Winner’s Choice: Giveaway FUN!

Winner’s Choice: Giveaway FUN!

Ready for another “just because” giveaway? I’m so grateful for the support I get here on TYB and this is my little way of saying “thank you.” Someday, if I’m every “rolling in it” you better believe the prizes will get even cooler… but for now, I’m just thankful I can giveaway a fun little prize to one of my amazing readers.*

For those of you who follow me on facebook, you once again had the chance to help pick the prize. The votes were close, and the comments were fun to read. So this time I’ve decided that the winner can choose from the five prizes! Yippee, right?

Awesome giveaway at Thank Your Body!

Pick Your Prize:

Prize #1: Yoga for Beginners Boxed DVD Set

Prize #2: Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat

Prize #3: Nourishing Traditions Book

Prize #4: Stainless Steel Muffin Pan

Prize #5: The Flavor Bible

Whether you want to try some yoga, improve your skills in the kitchen, or learn some amazing information on real food… there’s a prize here for you to help you “thank your body.”

How to enter

Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. The only mandatory entry to is check out the prizes and leave a comment telling me which one you want and why. Do whatever else you like to improve your odds of winning. 

Of course, if you are already a follower on any of these sites or already signed up for my newsletter, just click “ok” and you’ll be good to go.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Thursday, January 24th at midnight EST. I’ll announce a winner sometime on Friday, January 25th. (I’ll announce the winner on facebook, G+, and it will be posted on the Rafflecopter widget above.)

Now go, my friends, and WIN!

*For the record, these “just because” giveaways are not affiliate giveaways. I purchase these with my own money. Because I love you. And you are awesome.  :)

STANDARD FTC DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. Please note, I only ever endorse products that are in alignment with Thank Your Body's ideals and I believe would be of value to my readers. You may read my full disclosure statements here.

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  1. Traci

    I would love the yoga mat. I’ve been meaning to buy a non-PVC one for a while but instead have been sliding on the carpet…

  2. Tonya

    The flavor bible, I’m about eating healthy food,The flavor is what makes the food more enjoyable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Karen

    I have to choose only 1?!? As much as the cookbooks intrigue me, I would choose the muffin tin. Mine are about ready for the recycle pile.

  4. Jessica

    I would love either of the book. I always love reading information about how to make the food that I eat better for me.

  5. sharon lindsley

    I would love the yoga dvd’s to use as part of my wellness program – my disabilities require me to do low impact exercize.

  6. Rachael

    I would lovelovelove the muffin tin. I haven’t been able to find any non-coated tins locally, and was just thinking that we really needed one :)

  7. Kristi S

    I would love the Nourishing Traditions book! From reading over the summary I think that it would help my family!

  8. Rachel Taylor

    I would love the Yoga DVD’s. I’ve been dying to try Yoga, but I’ve been afraid to take a class because I don’t want to look like a fool :)

  9. Karen

    I would love to have the Nourishing Traditiions cookbook. It’s been on my wishlist for a long time!

  10. brittni austin

    I would LOVE the flavor bible! I just came across your blog via pinterest, and I love your content! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Vivian Q.

    I would love either The Flavor Bible or Nourishing Traditions. Both are amazing resources. Thanks for sponsoring!

  12. Ashley K.

    I would love the Nourishing Traditions book. I have been searching for real healthy food and living ideas for my family; your blog has helped me out a lot during this search and made my life a little easier….I think this book would help, too. Thank You!!

  13. Rita

    Thanks for the give away!! I’d choose either the yoga DVDs as I realize that the older I get the more I am losing my flexibility and have been thinking that yoga would be a good way to go about stretching or the Nourishing Traditions book, a book that I have borrowed from a friend a few times and should really own my own copy of.

  14. Paulina

    I love all your topics! Thank you for making such a fantastic site! For the prize I would have to pick “Nourishing Traditions”. We are doing all we can to be healthier and I think this will help us for sure. Thank you! You are awesome!

  15. JP

    To be honest, I’d be happy with either book. Flavor is important and I’d love to read Nourishing Traditions… Tough choice!!

  16. Mary W

    I would love the nourishing traditions cookbook! I’ve recently started my own sourdough starter and my fiance and I are committed to eating and cooking real food! This would be an excellent addition to our collection of cookbooks as we start our life together.

  17. Christy Nickerson

    I think I would enjoy The Flavor Bible. Because I love flavor!!! It would be great to have information on all the spices on hand too, I use them daily but am a newbie so all the uses and which ones go with which can be quite confusing!

