What I loved this April

What I loved this April

Another month. Really? Anyone else think time is going too fast? At least we moving toward sunny skies and warmer weather. Let’s just hope I can withstand the Utah heat in the coming months before baby #2 makes his arrival in August.

There were so many great things about this month. I’ve been blessed to spend lots of time with my family… for which I am truly grateful. I mean, look at this girl:


She climbed up to the top of shelf of her closet (quickly and quietly when we weren’t looking) and grabbed her little bike helmet. This was after she begged me to put on her apron. And then she found the drum. Let’s just say that I love her and her spunky, independent personality.

I also loved making homemade ice cream with this guy… even when he lets things get messy. It’s good for me, really.


My other favorite from the blog this month:

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Together we all get more.

Probably the biggest part of April was launching Rentitude with my husband. We’ve been working on this project for over a year. Needless to say we are both tired and hoping we get the funding to start this company and change the world. Learn more about it here.

Favorites from across the web

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Healthy Reads

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What did you enjoy this month? Share!


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