10 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

10 Uses for Essential Oil - ThankYourBody Pin

Uses for lemon essential oils… this is going to be good! I’ll admit, I’m a HUGE citrus fan. Something about that bright scent of lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange and other citrus essential oils just makes me so darn happy.

Whether you’re new to essential oils, still debating about getting started, or a seasoned veteran, these uses for lemon essential oils just show how user-friendly and versatile this oil is. So let’s get to it!

10 Awesome Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

1. Natural Air Freshener

Put 6 drops of lemon and 6 drops of purification in a spray bottle filled with water to use as an air freshener. Shake before each use.

10 Uses for Essential Oil - ThankYourBody Pin

2. Clean Up Sticky Messes

Use 1 – 2 drops of lemon to remove residue from chewing gum, oil, grease spots, or crayons. This use for lemon essential oil is a mom’s best friend!

3. Healthy Legs

Rub several drops of lemon essential oil on your legs to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.

4. Lemonade

In a blender, mix 2 drops of lemon, 2 TBS of honey, and 2 cups of filtered water. Chill and enjoy. (*as a reminder, I only recommend Young Living oils, and don’t recommend ingesting oils other than YL.)

5. Detox Lemon Water

Drink an 8 oz glass of filtered water with 1 – 2 drops of lemon to help detox the liver, balance the body’s pH, and help with gallstones, constipation, and heartburn. (Learn more here.)

6. Happy feet

Rub a drop of lemon on a corn, callous, bunion, or wart 3 times a day until it disappears.

7. Easy Produce Wash

To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh product, fill a bowl with cool water and add 2 – 3 drops of lemon essential oil. Drop cleaned fruit into the water and stir around. (Learn more about this produce wash here.)

8. Clean Counters

Add 2 – 3 drops of lemon essential oil to water. Shake and spray on counter-tops to help sterilize.

9. Super Easy Hand Cleaner

Rub a drop of lemon on your hands after using a public restroom.

10. Studying Brain Power

Diffusing lemon or drinking it in water is known to wake up neurons and increase brain function during studying and testing.


There you have it. 10 amazingly awesome uses for lemon essential oil. Have you joined the essential oil bandwagon yet? Learn how here.


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