  18. sofia

    I’d love the Yoga DVD set as I’ve never tried yoga, and between raising 4 little ones under 6, I haven’t found a class schedule that fits my schedule- I haven’t been able to try a beginners class!

  19. jen H.

    The nourishing traditions book. I’ve been working on getting healthy and knowing what to eat and having recipes at my fingertips would be awesome! I’ve been attempting to eat more like this already but this would be a huge help.

  20. tatiana galindo

    the flavor bible. this book is great! trying so many diffrent spices can creat something so unique!

  21. Karen

    Ooohh!! What amazing choices! I’ve been eyeing (eying?) that Nourishing Traditions book for a long time and I’d really really like to get started on it. So that’s what I choose. ;-)

  22. Jessica

    I’ve never done yoga, but thinking I should start. So I would want the Yoga for Beginners Boxed DVD Set if I won! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  23. Amanda

    I would love to win the Nourishing Traditions book. My family is still very new to all the real food/ traditional food stuff and I know that book would be very helpful for us.

  24. Jana

    I would love the yoga DVDs! Normally I would love either of the books, because I simply love food so much, but with my current college setting I can’t do a whole lot of cooking just yet. But I did just start a yoga class at school that’s only once a week and I would really love to get more into it, I think it would help A LOT with my dancing and helping me keep my body healthy and safe with all that I’m putting it through at times.

  25. janey

    I would love to read the Nourishing Traditions book. I am interested in the flavor Bible, but after the 7 day real food challenge- really want more info on real food. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Marissa

    I would LOVE to win the yoga DVD set. It’s something I’ve been half-heartedly trying to get into lately, with DVDs from the library which invariably need to go back before I’ve developed the practice into a habit. :)

  27. Sidnie Kane

    I would like the yoga mat because I am starting to incorporate a yoga practice into my life and having such a beautiful mat would encourage me to roll it out! Thank you!

  28. Lexy

    I have been meaning to purchase both the flavor bible and nourishing traditions, so it would be fantastic to win one! What an awesome giveaway! :)

  29. Dawn

    I would love to win the Nourishing Traditions book!! I have been researching the GAPS diet, and after several years of health issues for my kids and I, I am convinced this is they way we need to go. Having a great cookbook on hand would make life soooo much easier in the kitchen! :)

  30. Lily Naid

    Nourishing Traditions is the best choice!!! I think every houshold needs this book, so we can make wise choices for our families!!!

  31. Tina in Georgia

    I would love to have the stainless steel muffin pan. They are very hard to find here. Thank you.

  32. Kristina Carmichael

    I’d love to win the yoga mat, I just had to admit to myself that my old mat probably has to go. This would be a pretty replacement!

  33. Crystal

    Prize #3: Nourishing Traditions Book. This is on my wish list. But I’m also eying the muffin tins.

  34. Claudia

    The muffin pan . . . I’m looking to add to my “non-toxic” bakeware collection . . . THANK YOU!!

  35. Laura

    The flavour bible! Looks awesome, my boyfriend and I are working towards making healthy raw foods in a cafe where people can come share each others company , yoga classes, art , ,usic , well being center with delicious and nutritious foods! At the moment we are working at learning about healthy but flavourfull food. Next we are going to try to get our yoga certifciates!:) good luck everybody

  36. Phyllis

    I would love the Nourishing Traditions Book. We have gone back to eating real food, like butter, eggs,coconut oil & foods that we had been afraid of. This book will help us continue on that path

  37. Gina

    I’d love to get my hands on the copy of Nourishing Traditions..I just recently joined WAPF and have been scouring used bookstores for it. Devotees rave about it!

  38. Janet

    I would love Nourishing Traditions. Lots of great info and I have a lot to learn :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  39. Kristina R

    Yoga for Beginners would be PERFECT for me. I am too scared to join a class because I feel like I am the only rookie left in the health world who has never tried yoga. I would love to be able to try it out at home before joining a class.

  40. Dana

    Would enjoy doing stretches on yoga mat! Glad to find this website and a few others today with information on how to combat back pain. Thanks for the useful info.

  41. Marie

    Nourishing Traditions! It’s been on my Amazon wishlist just waiting to jump in my shopping cart, but winning it would be even better.

  42. karen

    I would like the nourishing traditions cookbook. I’ve been seeing it everywhere in the web and hearing about it and would love the chance to check it out for myself

  43. Lauren

    I’d like the beginning yoga DVD. I need some gentle exercise but I’ve been reluctant to go to a class sincce I’m so inflexible!

