12 Favorite Fruit and Herb Flavors for Kombucha

12 Fantastic Kombucha Flavor Recipes

Mmmm, kombucha!

From the first time I tried it I was hooked on this fermented and probiotic-rich tea, and it wasn’t long before I started making my own at home to satisfy the craving.  When I first started making kombucha I would stick to fruit and fruit juice flavorings, which are wonderful.  But then I ventured on to more adventurous combinations, many containing herbs.  Here are twenty of my favorite fruit and herb flavor combinations for kombucha I have discovered over the years!

First off, if you are unfamiliar with what kombucha is or how to make it, you can learn how to make your own kombucha here. There’s also a wonderful recipe for peach kombucha here.

With all of these flavor combinations, I have found either fresh or dried fruit and/or juice during work well during the second ferment.  As for the herbs, fresh or dried is just fine, though I usually avoid the powdered types if I can.  They tend to float on the top and add a grainy texture to the beverage at times.

Fruit and Herb combinations:

12 Fantastic Kombucha Flavor RecipesStrawberry Basil

Trust me on this one, basil is perfect in fruit combinations as well as being the best thing that ever happened to tomatoes (and people, really).  The combination with strawberries is amazing!

Cherry Ginger

Well, anything and ginger really.  Adding chunks of fresh ginger to any fruit, especially cherry, adds a light and fresh characteristic to the taste.

Peach Mint

Add chopped fresh or dried peaches and some fresh mint.  It is like refreshing summer in a bottle!

Peach Lavender

I use dried lavender flowers with chopped peaches.  The result is sweet, flowery and aromatic.

Peach Jalapeño

Jalapeño may not be technically considered an herb, but this sweet and spicy combination must be mentioned.  Careful with the amount of jalapeño though, I made a batch that burned and cleared the sinuses with just half a sniff!  Still worth it, just go with the amount you think matches your spice tolerance and watch those seeds….

Rosemary Pear

The pungent and piney hint that rosemary brings complements the sweetness of the pear wonderfully.

Cilantro Watermelon

I would recommend juicing the watermelon and using fresh cilantro for this one.  The herbal flavor of cilantro pairs wonderfully with the intense sweet of the watermelon.

Cinnamon Plumb

Use pieces of cinnamon stick rather than the powder.  This is a very sweet and warm combination.

Pineapple Anise

Who would have thought, but pineapple and anise are a perfect pair.  The result is rich, warm and tropical flavor with a sweet hint of licorice.

Concord Cinnamon

A wonderful and warming combination for when the crisp and cool fall weather starts.

Cranberry, Orange, Cinnamon and Nutmeg

This tastes like Christmas in a bottle!  I use fresh or frozen cranberries cut in half.  Add ginger as well for an extra kick.

Orange, Cinnamon and Turmeric

Add these spices in with fresh orange juice, and you are in for a treat!

What are some of your favorite flavor combinations for kombucha? 


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