health.

Honestly, we want to make this “healthy living” thing so easy and habitual that you’ll never have to read another health blog again. Even this one.

Why? Because when you get to that point you’ll have the energy and support to live out the life of your dreams. Health should help you live better, not consume your life.

So here’s to your healthy life and being able to thank your body everyday.

We are thrilled you’re here.

– The Thank Your Body Team

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