  44. Christina J

    I’d be grateful to win the copy of Nourishing Traditions to give to my cousin. We’ve been blessed with the foods we make from it and she is trying to get herself and her family healthier (and hopefully off some horrid medications).
    Thanks for having the giveaway :-)

  45. Dawn Leahy

    I would love to win the Prize #3: Nourishing Traditions Book!
    I am interested in learning how to eat better.

  46. Bebe

    I would probably choose Nourishing Traditions. I already own one but it’s not my first. Over the years I have tried to always keep two copies, one to loan and one to keep. Sometimes the loaner does not find its way back but I’m good with that. I like that I am able to share such important information that people may not ever hear about otherwise. Right now I am down to one copy, again… ;)

  47. Mykie

    I would love the flavor bible because I want to learn different ways to spice up food without using too much salt, sugar, and other toxic ingredients store bought sauces/spice mixtures may have.

  48. Angela K

    If my comment is chosen, I’d be thrilled to have a copy of Nourishing Traditions! I recently got married and my husband and I are eager to start our new life together as healthy as possible ^_^. I’ve been researching like a madwoman these last few months and have found lots of great information on Thank Your Body! Thanks for aiding our adventure to health, and for the chance to win something really cool!

  49. Nicole

    I would love to win the Flavor Bible. My husband and I are just beginning our “whole food journey” and I have Nourishing Traditions (we’re reading it now). The Flavor Bible would be a tremendous help as I stumble through learning how to prepare better food!

  50. Michelle

    I would love the muffin pan or the Flavor Bible. It would really help out as I learn to cook and eat clean.

  51. TanyaC

    That is so sweet of you to buy these things with your own money to raffle off to us! They are all amazing prizes but my top choice is Nourishing Traditions. I keep telling the hubs to get it for me on birthdays/Christmas/etc… But needless to say, it’s still on my wish list!

  52. Shannon

    Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions. It would be wonderful to have an extra copy to give to someone who is interested in Weston A. Price or changing his/her diet!

  53. Michelle

    I’d love the nourishing traditions book. I’m just learning to revamp my diet and this will be a great addition!

  54. Heather

    I would love to have a stainless steel muffin pan! I currently make about 5 doz muffins a week and my pans are gross – none are stainless steel. Thanks for sharing!

  55. Carolyn

    The Nourishing Traditions book. I have been following the Nourishing Traditions blog and FB page and am interested in learning from them.

  56. Dorris Maynard

    I would love to have the Flavor Bible. I am a babe in the woods when it comes to what spices are beneficial to our health and how to use them in our everyday lives, but I am learning. This book would be an awesome tool for me and my family. Thank you.

  57. Charlotte

    Hello, and thanks for the fun giveaway!! :)
    I would choose Nourishing Traditions because it would be the practical choice-I’m not sure how I don’t have this one yet, or The Flavor Bible because I’d like it but wouldn’t dream of buying it for myself-seems like such a luxury.

  58. Sarah

    I want Nourishing Traditions….I borrowed a copy from a friend recently and love it but have not been able to buy a copy for myself yet!

  59. Sarah June

    AWESOME TO THE MAX. Lovin the idea of that sweeeet muffin pan, especially since I have just started to phase out crappy kitchen gear with new fabulous stuff. This would certainly put me a step ahead. :)

  60. Carrie

    I would love the Nourishing Traditions book. I have heard so many wonderful things about it. I would love to see for myself.

  61. Lauren

    I would love the Nourshing Traditions cookbook!! It looks awesome & would be something I do not have in my collection already! :D

  62. Vanessa

    I would love the muffin tin…mine are looking pretty sad and I would love to upgrade to stainless steal. My boys absolutely love muffins so they would be pretty excited about this prize as well!

  63. Alison Bertsch

    I would love to get the flavor bible. Seems like the ultimate cookbook to add to my collection :) Husband is a chef, and I know he would love it too.

  64. Lisa Feyen

    I would love The Flavor Bible. Spring is right around the corner and with that comes a whole new crop of delicious eats to experiment with!

  65. Jessica C.

    I would choose Nourishing Traditions. I don’t have a hard copy of it and it is an invaluable resource!

  66. Bekka

    I would love to win _Nourishing Traditions_. It’s a great resource that I’ve been meaning to get for a long time!

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